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Should I Kill A Wolf Spiders In My House?

wolf spiderThere are many reasons to kill a wolf spider in your house. Some people think that they are dangerous, while others argue that these spiders are harmless. But should you kill wolf spiders if they get inside your house or garden? Are there any pros and cons of killing a wolf spider?

You can kill the male wolf spiders if they enter your house because the male wolf spider is big and can bite humans, but you should not kill the female wolf spider inside your house. There is no need to kill wolf spiders if a few of them are in your garden because they can benefit your garden.

Wolf Spiders Are Dangerous 

This type of spider has a venomous bite that can be painful, but it’s typically not deadly. However, it does cause swelling and other symptoms common with insect bites or stings, such as nausea, headaches, fever, and chills.

In addition, people allergic to the spider’s toxin could have more severe reactions such as hives or anaphylaxis, which may require medical attention. The best way to avoid exposure to this spider is by keeping them out of your home in the first place! 

Why You Should Not Kill Female Wolf Spider

You can kill male wolf spiders as their bite is painful. Too many male wolf spider can disrupt the balance in the environment but do not kill female wolf spiders. They can release their eggs, which will create an even bigger problem. Instead, trap the female wolf spiders and put them away from your place.

Killing a female wolf spider can create a big problem. Females need to be alive, or else they’ll release an egg sac which will hatch and produce hundreds of baby spiders! Of course, this increases the risk for you, your family members and your pets being bitten by these pesky critters in your home. It’s already hard enough to keep them out, so don’t add more into the mix.

You should also consider that her body can release bacteria if you do not kill her humanely. The bacteria spread onto nearby surfaces, and whosoever comes into contact with the bacteria can get an infection. Female wolf spiders should be trapped and then released somewhere else.

You should also never try killing one with your bare hands because their bite can be painful and toxic. Female wolf spiders are dark in color and are much lighter than males, which is why they’re easier to identify. The best way to get rid of these pests from your home without harming yourself or the animal you care for is using a vacuum cleaner instead of an insecticide spray! Then release them outside somewhere far away from where people live.

Male Wolf Spiders Are Dangerous To Pest Control Technicians

I would recommend killing any male wolf spiders found inside because males are more aggressive than females. Males wolf spiders can be killed on sight because they are dangerous for people and hazardous to pest control technicians and other animals that come into contact with them. 

Male wolf spiders have large pedipalps that can release a strong bite capable of breaking human skin if it is threatened or attacked. They attack human without giving any warning signs. For example, they will attack someone when they accidentally go too close to them or stumble upon them. If you know that there are wolf spiders nearby, then use light flashes or movement to warn them so that they don’t bite. 

What Happens If There Is Wolf Spider Infestation in My House? 

If you’ve seen a wolf spider infestation in your home and are wondering what to do about it, then the first thing that should do is not panic. These pests can live anywhere they have food sources, outside of houses, but they often find their way into homes through open doors or windows.

They’re also typically found during autumn, when the mating season begins. During mating season, the chances of them coming indoors increase because they need more safe space for laying eggs. If this happens, then here are some steps you should follow:  

  • Capturing them is the best option, but before you do that, it’s vital to seal off any entry points into the house so they can’t get back inside. Next, you should seal doorways and windows with caulking or heavy-duty weather stripping. Next is removing all food sources such as pet foods, rotting fruit from a compost bin, bird feeders near your home etc.
  • Lastly would be trapping them and move them outside somewhere far away from where people live. Suppose you don’t feel up for handling this yourself. In that case, hiring professionals who have proper training in pest control is recommended. The pest control professionals will make sure each step is completed properly and ensure there aren’t any new infestations in your home. They will get rid of the wolf spiders from your home completely.  

A Few Wolf Spiders Are Good For Pest Control 

While it can be frustrating to find wolf spiders, they serve a purpose. Wolf spiders eat other bugs and insects that are pests in the home or yard. So while you may not want them around your house, if there is one in your garden eating all of the aphids, then it’s doing you a favor!

As long as these predators don’t get inside where humans live, they should be left alone outside. You could also encourage them to stay outdoors by adding logs nearby for nesting sites away from homes. This will keep them outside of your home, and you won’t have to kill any by yourself.

When Are There Too Many?

It’s best to check for these signs: 

If you see many wolf spider in your attic, garage, or any other area that isn’t outside, it might be too many. Spiders are also frequently found indoors if they’re abundant insects living around the house. They can get inside the house through cracks and crevices. 

Look out for them on window ledges, vents, doorways, ceilings and under furniture as well, which could indicate spiders have taken up residence nearby. If you find two large wolf spiders within one meter from each other, then you should be alarmed! These spiders will eat anything that moves and within their size range, so it would be wise to remove them if their population increases. 

Too many wolf spiders can also disturb wildlife and plants because they are predators. They might even take over nesting areas for birds and eat smaller birds in that area. They will eat all the prey that the birds usually eat. This could lead to more nestling deaths due to insufficient food sources. 

Wolf Spiders Are Dangerous For Kids

Wolf spiders can bite your kids, and that can create a problem. They might be frightened and start screaming. So keep them away from wolf spiders at all times! Your kids can also have an allergic reaction to the wolf spider bite, so keeping them is essential. 

If your kids see large brown spiders, please contact the pest control company of your choice to help you out with that problem. Kids may accidentally touch a wolf spider and can get bitten. Or maybe they can get terrified after seeing these big wolf spiders because they do look scary.

If your kids do not touch them, then the wolf spider may not bite your kid, but there is no such guarantee, and it’s impossible to always look after your kids at all times. So if you see wolf spiders inside your house, then get rid of them before your kids touch them. 


If you don’t have kids, then having a few wolf spiders can be helpful for your environment, but if you have kids, then it’s better to get rid of them if they enter your house. Two to four wolf spiders can be helpful any more than that can be troublesome. So you better get rid of them if their number increases more than two to four or more than your tolerance.

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