Scorpions entering house

Why Scorpions Come In The House?

Scorpions entering houseThere are several reasons why scorpions can come inside your house. But, regardless of the reasons having them inside your house is dangerous. So, to get rid of them, you must know why they come inside your house.

Scorpions can come inside your house because of lack of food, extreme heat, inhabitation, competition, and clutter. A Baby scorpion will stay inside your house if they find your house safe and full of food. However, if you can spot the baby scorpion, you can stop the infestation from occurring.

These are the primary reasons why you can see them inside your house. Environmental factors cause some, and we create some of them. 

Lack Of Food

Suppose there is less food availability in the place where the scorpion lives. In that case, the scorpion will start exploring for food. Excessive pesticides and chemical usage can disrupt the natural ecosystem. When that happens, scorpions or other predators can come into human territory. 

You cannot control the environmental disruption; however, you can prevent them from entering your house. When they enter your home, they are unaware they will come across humans. They get in for the sake of hunger.

Extreme Heat

Scorpion looks for shelter when there is scorching heat outside. They are resilient to heat but also need cover during the hot summer. The cover can be any place, like a bush, car shade, inside your house, etc. Whatever they find the most accessible, they will get in. They will also look for food in their new shelter and can get inside your house during this time.

A scorpion in the backyard is terrible enough, but having them inside your home is even worst. The only thing you can do over here is to keep your house protected. Seal cracks and crevices on the walls, windows, and doors and use a mesh to protect openings. This would prevent them from entering your house and help you spot the scorpion.

Effects Of Inhabitation

Due to human expansion, we are getting into the territory of scorpions, and that’s why scorpion sightings are increasing. The more we go close to their habitat, the more risk of getting an infestation. The scorpion thinks of our house as their territory. Since scorpions can be very territorial, they can attack a person or animal if they enter their territory.

Dogs and kids are at greater risk due to their curious nature. Dogs won’t be aware of the scorpion’s venom and can go near them and get stung by the scorpion. As we move more into their territory, this experience will continue to grow. Managing a scorpion infestation is challenging, especially when you enter their territory. 

They will keep showing up from time to time. So if you face a repeated infestation, know that you are in the scorpion region. Then, contact a pest control company to get rid of unwanted scorpions. 

Scorpions can also lay up to 100 babies at one time which can massively increase the infestation, so spotting a female scorpion is essential. Typically during the mating season, the infestation occurs. Contact a pest control company immediately if you see them during their mating season. Scorpions are generally more aggressive during the mating season. So keeping them inside your house can be risky.

Competition From Other Scorpions

scorpions fightingScorpions are very territorial, and it leads to some violent fights. Scorpions fight for territory, mating partners and food. The alpha gets most of the food and females, whereas the weaker scorpion may starve. As a result, the weaker scorpion may look for its territory where it can get adequate food and female. In the venture, the scorpion will explore various places; whichever they find the least risky and most suitable, they will stay over there. 

Your home can be suitable for them as your house’s basement, and garage may not always be clean. It’s a perfect place for the scorpion to hide and increase their number. So if some areas of your house are uncleaned, it can be home to scorpions, especially if there is a scorpion infestation nearby.


If you have clutter in your house, scorpions can get attracted as it provides a perfect place to hide. Along with that, the scorpion will also get easy access to food. Clutter can be papers, boxes, or containers uncleaned and unwashed for a long time.

These places attract scorpions as they are dampened and provide shelter to them. In addition, scorpion likes to hide in the dark as it allows them to hide and ambush their prey. So you can imagine how clutter inside your house can be a perfect place for the scorpion to hide.

What To Do If You Suddenly See A Scorpion?

If you suddenly see a scorpion, don’t panic first and foremost. If you panic, it will only make things worse.

  • Slowly move away from the scorpion, use a broom to get it to a corner, and then gradually put it away from your house.
  • If the scorpion is hiding inside a container or box, then shake that box, and the scorpion will fall from the box. Then, immediately trap it with a bucket.
  • If there are a lot of scorpions, then you may not be able to do something immediately but mark their location and spray pesticides. That will get rid of them. 
  • If you see a scorpion inside your shoe or clothes, don’t forcefully shake the shoe or clothes as it will threaten the scorpion, and the scorpion may fall on your hand. Instead, keep the shoe and clothes and bring the necessary equipment to capture or kill them.

How Do Scorpions Get Inside?

Scorpions are slim and can easily come through small cracks and crevices. This is because scorpions can flatten their body and get through a tight spot. The spot might appear smaller than the body, but they can flatten their body enough to fit inside and come through the other end. This means they can come out through gaps in windows, doors etc. Scorpions that enter the home are typically around 2 – 4 cm long.

More oversize scorpions barely come through small holes, but they will enter your home if they find an easy way to get inside. The bigger the scorpion is, the more food it needs. So the big scorpion can get in if they find enough food inside the house. The big scorpion can also be the alpha scorpion which has migrated from another area in search of a mate or food.

Beware Of Baby Scorpions

baby scorpionBaby scorpions are troublesome as they are difficult to spot and excellent at hiding. It’s difficult to stop a baby scorpion from entering your house because they are small and can come through places that adult scorpions won’t be able to. Inside your home, the scorpion will feed and grow. 

