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When Lizard Sound

Lizard making soundPeople believe that if a lizard makes a sound when you are thinking good or bad things, then it is fulfilled. People think since lizard is a silent creature if they are making a sound, that means there is a reason. 

So, when someone is thinking something positive, and a lizard makes a sound, then they feel optimistic, and if they are thinking negative, they get terrified. This concept is a myth. 

People love associating themselves with something superior to them and something that is beyond their control, but unfortunately, in this case, it is an illusion. 

People have this question, so if it’s a myth, then why did the lizard sound while they are thinking about something?

The reason is we always think about something. We always have the thoughts of hope, worries, fear, sadness or happiness. So, if you are having these thoughts in mind and you are thinking about them repeatedly, then it’s obvious that the lizard will sound while you are thinking.

We fail to realize how often we think about a particular thing which has the above emotions attached to it. So a lizard making a sound is a natural occurrence since you are always thinking about something.

Lizards Are Not As Quite As You Think

Lizards make noise because of various reason. They make noise to keep other male lizards away from their territory or to attract female lizard or to ward off other predators. Lizard makes a lot of sounds, but we humans cannot listen to those. Those are inaudible to us. The noise that this lizard makes varies from species to species.

Lizard makes a lot of different kinds of sound like a chirp, click, hiss etc. Usually, what we hear is called chirping. Lizards also make a sound while fighting other lizards or to scare predators. This sound is entirely different than chirping, it’s like hissing. The sound varies from species to species.

Here are few interpretations of chirping sound done by house lizards

Long chirp: Long chirp occurs when two male come face to face, and they are probably going to fight. This is a rare occurrence so you won’t hear it often.

Single chirp: Single chirps means distress call, mainly among males. They will chirp just once if they feel threatened and if there is no place to hide.

Multiple chirps: The male does this chirp. The male makes this shrill chirp while the female lizards might respond to this with a very faint chirp.

Why Lizards Sound At Night?

We hear them at night because during midnight, the surrounding becomes quite, and even a tiny sound becomes noticeable.

They make a sound at other times, but we fail to notice it because we hear so many different noises all the time. Apart from that, some lizard may come into the territory of another lizard during the night, and you can hear them warning each other. 

Their activity increases at night because humans activity decreases at night, which gives them the freedom to move around. During daytime they hide that’s why you’ll not see too many lizards moving around in the morning, but as evening falls their activity significantly increases. These are the reasons why we hear them at night.

Can A Lizard Attack You If They Are Making A Noise?

Komodo dragonNo small house lizards don’t attack humans. Even if you hear their sound, they won’t attack humans as they are scared of humans. 

Usually, we come across them when they are communicating with other lizards. Lizards only attack those prey that they think they can consume or else they don’t attack. 

They have a diet list, and they don’t consume all kinds of insects. If that insect that is not in their diet list comes close to them, then the lizard won’t attack them. Because of this reason no matter how close we get to them, they won’t attack us, they will immediately run away as they are amazing in running, hiding and climbing.

The case can be completely different if you come across bigger lizards. There are big lizards like Monitor lizards, Komodo dragon and others which can attack a person. They are aggressive species, and they can attack when they see you.

They don’t necessarily make noise but if you hear them making some noise and if you come close to them then be aware as they are giving warning signs. They can attack anytime after this warning. It will be very sudden and unpredictable. It’s better to retreat in this kind of situation. They can also make noise if they feel threatened. 

How Does Lizard Make Sound?

Lizards make sound by forcing the air out of their lungs to the glottis. A glottis is a part of the larynx which contain vocal cords. The sound is made through contraction and expansion. It’s not a very loud sound, but when you hear it in the middle of the night, it scares us. 

If a person never heard their sound, then that person can get really scared. It’s difficult to spot them in the middle of the night even when they are making the sound. 

How To Stop Lizard Sound?

There are a few ways that you can use to keep house lizards away, and that will stop the lizard sound.

Naphthalene Balls

Naphthalene balls work well against lizards. It’s really effective. Just keep the naphthalene balls in those places where you see lizards, and that will keep lizard away from that place. You will need 1-2 naphthalene balls per location depending upon the size of the place.

If the area is big, you may need multiple naphthalene balls to keep lizards away. Also, you need to change these naphthalene balls every three months because naphthalene loses its potency after three months, and it won’t be as effective. It won’t kill the lizard but will keep lizards away.

Lizard Repellent

Lizard repellent is very effective but it doesn’t kill the lizards but stops from coming near you. If you spray it in the wall or furniture, then lizards won’t be able to climb the wall or your furniture. You can buy this lizard repellent from Amazon. By clicking on the link you’ll be redirected to Amazon.


Lizards cannot tolerate the strong smell of onion so just keep few onions on the places where you think lizards can hide and you’ll see the effects immediately. 

Cut the onion in half and then keep it on those places. If you don’t cut it, the smell won’t come out, and that will not be effective. You need to change the onion every two days to stop the infestation from occurring. While you do this, you’ll see that lizards are avoiding the place where you kept the onions, when you see that you can stop using onions.

Tobasco Sauce

Lizards can not tolerate the smell of tobasco sauce. Mix two tablespoon of tobasco sauce in 1 litre of water, put it in a sprayer and spray it on ceilings, corners, walls of your house. Once, you do this, and you’ll see that the infestation has decreased. Use it whenever you see lizards.


It is one of the most potent ways to keep lizards away from your house. It won’t kill the lizards but will repel them. Lizards cannot tolerate the strong smell of garlic, and they run away from the place where they smell it.

All you have to do is cut the garlic in pieces and keep in in those places where you see lizards, and your job will be done. You can also use garlic juice to repel them. Just grind a few pieces of garlic and mix it with 100 ml of water and spray it on the walls and cracks and crevices of your house.

The effect will be immediate; however, you may need to do it often if you see lizards. It’s a non-toxic, natural and effective way to keep lizards away from your house.

Sticky Glue Trap

Stick glue trap is a very effective way to kill a lizard. This trap has glue attached on it, and once the lizard gets on the trap, it won’t be able to come out no matter how hard it tries. The glue is powerful, so the more the lizard struggles, the more it will get trapped. It can capture multiple lizards in one trap, and once they are captured, they will die because they won’t be able to come out.

So, you have to throw the trap away once lizards get caught. You can use multiple traps and keep them in all the places where you see lizards. Do remember that other insects, including spiders, can also get trapped in the glue trap if they try to cross it.

If you want to learn more techniques to get rid of lizards, then read 23 Highly Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Lizards From Home.


Lizard sound doesn’t signify good luck or bad luck; it is just their way of communication. It’s superstitious to believe lizards are associated with luck. Lizards make sounds when they are in distress, to warn or to impress. It is a way of communicating. House lizard won’t harm you even if they are making a sound, but wild and big lizard can hurt you if they are making a sound.

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