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Will Lizards Eat Bees?

lizard search beesLizards are everywhere and they do a lot of stuff that we don’t know. One of these is eating bees. Since bees can sting we think that lizard won’t be able to eat them but

Will lizards eat bees? Yes, lizards eat bees, but those lizards are known as skinks. Skinks are lizard, but they are quite different than a home lizard. They often chase and hunt down bees. Bee contains a lot of protein, so it’s a healthy diet for most skinks. It’s also a easy meal and they can eat as much as they want.

Which Lizards Eat Bees?

There are various kinds of lizards, and it is seen that skinks eats bees. Home gecko usually avoids bees, maybe because they are big and they can harm them. Skink, on the other hand, are bigger than a home lizard, and they can eat bees. 

Although it’s difficult to catch a bee because they keep flying around, so lizards have to catch them when the bees are not looking and sitting somewhere, the chameleon has a massive advantage when they are going against bees. 

They can camouflage, and they can shoot their tongue at high speed. So, if bees are near them, then the chameleon can catch them. They need to eat a lot of bees to fulfill their daily needs.

Lizards That Don’t Eat Bees

Home gecko avoids bees. They run away the moment they see bees. Why they do it is still not entirely known, but it’s most likely because they can be a tough challenger and can be dangerous. Lizards get a lot of different kinds of food from the environment so, they don’t feel the need to eat them. It’s hard to say whether they will eat bees if they face scarcity. 

Rare Incidence

Sometimes lizards are seen to go near a beehive. It’s a very dangerous step even for the lizard, and they try to eat bees over there. Not every lizard shows this behavior, but some do. Some lizard is curious, and since lizard considers every small flying creatures as potential prey, it’s not absurd if the lizard shows some interest in bees.

In a beehive, a lizard can get lots of easy meal if they can catch the bees without getting injured, and so they take the opportunities. Some lizards show this behavior, but other lizards are satisfied with the food they eat daily. They show their behavior, but nobody knows whether they could capture the bees. It has been seen that those lizards don’t come back from the beehive once they enter it.

Can Bees Harm Lizard?

Can bees harm lizardYes, bees can harm lizards. Some bees are very aggressive, and they won’t stop if they feel threatened in some way. Bees attack in a swarm, and if they attack lizards, it can get difficult for the lizard to escape. However, it has to be a surprise attack, and a lot of bees has to bite the lizard at the same time.

That will paralyze the lizard, and the lizard will not be able to run away. Lizards have a great reflex. The moment it senses the sting, it will immediately run away, and once the lizards start running the bees won’t be able to catch it.

Lizards are small creatures and they can get inside a small place and can hide over there while bees are chasing it. The bees won’t be able to find the lizard, and the lizard will escape the bee attack.

Do Lizards Feel Bee’s Sting?

Yes, if the bee can sting the lizard, then the lizard will feel it. The toxin will flow throughout the lizard’s body, and if too many of them bite the lizard, then the lizard may even get paralyzed. 

Lizards don’t have an antidote to a bee sting, so they will suffer if a bee can sting the lizard. Most lizards don’t have hard skin to protect themselves from a bee sting, so if the bee can sting the lizard, then the lizard will be in trouble.

Do Big Lizards Eat Bees?

Komodo dragonBig lizards can eat bees, but there is no need for them to eat the bees. Bees are small, and they don’t have enough nutritional value to fulfill the daily need of big lizards. So they don’t try to eat the bees. They can fulfill their daily need by eating big preys. A full beehive can still be good food for them, but individual bees are not very useful for them.

Will Bee Eat Lizards?

Bee doesn’t eat lizards; what you saw was probably a wasp. Wasps eat various kinds of things, and they can eat a dead lizard. They don’t actively hunt lizards, but if the lizard is dead, then they can eat the lizard.

Bees, on the other hand, prefer to consume the nectar from the flowers and often takes they feed that nectar to young ones. Bees barely eats anything. Even the nectar they carry they feed it to their babies, and in return, they eat the nectar generated by the baby. 

Which Skink Eats Bees?

There are so many of them that eat bees. If you have skink in your garden, you can see it with your own eyes. They can climb up and go near the hive and will eat the bees. This behavior, however, can get dangerous for the humans living nearby because the bees will get agitated and they will attack anybody in sight.

So be careful if you have beehive near your house and if you skinks nearby because the chances are the skink will try to eat the bees if it doesn’t get anything else.

Can Skink Infestation Be A Problem For The Bees?

skinkYes, it can be a problem if there are a lot of skinks in the area. Then they will frequently feed on bees, and the bees might leave that place. If that happens, it can get problematic for the environment because bees are needed for pollination, and if they are gone form your area, then the environmental disbalance can cause problems for your garden.

If you have too much skink infestation in your garden, make sure to contact the pest control company to get rid of unwanted skins. Few skinks are okay, but too many can be dangerous. If there are a lot of skinks in the area, then bees that come from outside will have a hard time doing their job. 

On the contrary, if there are a lot of beehive in the area then skinks can be helpful. They will reduce the bees infestation and can reduce your trouble. Skinks roam around from place to place in search of food, and if there are skinks in nearby areas, then the skinks will come to your area because there will be a lot of food.

Just don’t scare them away and the skinks will do their job in reducing the excess amount of bees. The number of skinks you should allow in your garden will depend upon the number of bees over there. This is not the best strategy to get rid of bees, but this is a natural strategy, and it happens automatically in nature. 


Skinks belong from the family of lizard, and they are the one who eats bees. Normal home gecko does not eat bees; they avoid them because they know that bee can severely harm them.

Skinks can even go near a beehive and eat bees over there. They are fast, and they have an appetite for it. A lot amount of skink can be damaging for the bee population, but a small amount helps keep the balance.

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