Lizard Jump

Can Lizard Jump?

Lizard JumpWe can see lizards inside our house on the roof, on our garden and few questions come to our mind, and one of the questions that arise is, can they jump?

So can lizard jump? Yes, lizards can jump, but their body is not made for jumping. Jumping is not their most potent ability. They prefer to run instead of jumping. Lizards can jump from a higher altitude to reach their targeted destination for hunting and moving around but when threatened lizards prefer to run.

Continue reading to know more about their ability to jump.

Lizard’s Ability To Jump

When threatened lizard can start by jumping but then immediately switches to running. The body of a lizard is not designed for jumping so they cannot jump around all the time. If you compare a lizard with grasshopper hopping abilities, then you’ll find that there is a vast difference between lizards and the grasshopper.

If you look at a grasshopper, you’ll see that they have a significantly strong hind leg which propels them upwards. Lizards don’t have that specific type of legs that can help them to do a high jump.

However, lizards prefer to jump from a certain height and then land on their legs. This is much easier for them. They use gravity and the height to their advantage. This helps them a lot because they have limited ability when it comes to jumping. 

Lizards use their tail to control their body while jumping from high altitude, and they have amazing control, but if they mismanage, they can flip over and fall on their back. Their tail provides them significant balance, but without a tail, a lizard will lose balance and will crash land mostly all the time.

Lizards need to jump from tree to tree in search of food and to avoid predators, but lizard’s physical structure is not designed for jumping. They can sometimes crash if they fail to calculate the distance between the object and the object they are going to hop on.

So when a predator is chasing them, and they don’t get the time to calculate the distance between two objects, then they can crash. They are good at climbing and running but jumping is not their strongest point.

Lizard’s Physical Structure And Their Ability To Jump

There are various species of lizards, and their body structure is designed in a very specific way. This structure provides them stealth, the ability to climb, run and chase.

The lizard’s body structure is somewhat similar all across the lizard species. Still, there are some distinctive features among each species. The differences occurred depending upon how each species hunts, how they move, what they eat and where they live. 

Some lizards use stealth to kill its prey, so their body structure is made in a way that makes them, silent and fast. Usually, small lizards can climb well and can climb walls, trees etc. So their body structure is evolved in a way that allows them to fulfill that task. 

Since lizards body didn’t evolve to jump around, they usually start running if predators attack them. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that it’s difficult to catch a frog and grasshopper because they can jump well.

If lizards have this ability, then it could have been very challenging to catch a lizard. They are good at running, they are fast, along with that if they could jump around quickly then it could have been tough to catch them even for fast-moving predators like snakes

That said evolution has granted them some unique abilities. The small size of small lizards allows them to survive on less food along with that they get to hide inside small places plus they move really fast. These three combination increases their survival rate to a great extent.

During the evolution of the lizard, it’s possible lizards were much better in jumping compared to modern lizards. Once lizards started to live on trees or at high altitude, they discovered that living there is better for their survival.

Eventually, throughout millions of years, their size decreased. They lost the ability to jump, but they became excellent climbers. They discovered that they don’t need the ability to jump; instead, the ability to hide and attack stealthily is more critical. Well, they have lived so far, so this change benefited them.

The Big Tail Of Lizard Is A Problem

lizard's big tailA lizard can jump to a certain extent. But when threatened, a lizard will start running just after a few short bursts of jumps. A lizard has a big tail and heavy tail which contributes to their poor jumping ability. Imagine if you had a big heavy tail and imagine jumping with that. You can get an idea of how difficult and energy-consuming it can be.

So repeatedly jumping is exhausting for a lizard. If you look at a lizard’s tail, you’ll see that in most species their tail is bigger than their upper body. Since they are so big and heavy, it becomes very difficult to propel the body upwards repeatedly. A few times is okay, but if they have to jump multiple times, then they will get exhausted, and they will fail to jump.

Benefits Of A Big And Heavy Tail

Big lizards use their tail to defend themselves. Since their tail is heavy and made of thick muscles, they can use their tail to attack and defend. The impact from that tail can be painful. their tail also helps them in hunting and defending if a potential attacker attacks from behind these big lizards can use their tail to defend themselves.

This tail is also the reason why it becomes so difficult for these big lizards to climb trees. Their tail has significant mass compared to the body, and that’s why it’s so difficult for them to climb. 

Lizards Legs And Their Jumping Ability

If you notice a lizard, you’ll see that their legs are small compared to the body. These legs are spread on the side of their body. Just by looking at that, you can easily identify how much stress these legs have to bear. Since these legs are small compared to the body these legs cannot provide enough push to jump repeatedly without exhausting the lizard. 

How Lizards Escapes Death While Falling

Often lizards fall from a roof, and they look uninjured. So if they are not good at jumping, how do they land so well? The magic lies in their tail and their feet.

The tail stops the body from turning over and maintains the balance. If you look carefully while a lizard is falling, you’ll see how they are using their tail to control their body. Their feet have small pads like structure which absorbs the shock and protects them from getting injured.

Agama Lizards

Agama LizardAgama lizards are those lizards that can jump well. These lizards can also control their body while they are in mid-air. Agama lizards are one of those lizards that can jump so well. 

You cannot see this ability in all lizards. The mechanism of their jumping looks like a frog. Giving pressure from the hind leg and leaping their body upward. This is crucial because, without appropriate thrust, they cannot lift their whole body along with their tail. They can jump from one rock to another with precision.

Agama lizards have strong hind legs, and they push their body with that leg. They can raise their body upwards, almost like standing. This feat itself is not possible for most lizards. This is because they have strong legs and can handle their body weight really well. Agama lizard raises its body to absorb the heat from the sun. This process helps them to maintain their body temperature as they are also cold-blooded like other lizards. 

They are fast, and when threatened, they can immediately jump into action and run away. They run on their legs, barely touching their body to the ground. They can tolerate much higher temperatures compared to other reptiles.

Why Lizard Lose Their Tail

Lizard With No TailLizard loses its tail as a defense mechanism. They have developed it over time, and it’s a very successful technique. They use this technique whenever they feel threatened.

Sometimes when a predator grabs them, they lose their tail to escape. Since lizards are not amazing at jumping, they have developed this technique over time. Lizards can jump to a certain distance, but that is just not enough to escape from predators but losing their tail make up for that, and it saves their life.


Lizards can jump, but repeated jumping is difficult for them. Agama lizards can jump well and can run very fast. If lizards lose their tail, then they cannot control their body while they are falling.

Their tail plays a very vital role in balancing their body while falling. During evolution, they could jump well, but those traits got removed and replaced with the ability to climb. The unique structure in their feet makes them a great climber.

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