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Can Lizards Follow You?

big lizardThere are various kinds of lizards. Some of them are big, and some of them are small. Some lizards live with humans, and some lizards live in the wild. There are a lot of things we want to know about them, and one of them is, can they follow us? This question concerns us for various reasons and justified.

So, can lizard follow you? Yes, a lizard can follow you. Pet lizard is usually seen to follow its owner. This is perfectly normal, but wild lizards can also follow you, and that can be dangerous. Lizards like a Komodo dragon can follow you to hunt. You should immediately inform authority if you see big lizards around your area.

Big Lizards Can Follow You

Some big lizards have an extraordinary sense of smell, and they can travel for miles in search of food. So if a big lizard-like Komodo dragon marks you, then they can follow you to your house. Although this is rare, they can do it. Big lizards like a Komodo dragon can think us as prey, and they can follow you.

It can be very dangerous. If you stay miles away, the Komodo dragon can still get inside your house. Komodo dragon tracks big animals like water buffalo by using its smell. They cannot take down a water buffalo in a fight, but they have poison in their saliva so a single bite from them can be fatal for the water buffalo.

 Komodo dragon will follow the scent of the water buffalo, once they are unable to move and will start eating them, and a pack of the Komodo dragon will join the feast. They can track the water buffalo by its smell. So if by any chance you get bitten by Komodo dragon then make sure to go to a doctor and make sure to go away from that area. Living in that area will attract the Komodo dragon.

Some Lizards Can Follow You To Scare You

Not all lizard is as big as a Komodo dragon so some of them can follow you to scare you. This can happen when you go near a lizard territory. The lizard can see you as a threat and can start following you to keep you away.

In the wild, there are lots of lizards if you are walking in those places where lizards live and if you carry food that they like to eat, then they can follow you to eat that food. They would avoid contact with you but will try to steal the food. It is like an easy meal for them, so that’s why they don’t want to lose sight of free food.

Some Pet Lizards Will Follow You Like A Dog

iguanaPet lizards can follow its owner. Some pet lizards are intelligent, so that’s why they can follow. They can follow it’s owner to get food or to get getting petted. Pet lizards like iguana can follow you throughout the house like a dog. They mean no harm they probably want food, or they want to get petted.

This is a sign of trust and love. If your pet lizard follows you calmly, then it’s fine but if they show their fangs that, means they are angry, and you should avoid going them during this time. If you don’t pet them when they are asking for it, then they will keep following you until they get tired. Pet lizards also feel safe and comfortable around their owner so they can follow you because you are their favorite person.

If A Lizard Stares At You Will It Follow You?

lizard lookingLizards can stare at you for a few different reasons. One of them is that they are scared. Small lizards often stare at a human, and it looks creepy, and some people freaks out. If a lizard considers you to be a threat, then the lizard will stare at you because that’s what they do while fight with other lizards.

They don’t want to look away because they think the moment they do, so you’ll attack. The lizard will keep staring at you, but the moment you make a little movement, they will run away. Their is another reason why lizards stare at you, i.e. if the lizard sees you as a challenge.

Big lizards like monitor, Komodo dragon even iguana can stare at you if they see you as a challenge. While staring at you, they will look for an opportunity to either scare you or attack you. They think that they are dominant, and they want to keep you away from the territory. If you run away during this staring contest, then the lizard can also chase after you for some time.

This is basically done to scare you however big lizard-like a Komodo dragon can attack you when you are not looking. They will keep staring at you if you are looking at them and then will attack you if they get the chance. Some lizards don’t strike right away; they look for the perfect opportunity.

If you repeatedly see a lizard then makes sure to call the authority. Lizards like monitor lizard or Komodo dragon can be dangerous. They can also attack your pet or who knows what they want. So let the authority know if you see them repeatedly.

Be careful during the night as that is the ideal time for attack and they if they are planning to attack. So keep your doors and windows closed. Don’t take any chances if you see them often in your area. Lizards are opportunistic creatures, so they will always try to find the best and right opportunity for them. 

Some lizards get away from their group and work individually. In a group, there is a lot of competition. They have to fight for food, domination and mating partner. If lizards get a better opportunity somewhere else, then the lizard will go there.

They can smell very well, so they can know about the environment, and since they can smell from miles away, they can enter the location undetected. If a big lizard enters the human territory, they can eat cats, dogs and can also attack humans so if you see them don’t hesitate to call the authority.

Is It A Good Sign If Lizard Follows You?

Many people believe if a lizard follows you, then it’s a good sign. They think that lizards will bring you good luck. I am not sure whether that is true or not but one thing is for sure if a lizard follows you, i.e. a small lizard or a pet lizard then it either wants food, or it trusts you.

It is a good thing but whether they bring good luck or not is something I cannot verify. If a lizard follows you, then let it follow you because it trusts you. Big pet lizards can also follow you. Some people like to keep monitor lizards as a pet, and yes, they can also follow you because of the same reason.

They trust you and probably want food. Wild lizards are problematic, but pet lizards are not problematic. Some lizards even sleep with their owner because they feel safe, around the owner. Some people don’t keep their lizards contained, so they roam around the house and occasionally comes to the owner for food, love and sleep. They can behave much like a dog. 


Lizards can follow you, but they always don’t mean harm. There are various factors involved in it. If pets lizards follow you, then that’s natural, but if wild lizards follow you, then it can be troublesome. Get away from that place if big wild lizards following you because they are carnivore and can do severe damage to human.

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