Can Crickets Attack Geckos?

cricketsCrickets are well known for their annoying noise that they make. They are various species of crickets, and some of them are big, and some of them are small. Lizard eats crickets and most of the time they succeed when they are hunting a cricket. We usually consider crickets to be harmless when they are in small numbers but is there another side to them?

So, can crickets attack gecko? Crickets can attack gecko, but they will only do it when they are starving. They don’t usually attack gecko because gecko is predators that eat crickets. When crickets are kept inside the cage for a long time, they get hungry, and during that time they can attack a gecko. 

A single cricket may not cause serious harm to a gecko, but a lot of them can harm a gecko. 

Why Crickets Attack A Gecko & What To Do To Avoid It

The problem occurs when the lizard doesn’t eat all the crickets left inside the cage. Some of those remaining crickets can get very hungry and start to attack the lizard. Crickets are omnivores, and so they can eat meat.

In the wild, you won’t see crickets attacking geckos because they get enough food and attacking a gecko can be dangerous for the cricket, so it avoids a fight, but in a caged environment, things can change. 

If you see that the cricket is attacking a gecko, then make sure to get the cricket out from that place. If the lizard is not hungry, then the crickets will continue to attack the gecko and can cause serious harm. 

Can Crickets Kill Gecko?

There are a few circumstances when crickets can kill gecko. Under normal circumstances, crickets cannot kill gecko in a fight, but if the cricket is poisoned, then it can become fatal for the gecko. Gecko can also die while they are eating a cricket. Sometimes geckos are unable to swallow the crickets and as a result, suffocates and dies.

It’s essential to choose the right sized cricket. The size of the cricket should be decided depending upon the size and age of the gecko. Do not overfeed the lizard and nor should you feed the wrong sized crickets. It would be best if you did not give big crickets to small gecko as it will be difficult for the gecko to swallow.

Crickets Can Be Aggressive

mole cricket

Mole Cricket

In general, crickets are not harmful to their predator, but sometimes for various reasons, they can behave very aggressively. In the wild crickets live in big numbers, and they can cause severe damage to the gecko and even other predators. The reason for aggression can be starvation and mating.


Crickets can become very agitated if they don’t get enough food. A cricket lives to reproduce and they will continue to grow its population. As the population increases, so does the requirement of food, and when it is not met the whole swarm of cricket can get aggressive, and they can attack anything in sight.


During mating season they come out in big numbers, and there can be competition between crickets. So they are naturally aggressive during this time and so if a gecko gets caught in the swarm then the crickets can attack the gecko.

Do Crickets Eat Gecko?

Usually, cricket doesn’t eat gecko, but when they are extremely hungry, they can attack and try to eat gecko. They will attack because they are hungry. That said it’s not so easy to eat a gecko when they are alive, so you won’t see them eating gecko, but if the gecko is dead and the crickets are hungry, then they can start eating the dead gecko. In the wild, this scenario is hard to spot, but in captivity, this can be witnessed.

There are various species of crickets, and some of them are carnivore they can attack the lizard on purpose and will start eating. They are omnivore, and some of them primarily prefer plants, and some of them eat meat. So, when cricket is hungry and when they don’t get any food, they can attack the lizard.

How To Get Crickets Out Of Lizard Cage?

You can use tweezers or gloves to catch the crickets and then remove them from the cage. Don’t grab the crickets too hard if you don’t want to hurt them. After pulling out the crickets, you can keep them in a container so that you can feed those geckos to the lizard later on.

Crickets are small, and sometimes it can be very tricky to catch them. They can hide inside the lizard cage, and during that time, it can be very difficult to catch them using tweezers or hand. The only way to get them out in this situation is to bait them. You need to put the bait near them then you need to wait for a while. Don’t disturb them during this time, and once they start eating, you can capture them using a tweezer or using your hand.

Can You Leave Crickets In With Your Gecko?

Can You Leave Crickets In With Your GeckoIt better to keep the crickets away from the gecko once it’s done feeding. Crickets are omnivores, and they can attack the gecko when you are not watching. Once the lizard is done feeding take them out with a tweezer or by using your hand. Please don’t keep them together overnight.

The crickets can also get hungry, and when they do it, they will attack the gecko so if you keep the crickets in the lizard cage while the gecko is done eating then it can get troublesome. Please take out the crickets and feed them later on.


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