Baby scorpions often seek shelter where there is no competition and threat. Even adult scorpions threaten the baby scorpions, so they avoid going near anything that can potentially harm them. It isn’t easy to maintain an enormous house.

As a result, some corners or areas may get uncleaned for months, giving the baby scorpion an ideal time to grow. If you are a person who travels a lot and is often out of your house, then after returning, make sure to clean your home thoroughly.

While cleaning the house, wear proper boots, jeans and gloves as there can be a lot of scorpions. Suppose a female scorpion gets inside when you are travelling. In that case, it can become troublesome as the female will get enough time to have babies, and their infestation will grow. 

To avoid getting in a bad situation, thoroughly examine your house and use the methods mentioned here to get rid of them or call a pest control service. Ask them the cause of the infestation and ask them to get rid of the infestation.

What Kind Of Food Attracts Scorpion?

Scorpions eat various food, from tiny insects to even small scorpions. If a scorpion can find that they can get enough food inside your house, then they will enter your house. Here are some signs to check whether your home is more susceptible to scorpion infestation.

  1. Check out Dead Insects Inside Your House: If you don’t clean your house often and your floor has many dead insects, that will attract scorpions.
  2. Too Much Infestation Inside Your House: Pest infestation usually increases during a particular season, which is when scorpion shows up. However, you can take preventive measures to get rid of unwanted pests. Various pests can infest your area. It would be best if you used insecticide or pesticide to get rid of unwanted pests continuously during the time.
  3. Get Rid Of Unwanted Worms From Your Garden: Worms are easy prey for scorpions; scorpions will infest if you have worms on your lawn. Complete annihilation of worms is not possible. Some worms play a vital role in maintaining soil health; however, getting rid of excess worms from the soil is essential.
  4. Get Rid Of Dead Animals: Let’s say a squirrel is dead in the garden, left unchecked for days, then that can attract the scorpion. Although the scorpion won’t attack a squirrel when alive, it will eat the squirrel when dead. So get rid of dead animals.
  5. Get Rid Of Upturned Rocks: Upturned rocks are the perfect place where scorpions can find a meal. It will be full of worms, other insects, and even smaller scorpion, and that’s why scorpion loves rocks. If you have seen a rock upturned for years, then there are chances that a scorpion is already living beneath it. If scorpion infestation suddenly increases, you need to look beneath the rock and get rid of what’s beneath it.

Are Scorpions Always Bad?

If you come across a scorpion, it cannot be pleasant. Still, the scorpion also keeps balance within the ecosystem. Scorpions kill various kinds of insects. Anything smaller than them is their meal. So you can imagine their comprehensive list of diets. If the presence of a scorpion is not bothering or harming you in any way, then it may be good for you. 

Let the scorpion stay, and they will eliminate most unwanted pests for you. However, you still need to occasionally check whether their population has grown too much or not. If yes, then you need to control the population. A few scorpions are good, but a significant infestation is terrible for the environment and your family.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpion From The House?

How to get rid of scorpions from houseGetting rid of scorpions can be tricky due to their tough exoskeleton. Remember to wear protective gear if you are dealing with a scorpion. Wear jeans, boots, gloves and a mask to protect yourself from sudden sting and fumes. Also, keep your family and pets out of your house while you are doing the treatment.

1. Use Insecticide To Protect Your House

You can use insecticides specifically designed to kill scorpions and use that to get rid of them. It would be best to thoroughly spray the insecticide in every corner where you think or have seen scorpions hide. Use a portable pump sprayer and spray it on the entrances of your house. Likely the windows, doors, cupboards etc. After spraying the entrance, move on to the interior areas, which are damp and dark. It can be under the sofa, under your bed and in other areas.

2. Use Insecticide Inside Your Lawn

The scorpions don’t come out of anywhere. They come through a path, and that is probably your lawn. It would be best if you sprayed the insecticide on the bushes, shrubs and any uncleaned places where there is a chance for the scorpion to hide. Please make sure you spray it thoroughly. If the scorpion is in there, it will react to the chemical. It will try to flee. You can spray more of those chemicals to get rid of them.

3. Use Diatomaceous Earth

Diatomaceous earth is very effective against scorpions. These have tiny particles that can puncture the scorpion’s exoskeleton. The diatomaceous earth will puncture the scorpion inside out when it comes in contact with it. It won’t happen immediately but will occur in about two weeks. 

You don’t have to use the diatomaceous earth in visible and reachable areas; instead, use it in your house’s holes, cracks, and crevices. It will work against multiple scorpions. Diatomaceous earth works well against scorpions and other harmful pests and removes infestation.


Scorpions can hide in different places. It can be on shoes, your clothing, your bed sheet, bed cover, inside clutter etc. So you need to check these places thoroughly. 

If you spot scorpion infestation or if you had scorpion infestation, then make it a priority to check these places regularly. Keep them clean and take immediate action if you have a single scorpion.

Final Words

Scorpions are very resilient and difficult to remove. Only chemical treatment works on them. Natural remedies do not affect them. You need to first prevent scorpions from getting inside your house. However, if they manage to get in, use the remedies mentioned here to get rid of them. 

Never use your bare hand to capture them. Instead, approach the scorpions cautiously as they can be very aggressive, and their venom is painful. Keep your house and lawn clean, and call a pest control company if nothing works. They will inspect and remove scorpions and other pests from your home and yard. 

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