What Kills Lizards Instantly

What Kills Lizards Instantly?

What Kills Lizards InstantlyMany remedies can get rid of lizards, but there are very few remedies to get rid of lizards instantly. Lizards come in various sizes. Some of them are big, and some of them are small. These remedies are useful for small to big-sized lizards that you can find in your house or your garden. All of the techniques mentioned over here will kill lizard efficiently, so let’s get started.

So what will kill lizards instantly? Here is the list of 7 that will kill lizards instantly. All of them are equally effective.

  1. Fire
  2. Severe Injury To Head
  3. Electric Fence
  4. Predators
  5. Heavy Weight
  6. Boiling Water
  7. Hot Oil

1. Fire

Fire can kill lizards instantly regardless of the size of the lizard. If a small lizard or medium-sized lizard falls in the fire, it will be dead. This applies to a gecko, skink, garden lizard and even big lizards like monitor lizards, Komodo dragon.

Nobody can survive a severe burn. You can use a flame thrower to get rid of unwanted lizards but make sure that you are using the fire in a place where there is no other thing or that thing will catch fire, and that is something you won’t like.

2. Severe Injury To Heads

Some lizard have tough skin, so getting rid of them becomes challenging, but their head is always vulnerable. A severe injury in the head will instantly kill them. The lizard will collapse immediately after the injury and will die. The object doesn’t even have to be heavy to injure it. If an object hits the lizard head with adequate speed and force, then the lizard will die instantly. The effectiveness will depend upon the precision of the hit.

3. Electric Fence

A high voltage electric fence will instantly kill a lizard regardless of the size. Once the lizard’s body touches the electric fence, the lizard will be unable to move and will die over there. An electric fence is usually set up to build a parameter.

A small lizard can get through most electric fence, so if you are willing to stop small lizards, then the fence must not have significant gaps. The lizard will not be aware that it is an electric fence so it will come in contact and will die. The small lizard doesn’t require extremely high voltage but big lizard will require high voltage. You can cover your garden with electric fence, and if some big lizards or moderate size lizards try to get in, then it will die.

4. Predators

hawkMany predators eat a lizard. Birds eat small to medium-sized lizard. They can instantly kill the lizard right at the spot or can carry them and kill them in their nest. You can keep a few birds in your garden, and they will get rid of small unwanted lizard.

To lure a bird into your garden, you need first to find what kind of bird can be found in your area, once you have figured that out all you have to do is keep their favorite food in a place where they can eat it easily. Keeping it on a tree or some high ground will be helpful. Once the bird comes in and gets food, it will continue to come in, and then the bird will be a regular visitor. Once that happens, they will help you get rid of unwanted lizard from your garden.

5. Heavy Weight

Anything heavier compared to the size of the lizard will kill the lizard instantly. For example, it can be a heavy stone if a heavyweight falls over the lizard then the lizard will die immediately.

A 10 kg stone is not going to kill a big lizard-like Komodo dragon which weighs over 150 lbs, but a 200 lbs boulder will kill them, on the other hand, a small gecko will die if a 11-22 lbs stone falls on them.

This is the easiest way to get rid of lizard because it’s readily available in the wild. If you have a heavy rock near you, then you can use that to get rid of the lizard. Although this sound inhumane, but this is the easiest way to get rid of them.

6. Boiling Water

Hot water is another thing that will instantly kill a lizard, especially the small ones. Once the lizard comes in contact with the hot water, it will be game over for the lizard. The water needs to be boiling for it to work instantly. The moment the lizard falls in the water, the lizard will try to climb out, but if it is unable to do so, then it will die immediately.

You can use boiling water to kill lizards. To do that you forts have to isolate the lizard and then you can pour the hot water, and that will kill the lizard instantly. You need to pour adequate water to kill the lizard instantly.

7. Hot Oil

Much like hot water, hot oil will also kill the lizard instantly. The lizard will instantly get fried. If by any chance the lizard falls in the hot oil, then it will die immediately. In the wild, the lizard is not going to encounter hot oil, but when they are living with humans or when they are close to humans, then they can come across hot oil. If by chance the lizard falls in the hot oil, then it will be instant death.

Other Effective Methods That Will Kill Lizards For Sure


The insecticide in high dosage can kill a lizard. It will take some time but will kill the lizard. An insecticide is a very effective tool in getting rid of lizards, So if there are a lot of lizards in your garden, then the insecticide will do the best job. The only reason it is not mentioned in the main list is that it takes a little longer to kill the lizard compared to the other ones.

Sticky Trap

The sticky trap also works very well in killing lizards; however, it also takes time. Once the lizard gets inside the trap the lizard gets stuck over there and the more it tries to get out the more it gets stuck, but it takes quite long for the lizard to die. That’s why it’s not included in the primary list.

The Most Common Way To Get Rid Of Lizard

The most common way to get rid of lizard is to use a cage trap. This trap will capture the lizard, and once the lizard is captured, you can relocate the lizard. This is a widely used way because this is a much more humane way to get rid of them.

All you have to do is put bait inside the cage, and then once the lizard gets inside the cage to eat the bait, the lizard will get caught inside the cage. Each cage can hold up to 2-3 lizards depending upon the size of the lizard. You should choose the size of the cage depending upon the size of the lizard. You may need multiple cages to catch multiple lizards.

Once you lay the traps move away from that place; otherwise, the lizard will not come across the trap. It can take some time, but that’s the only way the trap will work. There are various sizes of cage available online, and they are reasonably priced. They are made of high-quality material so the lizard will not be able to get out even if they try. All you have to do is to choose the right size, and you are good to go.

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