What Can I Spray On My House Plants To Kill Bugs Easily?

man spraying on indoor plantsBugs can easily damage your house plants. Bugs like mealy bugs , scale insects mites can completely damage your houseplants. So is very important to spray your house plants with bug killers so I am going to explain some of the best bug killers that you can use to keep your plants safe so,

What can I spray on my house plants to kill bugs easily? Use pesticides and some natural homemade bug killers. Use them to keep your plant safe. Both of them are highly effective and I am going to explain how you can use them to keep your plant safe and healthy.

Keep reading to know about this sprays and how to use them

Here Is What You Can Spray To Kill House Plants Bugs Easily

You can always use pesticides to kill the pests but if you really your plants and don’t want to spray unwanted chemicals then the best solution is to use natural remedies to kill the pests so here goes natural remedies.

  • Cooking Oil Spray

Cooking oil are very effective and it will help you to get rid of aphids, scale insects, white flies that are attacking your house plants. Mix 1 cup of cooking oil with 1 tablespoon of dish soap. It will make a concentrated solution. Before spraying mix 4 tablespoon of that concentrated solution with 1 table spoon of water and spray it all over your house plants. Spray this solution 4 times a week and it will stop the bugs from attacking and also kill them.

  • Natural Herbal Spray

Lavender oil, mint oil, rosemary oil all works wonders to keep bugs like white flies, scale insects and other harmful bugs away. Mix 1 tablespoon of any one of these oil with 1 cup of water then put it in a sprayer and spray it all over your house plant that will kill the bugs away if they are already infested the plants then you’ll see them go away and will also stop any further bugs attack.

  • Garlic

Garlic has a very a strong smell that keeps bugs away. Just put few garlic on the soil around the plants or on the pot and you’ll see the bugs go away even if your plants are infested. Bugs simply hate garlic because of its strong smell.

These are some of the most effective and widely used natural remedies. You can use any one of them or can use it alternatively every week. However I want you to remember in case of severe infestation when nothing seems to work you should use pesticides or consult a specialist who can do the job to save your plants and keep it healthy.

How Dangerous Are These Bugs?

Different bugs have different effects but one thing that is common is that all of them are dangerous. They can make your plants ill and can also kill them. Infestation can occur at anytime if you notice any changes in your plants immediately start investigating and if you find something infestation then you should take immediate action to save your plants life.

Not all bugs are life threatening to the plants atleast not in small numbers however in big numbers these bugs can be fatal. Just because you see only a few bugs doesn’t mean you can ignore them because it’s only a matter of time these bugs starts reproducing and then they will suck the life out of your plants.

Bugs like scale insects, Russel mites, mealybugs, spider bugs, white flies can be very dangerous for your plants. You can use the above mentioned remedies or spray pesticides and insecticides to get rid of them.

My Experience

I had a beautiful Tagetes plant which I and my family used to take care of. Often times we used to bring fertilizers to keep the plant healthy. On one summer we changed the company of the fertilizer and added the new one because we noticed some dry leaves and the vibrant green glow from the plant was going pale. It was good for about a week the plant showed sign of recovery and the fresh green glow from the leaves came back.

Then on the 2nd week we noticed that the plant again started losing its vibrant green glow and the flowers started to dry out. We started worrying and sprayed water all around the plant to keep it health but none of them worked. We did it for few days but the condition was worsening. By the end of 2nd week the plant became completely dried out, the flowers petals became brown and the plant started to die and we freaked out so we called a local specialist to do something about it.

He told us that the plant has been infested by spider mites and it’s was difficult to save. He sprayed pesticides and even removed the fertilizer from the soil and added a new fertilizer but none of them worked and the plant died. He then removed the plant from our garden as it could have infested other plants. The infestation and damage was so much that even after doing everything we still couldn’t save the plant.

The main lesson that I learned from this experience is that to take immediate action if i see any unusual changes in my plants. Call or consult a specialist and spray pesticides, insecticides or use natural remedies whatever is necessary to keep the plant healthy.

What To Spray On Plants Before Bringing Them Indoor?

Plants can have numerous pests inside it maybe in the soil or on the plant itself. You need to check what kind of pests are there before moving it to the new pot for keeping it indoor. It is advised to move it to new pot as there can be pests from outside on the soil.

If you see pests in your plants then spray it with pesticides and kill the bugs fast. It is advised to use pesticides and insecticides only instead of any natural remedy in this case as they it will give almost instant results. Then plant it in new pot. Killing and cleaning of these pests are necessary if you don’t want your home to become a mess.

If you have kids then killing the pests becomes a high priority as your kids may fall ill if they happen to eat those pests or get in contact with those pests. Kids are often attracted towards plants so there are high chances that your kid may come in contact with the pests that has infested your plants.

Some of the pests also travel from one plant to another so, in case if you forgot to check any one of your plant and later if it’s to be infested then there are changes that other nearby plants are also infested. So, in this case it is advised to call a specialist and ask him how many plants has been affected by that infested plants and then take steps to make sure the infestation doesn’t grow any further.

In that way you’ll keep all your plants safe and healthy. You can also spray pesticides and insecticides if you can find the infestation yourself because sometimes they can be within the soil or within the plant so it becomes difficult to find it unless you have sufficient experience and knowledge.

How Big Should Be The Pot Size For Indoor Plants?

It is advised to place the plant in the same size pot as it was outside however if the plant has outgrown the previous pot and is a fast growing plant then you should keep the plant in a pot that is 2 to 4 inches larger than the previous pot and if the plant is a slow growing plant but has outgrown the previous pot then you can plant it in 1-2 inches larger than the previous pot.

Make sure there is a hole in the bottom so that the excess water can go out of the pot otherwise the plant may start decaying because of the stored water in the pot and this happens pretty often so make sure the poet has a hole at the bottom.

How To Maintain The Indoor Plants So That They Always Stay Healthy?

You should provide water to the plants on a daily basis and make sure the pot is not overflowing with water but has adequate amount of water to keep the plants healthy. It should receive proper sunlight on a daily basis, keep it in a spot where it receives proper sunlight on daily basis.

You can feel the pot entirely with water during summer and keep it that way for few days until the water is completely soaked by the plant. In summer season you should spray cold water all over the plants so that their leaves always look fresh and healthy. You can always use  Lavender oil, mint oil to prevent the bugs from coming in the first place, in that way all of your plants will be safe and healthy.

Plants are actually very sensitive so you need to do this step on a daily basis and consistently to keep it healthy also cut the leaves and branches of those plants that tries to get into the pot of other plants. In that way it will not only look clean but will also keep both of the plants healthy.

This is necessary because the other plant may try to take nutrients away from its fellow plants. if this is not taken care off for a long period of time then  the victim plant may become malnourished, become pale and also die. The other plant will start absorbing nutrients from the victim plant that are needed for its survival and so, the victim plant can eventually die.

So, just remember these things to keep your plants healthy.

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