can scorpion swim

Can Scorpion Swim?

can scorpion swimScorpions are fascinating creatures. They evolved in a way that is one of a kind. They can do a lot of stuff, but can they swim?

Scorpions can swim in the water, although they are not very good swimmers due to their heavy exoskeleton. They can remain submerged in water for up to 48 hours and get into various water sources if needed for hunting.

Scorpions are the finest of evolution but can be a real nuisance because of their ability to survive. In addition, they are challenging to get rid of, and the worst part is that they can remain in the water much more than we can.

Can Scorpion Get Into Pool?

Scorpions can get into the pool, although that may not always be their first choice. There are certain instances when scorpions can get into the pool. For example, they will get into the pool if the temperature outside is too hot. 

Also, if your pool stops them from getting to their food sources, they will cross the pool, and if your pool provides food, i.e. if there are insects inside your pool that scorpion eats, then the scorpion will get into the pool. This can be trouble. Scorpions can get to the pipes and eventually into your home through the pool.

Can Scorpion Get Into Sink?

scorpion in sinkIf a scorpion finds the opening towards your sink pipes, then the scorpion may get into your sink. The scorpion needs to get through pipes first to get into your sink. Since scorpions will be looking for food, your sinks can attract them because they are greasy, stinky, and have enough space. 

Scorpions are good climbers and swimmers, so if they enter your sink pipes, the scorpion will get into your sink. However, climbing the pipes is difficult, even for scorpions, as they are slippery.

The ground floor is always vulnerable. Keeping a cover over your sinks is essential. This will stop the scorpions from entering your house even if it gets to your sink. 

Can Scorpions Live In Drains?

Scorpions can live in drains, although that’s not ideal for the scorpion. If the scorpion gets food around the drain, it stays there or moves to a different location. In addition, there is a lot of water in the drain, and since scorpions can swim well enough and climb, they can easily get into the drain. So always be careful when cleaning up the drains.

Why Scorpions Go Near Water And How It Can Affect You?

Scorpions go near water to get food. If the water body provides them with food like small fish, spiders and other insects, the scorpions will stay near the water body and sometimes submerged within the water body, waiting to hunt. If you go to in those water bodies, then that can become troublesome. The water body can look clear or dusky. So before you dive into any lake, learn about the lake. Have a clear idea about the depth and the ecosystem there.

Moreover, lakes with good flowing water are better as it will be difficult for the scorpion to stay at a particular place for an extended period. You should avoid those pools if the pool looks dirty, has not been used for a long time, and the water is not changed as it can be home to scorpions and other pests.

What To Do If You See Scorpion In Your Pool? 

If you see a scorpion in your pool, first of all, don’t panic and don’t go near it as the scorpion can sting you underwater, which won’t be good for your body. You will get paralyzed, and you won’t be able to swim. Scorpion venom affects immediately, and you should avoid it at all costs when in water. Just get out of the pool, use a net to capture the scorpion, and throw it somewhere nobody goes.

How To Get Rid Of Scorpions From Water?

Here are a few ways that will help you if you see them in the water

  1. Use A Net: Use a net to catch the scorpion, throw it on the land, and then use a hard or heavy object to get rid of it.
  2. Use Chlorine: Chlorine works great against scorpions. First, get out of the pool; if you are in the pool, put chlorine into the water and let it stay. This will force the scorpion to come out of the water and get somewhere else.
  3. Use Bleaching Powder: If the scorpion is inside the drains, you can use bleaching powder or something similar to get rid of them. The bleaching powder works very well against them and will react immediately. 
  4. Use Chemical Repellent With Strong Smell: A chemical repellent with a pungent smell will directly affect the scorpion. The scorpion will get away from that place immediately. This chemical repellent will work on scorpion infestation as well. Avoid natural repellents as they won’t work against scorpions.
  5. Call Pest Control: If there is an infestation, then it’s better to call pest control. They use professional-grade chemicals to get rid of scorpions. Infestation of scorpions can be dangerous, and so you need to get rid of the infestation. Don’t do it yourself as it can be dangerous; instead, call a pest control company, and they will remove them.

Can Scorpion Swim Up to You?

Scorpion usually avoids going near humans; however, if you are too close and stepping into their territory, then scorpion can swim up to you and sting you. Going near a scorpion will provoke them. They are not vengeful, but if the scorpion crosses a water body for mating or food and if you stand in the way, the scorpion will try to get rid of you in the best way they know.

They can swim up to you. If there is a group of scorpions and you go too close to the scorpions enough to corner them, then the group can also attack you, which won’t be good. You should avoid those places if there are too many scorpions. 

When you get too close to a scorpion, the scorpion doesn’t retreat immediately. Instead, it prepares for an attack because it knows it won’t be able to run away if it doesn’t sting you. If one scorpion stings you, then other scorpions may follow. It’s called group behavior. 

Beware of a female scorpion. You may not be able to differentiate between male and female scorpions, but a female will attack you if she has babies, and if there is a hive, many females can attack you because they will feel threatened. 

Usually, scorpions bite the foot, and rugged boots are enough to stop the sting, but if there are many, some can climb into your shoes. 

If the scorpion is floating or underwater, it will sting whatever body parts it can get. Preferably your foot, but whatever body part comes first.

How To Prevent Scorpion From Coming Near You?

swimming pool cleaningHere I am listing some of the steps to prevent scorpions from coming near you.

1. Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

The number 1 and the most important step is to keep your swimming pool clean. If it’s not clean, you won’t be able to see what is lurking inside that green color water. Apart from that, it will attract various kinds of pests, which in turn will invite scorpions. 

2. Keeps All The Drains System Clean

Keep your drainage system dirty it will attract various kinds of pests and diseases. Scorpions will also start living near your house even if they weren’t there before. If it finds food in your drainage system, it will stay there.

Since drainage systems are all connected, it won’t be too difficult for a scorpion to get into the drainage system that leads to your house. Occasionally cleaning the drainage system clean is important to get rid of unwanted pests.

3. Supervision

If there gas been previous cases of scorpion infestation near your house, then you need to make sure to keep a keen eye on their population because eventually, it will get to your house. You need to stop them before that happens. How to do that?

Talk with your neighbor and ask them about scorpion infestation, and together, call a pest control company to reduce their population in your area. The pest control company will take care of the rest once you tell all the details about your issues.

These simple steps are enough to prevent them from getting near your house.

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