How Long Can A Bee Sting Lasts On Your Dog Ears?

Ears are sensitive places so, the severe pain can last for 15-30 minutes depending upon which bee has bitten. It can be severely painful for your dog and you can see swelling in the ears.

How long can a bee sting lasts on your dog ears? It can last from 15-30 minutes, however if you notice abnormality on your dog ears for the next 24 hours i.e. If the pain and swelling is not going away then you should call a veterinary doctor immediately.

What Should I Do If The Pain Lasts More Than 30 Minutes On My Dog Ears?

You should first calm down your dog and then immediately apply a paste of baking soda and water over the ears this will allow the pain to reduce and soften the area. You should the try to find the spot where the sting might be stuck. It is indicated by swelling with a tiny black dot. The black dot is the sting. Apply baking soda mixed with water couple of times over the sting and it will soften and then try to pull it out. You can also use dog friendly Aloe vera gel over the area to reduce the pain. If you have Aloe vera leaves then you should apply that instead of Aloe vera gel as it will be more effective. This will also reduce the pain and irritation. If none of these works then you should contact a veterinary doctor to check up and give medication as needed. Don’t keep on trying different solutions if it’s not working. Sometimes the sting can get stuck deeper in the ears and it becomes difficult to find. Don’t rub the area as it can worsen the condition, the sting will do further damage and the itching can increase even more. If your dog has been stuck by multiple bees then you should consult a veterinary doctor immediately even if your dog is not showing any immediate side effects you should still call a veterinary doctor and do some necessary checkup and remove the stings.

How To Know That My Dog Is Allergic To Bee Sting?

Your dog will have severe reaction like itching, swelling, hives, diarrhea and even vomiting. Normally there is some redness and swelling after bee bite however if your dog starts to vomit then you should immediately consult a veterinary doctor as it can become life threatening if not taken care of. Don’t ignore these signs even if you are not sure what’s going on. As the dog may not always be able to express itself rather it will keep on suffering and you not even notice before it becomes life threatening. If your dog is dehydrating then you should keep your dog hydrated and then eventually you can see him recover with proper medication. Your dog ears will appear big and if you touch them, it will feel warm because it will be swollen but don’t panic follow the above steps to relief the pain. Then the redness and the swelling will eventually decrease. Consult a veterinary doctor if it doesn’t reduces within 24 hours. Sometimes the bee can also sting inside the ears in that case your dog may have difficult hearing and since the swelling will be inside the ears it will be difficult to treat it yourself. It is better to contact veterinary doctor in this case because you won’t be able to reach it properly so the mentioned remedies may not work.

Can The Bee Sting Come Out On Its Own?

If you can see a black dot then the bee sting is still there. You should remove the black part first. Once removed the remaining part of the sting will automatically come out. You can use baking soda mixed with water or Aloe vera that will slowly soften that area and then you can rub around the area and the remaining bee sting will come out on it’s own. If can come out immediately or later it will come out on it’s own. Once, the sting is removed that pain will slowly decrease and your dog won’t feel any pain even if some part of the sting is still stuck in the ears. Don’t squeeze the area around the sting too hard as it will worsen the condition and your dog is already suffering so will increase the pain. Instead  gentle rub that area until the sting comes out. Don’t try to prick it using any sharp objects either as it will do more harm than good. You can badly hurt your dog ears and it can start bleeding and can lead to infection. Once the sting comes out the swelling will automatically reduce and your dog ears will start to become normal.

Can My Dog Die From Bee Sting?

Well generally dogs doesn’t die just because of the bee sting alone however your dog can die if your dog is allergic to bee sting and if left untreated. Your dog may go through severe pain if multiple bee stings your dog  especially in sensitive areas like ears, nose etc. You’ll notice heavy swelling. The venom of bee starts spreading fast so you should immediately try to remove the sting and if your dog is allergic to bee sting then you’ll see reaction in different parts of the body and sometimes around the whole body. Allergic symptoms can be like severe itching all over your dog body, repeated vomiting, heavy swelling. If these symptoms are not treated then your dog can die, if the allergic conditions worsens even further. In severe allergic conditions you should immediately contact a veterinary doctor who can treat the condition properly. Sensitive parts require different treatments compared to other parts of the body. You cannot use all homemade remedies for internal use like inside ears, inside eyes etc because the remedies itself can cause reaction and can worsen the condition even further. In some cases your dog can also be taken to veterinary hospital but don’t panic this can happen if the condition are worse. Death from a bee sting is very rare if the condition is treated at the right time which is generally within 24-48 hours then there won’t be any complications. Your dog can survive even treating after 48 hours but it depends upon the condition. If the condition is very serious then it can lead to complications. So, better get it treated within 24-48 hours. After 24 hours if you see the conditions are deteriorating then don’t wait for another day immediately call veterinary doctor and get it treated. You can only wait if you see some recovery after 24 hours.

What Will Happen If My Dog Eats A Bee?

Normally a dog can digest a bee but what can happen is that the bee can sting your dog in the tongue, lips or both and that can lead to swelling in the lips, tongue or both and that can be problematic as those are delicate organs. if your dog is allergic then your dog can even become unconscious. If that happens wake your dog up using by sprinkling cold water over your dog’s face. If you dog doesn’t wakes up then immediately call veterinary doctor. Normally your dog will experience some swelling and the pain will fade away in an hour. Saliva works as a disinfectant and will reduce the pain automatically. The sting may automatically come out due to repeated licking and will probably will be swallowed by your dog. But if you want to help your dog to get relief then you can apply Honey to reduce the pain. Honey works like magic and can significantly reduce the pain and can also reduce the recovery time. However if you can’t reach the sting because its in the tongue then don’t worry your dog saliva is strong enough to get rid of it but if the pain doesn’t goes away in 2 hours then call a doctor because it’s definitely will become troublesome if not taken care of.

How Much Bee Venom Is Fatal For My Dog?

It is generally accepted that 20 stings a kilogram can kill, depending up on your dog weight it can be 400 to 500 stings. It contains enough venom to kill. However one string can also be fatal to your dog if your dog is allergic to bee sting and your dog can pass out from a single sting. Not all dogs reacts in the same way some of them can take 50 or 100 things at a time and can still move on and do their daily activities and some dogs can’t do that and 1 string can become fatal for them. Sometimes even after taking 50 stings dog gets cured automatically within 2 days. Dogs healing factor helps them to get cured from almost all of the problem and it’s many times stronger than human which is why dogs can get cured even after multiple bee stings if only they are not allergic. If they are allergic then their body won’t get enough time for recovery and that’s why the condition can worsen even further. Instead of recovery it will do further damage. If this is the case then you should get your dog treated immediately.

Just follow these guidelines and your dog will be safe even after bee sting.

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