14 Effective Ways To Keep Mice Away And Get Rid Of Them Fast

Mice can be very annoying and damaging. They can damage clothes, foods and your precious thing and mice infestation can be very dangerous and damage your furniture, wires and almost everything.

If you see one mouse then do remember there isn’t just one mouse there is an army of mouse that can come up at any time to get their food and cut things to make their nests for breeding.

The more they breed in your home the more problematic it becomes. They can seriously damage to everything in your house including your like tv cables, computer wires , sofa, break glass things etc. So, just follow these steps to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The steps mentioned below are easy to follow.

So, here are 14 effective ways to keep them away and get rid of them fast

1. Track Their Nest

First and foremost you need to know how to track their nest. Without knowing it you won’t be able to do anything. Mouse can be very fast and you trying to catch it by chasing after it is good idea because chances are you won’t be able to catch them.

So, the best way to locate them is to locate the musty smell. The smell is quite strong so it won’t be difficult for you to locate the smell. The smell can come from cracks of your wall, at the back of your bed, untouched product boxes and also in dark places. If you see their droppings which look like black rice then their nest is nearby then you can follow the below steps to get rid of them.

2. Use Mouse Trap

Mouse Trap works very well in trapping mice, once trapped you can just throw mice away from your house permanently. They doesn’t always kill the mouse but definitely traps them. Keep it in a place where you see the most activities and add a bait to the tarp and once mouse comes in it will get trapped.

This is one of the most effective way to trap mice. Mouse trap is widely used all over the world for century and it works really well. You should use bait like cheese. Mouse really likes cheese. It is recommended to check few times whether the trap us working or not.

Don’t put your finger just use a stick and check if the trap is working or not and you’re good to go. Only one trap can be used to trap one or two mouse. You’ll will need multiple traps to catch an army of mouse. By the way you can buy mouse trap from here.

3. Use Glue Trap

This is also a very effective way to reduce their number. Just put the glue trap where you see the activities and it will just trap the mouse. Once, trapped the mouse will not be able to get out of the trap because its so sticky and then you can throw it away.

Place it in all the places that shows mice activities. Usually they come out in a group so keeping multiple glue traps will catch multiple mouse and will drastically help you to reduce their number. These glue traps are very powerful and mouse cannot get out of it no matter how hard they try rather the harder they try the more trapped they get.

Once trapped in glue trap the mice will die after struggling for hours. This is actually the most cruel way of killing mouse. They will die out of stress, starvation and dehydration.

Sometimes mouse can chew their legs to get away from the trap. Often times glue trap tear away part of mouse skin, fur as the struggle to escape. The death is slow and painful. Once trapped throw away the glow trap alongwith the mouse trapped in it in trash.

4. Poison Bait

Poison Bait works really well in killing mice and it’s really easy to use. Since, they are already looking for food they will get attracted towards the bait and consume it. Only one bait kept in their estimated hiding spot or active spot can kill dozens of mice.

After consuming the poison they usually comes out and dies. Once, dead you can just throw them away in a place where you think other animals like cats, dogs won’t consume them as that can kill cats and dogs or make them severely sick.

Poison Bait are also dangerous for humans you should always wash your hand after you open and place poison bait. If you have kids in your house then you should take special care before keeping the poison bait as kids can think it as food and consume it. It can become deadly if consumed.

So, in this case you can keep the poison bait in a place where your kids can’t reach or you can use other effective solutions written in this article and don’t use the poison bait at all. If you’ve pets then also it is advised to be careful while using poison bait as your pet may end up eating poison bait and that can be fatal.

Even eating the dead mice can be fatal for your pets. Since, pets like dogs and cat can reach almost every places in your house so finding a proper place to keep the poison bait will be difficult.

You can keep the poison Bait inside a no view no touch trap. This kind of trap is effective against mice and it will also keep your pet and kids safe as they won’t be able to get to the poison because the hole is too small for human and pets like cats, dogs

5. Close Their Entry And Exit Points

Steel Wool

If you can find their entry and exit point then you can close that using caulking and steel wool so that mice can’t enter your house. By the way you can buy caulking material from here if you want it. This will stop the infestation as no additional mouse will be able to enter your house.

Once mice are trapped you can also divert them out of your house. For example let’s say they built their nest inside the crack of your walls and probably there is route for entry and exit that they usually use to get inside and outside of your house.

Now you block them and dig another route that leads towards your garden this will be their exit point as you’ve already closed the entry point of your house. As a result mice will follow through that route and end up being in the garden.

This is a highly effective way used by many however everyone can’t use it because it depends upon your house construction. But you should try this way and see if you can do it. If you can’t then follow the below mentioned way to get rid of mice effectively.

6. Cover Your Trash

Covering your trash is very important. You should clean up your trash quickly. If you see a single mouse then remember more mouse is going to come soon for your trash if left unchecked. Trash are like free bonuses for mice. It is not useful to you but it’s really useful for them.

If you have a dustbin then just cover it properly as mice may get attracted towards the smell that’s coming from the dustbin especially if they are uncovered and also it will be much easily accessible by mice since they are not covered. You’ll see your dustbin full of mice if you don’t cover.

This can be even severe if you’re out of station and you forgot to cover your dustbin. Mice can literally throw everything out from your dustbin  cut them in pieces and throw them all around your house.

Nobody wants that to happen, those rotten foods and other trash to be thrown around the whole house that looks ugly and is ugly. It can create an even major problem i.e. infestation. Their number will continue to grow and can create serious problem for you.

