Yellow Jacket Vs Killer Bee Who Will Win?

Yellow jacket and killer bees are one of the most aggressive species so, it natural to wonder who will win yellow jacket or killer bee? It’s rather a difficult question and a situation that is hard to replicate in real life. So, we did in depth research and we decided to write this post.

Yellow jacket vs killer bee who will win? The answer is yellow jacket. Yellow jacket will win but killer bee will definitely put up a good fight.

Here is why yellow jacket will win

In order to first understand why yellow jacket will win you need to know few stats about both of these aggressive creatures.

Yellow Jacket

The biggest specialty of yellow jacket is the ability to bite multiple times without losing it’s sting along with that they grab onto the target with their mouth for giving multiple stings. Here we are talking about the battle between one yellow jacket vs one killer bee. They are both (0.5 in) long.

Yellow Jacket Colony

Normally yellow jackets nest lasts for only one season i.e. they die by winter. These colonies comprise somewhere around 5000 to 20000 members. However not all colonies dies by one season some of them survives for multiple seasons and becomes massive colonies with having 1 million members with 100000 workers.

This doesn’t always happen but a colony of this size is very dangerous and can attack anyone who comes closer to their nest. The colony have active guards who always alarms the members of the colonies if they see threat and can deploy this massive numbers to destroy the threat. This range of attack can kill humans as well as animals. This is something that is to be wary of.

Killer Bee

Killer bees are the same size as regular bees (0.5 inch) long but they are much aggressive. They were created in lab by mixing European honey bee with African bee for creating more honey. However it wasn’t successful as a result killer bees produce much less honey i.e. 5 times less honey compared to that of honey bees. The only reason they have such a bad reputation is because of their aggression. Mild disturbances like perfume, loud sound etc can trigger major attack. Once provoked they will chase after the person or animal up to 400 metres. They are not expert fliers but they do sting in numbers.

Killer Bees Colony

Killer bees colony are massive on average they make a colony that have 80000 members. There are multiple guard bees that warns other bees if they see or feel threat. They attack in swarm and can give deadly bites to the threat. They will chase animals, birds, humans whoever is the threat upto 400 metres. Anyone gets caught in this is bound to suffer even jumping into water won’t save them as these bees will wait for them until they come out. The target will die having multiple stings which can cause seizures.

Yellow Jacket Vs Killer Bee

The unpredictable nature of yellow jacket are also one of the reason they can win. They will attack anyone even when they are not provoked and with that’ they can catch killer bees of guard.

Now let’s do some comparisons. Lets compare both of their stats

Yellow Jackets Killer Bees
Length: 0.5 inch long Length: 0.5 inch long
Flight: Good Flight: Low
Nature: Very quick to provoke, attacks without reason Nature: Attacks if provoked by loud sound, perfume etc.
Ability: Multiple Stings without losing it’s sting Ability: Stings once and then dies
Poison: Painful Poison: Painful

Comparing the stats you can get an idea that YELLOW JACKET will be the winner. Watch the video below to see how it happens.

Here Is What Can Possibly Happen

As you can see from the video above both of them starts fighting immediately but the chances of yellow jacket launching the attack is much higher as they attack without any reason and most importantly if they see threat they immediately respond on the other hand killer bees are also quick to attack when they are threatened as a result the gruesome battle starts.

Here yellow jacket stings killer bee first which gives it an upper edge however in reality killer bee can also give the first sting to yellow jacket but killer bee chances of missing is relatively high because killer bee are not good fliers which gives yellow jacket upper hand along with that yellow jacket can use their mouth to get a grip on the target and give multiple stings which is another plus point of yellow jacket.

As shown in the video yellow jacket gets stung but still keeps flying and then delivers consecutive lethal stings paralyzing and then killing the killer bee. That killer bee will be dead in few minutes.

So the WINNER Is Yellow Jacket

Unlike killer bees who collects honey for multiple purposes Yellow jackets are scavengers they attack on various other wasps, bees etc and are skilled in killing them, this gives yellow jackets and upper hand in a fight as you already have experience and it matters in a fight.

Killer bees although aggressive doesn’t have that skill and they are not scavengers. This is a major disadvantage apart from everything else that can kill killer bees.

Although there are some possibilities that yellow jackets can die later on if killer bees sting gets inside their body but the chances are really less considering all the facts.

In an habitat if these two dangerous species cannot maintain peace with each other then killer bees might actually get washed out from that habitat and make yellow jackets the undisputed king.

Yellow jackets are also seen to kill bigger wasp or insects it’s because of their ability to multiple stings and experience and they almost remain unscratched in most of those fights. Considering their number they can take down bigger animals like deer, zebra.

Some of these nests can have upto 1 million members so imagine that attacking animals or bee colonies or other pests colonies. Anyone trespassing will be in danger and the results will be devastating. With an attack of this number anyone can be dead.

Killer Bees as the name suggest can also be lethal. They attack in big numbers when they feel disturbed and getting away from their attack is really difficult if you see the attack immediately flee that area unless you have some sort of protection. They will bite in numbers and can kill large animals.

That’s it about yellow jackets vs killer bees. I hope this post answers your question about it in details and give an idea how dangerous yellow jackets and killer bees can.

Yellow Jacket Problem

Many people are bitten by yellow jackets as they make their nest in the ground, inside cars where they easily come in contact with humans. This is a major concern as they attack in numbers and multiple stings from killer bee is lethal.

They attack when you’re not even aware this is the major difference when killer bees attack you will know and may get the chance to escape but even though it will be difficult but with yellow jacket it is not possible unless you see it coming.

Even a slight disturbance in their area will cause them to attack, They’re always on guard. The best way to avoid this situation is to stay away from that area where you may have heard that yellow jackets are out there and then call an exterminator to get rid of them. Never try to do it yourself if you’re not trained.


Killer bees as well as yellow jacket both of them are dangerous and in a fight between them yellow jacket will be the winner but if you see them fighting i.e. yellow jacket vs anyone or killer bee vs anyone then you should leave that area immediately as both of them can attack you. Both of their stings are painful and can cause irritation, redness, pain etc. Immediately consult a doctor if you get allergic reaction after you’re stung.

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