7. Clean Paper Cluster

If you have kept paper cluster in your house and you totally forgot about that, then chances are those places has been infested by mice (if you already have mice problem in your house). Mice loves cutting paper and if you have clusters of them then you can find mice there.

Mice often take papers for making their home and for breeding. Paper are soft and perfect for this kind of works so they do it. If you see scattered paper pieces all over then remember it’s probably mice attack they are gathering resources for building their nest for breeding.

8. Check Inside Your Bed Base

That’s right mice and go inside your bed base i.e. inside the very foundation of the bed and can damage your bed from the root. This is the place that you generally don’t touch. This place is warm and soft. They can give birth in that place because its comfortable for them and they can also damage your bed mattress from below.

You may not even realize it but they will damage it to make their nest and to give birth. They will also damage the entire bed by releasing feces inside the bed and that can totally damage your bed inside out. So, it will stink so bad and it is very difficult to get rid of that stink.

So, check your bed’s base if you smell something foul or if you feel something is moving immediately take action. Once you look they will start to run away from the place and will leave your bed. Then you can use traps to kill them or throw them out of your house.

9. Keep Cat As Pet

If you have a cat as pet then you’ll be safe because cats are natural predators of mouse. Mouse are scared of cat and once they know there is cat in your house you’ll see their number decreasing and they can even run away from your house.

Cat will chase the mouse out of your house and in some cases may kill them. Cats are extremely agile so they are the perfect to keep mice away. Presence of cat is more than enough to keep mice away. Cat also have a very strong sense of smell so they can also locate their nest and can scare them away.

Mice also have a very strong sense of smell so they can also smell the cat and that makes them wary and they leave their nest. This is a very effective way to keep mice away without killing them and without doing any hard work to keep them away.

10. Use Mouse Repellent

Mouse Repellents are available in your local stores and online you can just purchase them and use it on walls cracks, crevices and dark places where mouse possibly can stay. Here are some repellent

Peppermint oil, lavender oil, cedar oil and predator urine (available in pests removal shop and various online shopping site)

These repellent will keep mice away and stop mice attack on the first place

11. Seal Holes In Doors And Windows


Mouse are excellent climbers and they can climb through the cracks of the higher end of your windows or doors. To ensure that doesn’t happens you need to cover them by caulking or by using steel wool. Mice can also enter from bottom of your door you should also cover that using a door seal.

You can find that from your local hardware store or you can buy that online. Do that in all windows and doors that will stop them from entering your house. Mice can come through small holes in your windows and doors so covering them properly is very important.

A hole as small as a dime is more than enough to give them entry. Even if all of your doors and windows holes are covered except that tiny hole. Mice will still find their way to get to that hole and get inside your house since they are quite intelligent. So, you need to seal it properly using caulking so that it doesn’t happen. If you want, you can buy caulking products from Here

12. Use Bucket Trap

Fill a 20 liter bucket with 3 liters of water. Then put a wooden plank on one side of the bucket and keep the other side on the ground then attach a soda can with metal dowel and keep it on the top of the bucket and cover the can with cheese layer or peanut butter layer (thin layer) that will attract the mouse.

When mice get attracted by the smell of the cheese or peanut butter and comes to eat it they  will fall in the water and won’t be able to escape then you can throw them away. This is a very effective technique and will not kill mice but still allow you to get rid of them.

However it’s still possible that mice can die out of drowning since they won’t be able to climb out of the bucket due to its slippery surface, they just simply can’t grip. They will just swim and swim unless they get tired and once they are tired they can drown as they will stop swimming. If mouse gets caught inside the bucket at night and you check the bucket in the morning then chances are some of them will be dead if not all.

13. Keep Your Toilets Covered

Mouse are the only creature that can come in and come out from the toilet. It’s scientifically proven and many tests have been conducted to support this fact. Some other animals can come in but they can’t go out because of the toilet, they get trapped once they come in.

Mice can come through your toilets and enter your house easily if left uncovered and that can lead to infestation. You may not be aware if this happening as the nice will enter your house in perfect timing i.e. when you’re not aware. Yes, they are intelligent. When you discover it will be too late already.

They can even push your toilets cover and enter your house so it’s advised to put some weight on the toilet cover. That will stop them from entering and then they may end up dying in the toilet. You can then just flush them.

Once, they starts dying and can’t find a solution to that problem you’ll see their number decreasing and then they will stop coming as they will realize that this not the safest route to your house. In that case they will try to find another route so just follow the above steps to stop them from entering your house.

14. Call Professional Mice Exterminator

If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work them it’s better to get help from professional to get rid of mice infestation. They can use very effective ways to get rid of mice infestation. They will find the root of the problem and use their knowledge and expertise along with the tools to get rid of mice.

You may not be able to use those tools on your own nor you’ll know which tool to use. They use tools depending upon the level of infestation. If there are only 5-10 mouse then they will use different tools, if there are 50-100 mouse then they will use different tools and it can lethal for mice.

People call them when they have 5-10 mice and when they have 50-100 mice. They call them mainly because of two reasons one is that obviously they can’t handle the situation and another is they don’t want to do it themselves.

You can do it yourself to save money or just call them if you’re not concerned about the money but if the situation goes out of control then definitely call them. If there is 50-100 mice in your house then you can even fall sick as these mice will be with you when you’re sleeping, eating and almost every time.

If you leave your food uncovered you’ll see mice attack on them, and if you eat that food you can definitely fall sick. So, just call them in these situations and they will take care of the rest.

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