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What Is The Most Effective Snake Repellent?

Best Snake RepellentThere are a lot of snake repellents on the market, but which one is the best? The most effective snake repellent is Victor VP364B Way Snake Repelling Granules, Snake Stopper Snake Repellent. These two products are the most effective products available today. After doing a lot of research I found out these two are the most effective.

Some Effective Snake Repellent Products

Victor VP364B Way Snake Repelling Granules 

The Victor Company (VP364B) Way snake repelling granules is an effective product for keeping away poisonous varieties of rattlesnakes, copperheads or cottonmouths in a yard with landscaping because it emits unpleasant odors up to four months. This chemical has been tested by USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service’s APHIS.  

Snake Stopper Snake Repellent

Snake stopper snake repellent is a product by Bonide store that is used to keep snakes away by using a snake repellent chemical. The best part about this product is that it can be sprayed on plants, trees and lawns. 

Additionally, this granular powder will last for up to four months using just one application per year. It has been tested by USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service’s APHIS and many other scientific studies conducted in laboratories worldwide. 

While some helpful snake repellents are made from natural ingredients like cinnamon oil or mint extract, many others contain N-Butyl Methylbenzthiazole Sulfenamide. This chemical works as a shielding agent and animal repellents. 

Merck Family’s Old World Sesbania Snake Repellent 

Merck Family’s Old World Sesbania Snake Repellent is an organic outdoor snake repellent that has been effective in various studies.  

It is one of the only products today with Sesbania active ingredients. It can help keep snakes away from yards, gardens, or other areas where humans would like protection against these dangerous creatures. Sesbania is a natural product, and it can be found in the form of a liquid spray or an aerosol.

 Sesbania active ingredient is ethyl benzothiazole sulfenamide molecule -EPA registered as an insecticide for use against flies, mosquitoes, wasps and ants -organic outdoor snake repellent that has been found to be effective in a variety of studies -can help keep snakes away from yards, gardens or other areas. 

The snake repellent is effective in various studies, including keeping snakes away from yards and gardens. It is an organic outdoor snake repellent that works up to 100 feet and keeps the site protected.

 Snake hate the smell of this product and will avoid it.

Why Most Snakes Avoid Strong Odor?

Snakes have a keen sense of smell, and they dislike strong odors. This is why sesbania repellant works well for them. By spraying this product, you create an area that snakes will not want to come near because it smells bad to them.

Snakes have a sharp sense of scent which allows them to detect anything from 30 feet away, so it’s easy for your repellant to overpower them. 

Some Other Repellents that Work on Snakes: 

Rattlesnake scent

  • Rattlesnake Scent (strong odor they dislike)
  • Repellent like this product work to keep snakes away from your area.
  • Predator Scent : Odor from an animal that hunts snakes, like a fox or coyote. Snakes will avoid this area because it smells of predators and wants to stay away from them to protect themselves.

These 3 are the most effective snake repellent out there. You can find these repellents at your local hardware store, but the product’s effectiveness depends upon the species, climate and location of the snake.

Here I won’t talk about how to get rid of the snake if you have one in your house, but we will discuss how not to attract them.

  • Please stay away from their habitat 
  • Keep trash secured and dispose of it properly 
  • Remove vegetation around homes and properties so they can’t hide or find shelter there.

The most effective way is by using a good repellent like the ones mentioned above that also last for months at a time without having to reapply.

Our Recommendation: Sesbania Snake Repellent – Plant these near windows, doors, patios, decks or any access point where people enter your home or yard (no more than 20 feet from the access point).

How To Use These Snake Repellents

Sprinkle or spray the snake repellent in a circle around where you want to keep them away. This will create an invisible barrier for snakes. For using this product, place it at the edge of your property line, and they’ll stay on their side of the border rather than investigating into new territory. If a snake does cross over through an accident, then use more repellent until they leave again.  

Rattlesnake Scent will work just as well. Spray it around your property, and snakes will have no interest in coming near your home or yard. The odor from their natural predator is too much for them to handle, and they’ll find a new place to hang out.  

What is the Most Effective Snake Repellent?

Snakes have a keen sense of smell, and they dislike strong odors – especially those with unpleasant smells like citronella oil. What makes them effective? Citronella oil is renowned for repelling snakes. Citronella oil is a type of plant that has an organic compound called citronellal. When sprayed or sprinkled around the perimeter of your property, this will keep them away from entering your home.  

It’s hard to find one “best” repellent for all situations because you may need something different depending on where you live and what species are common in your area. Some people prefer using natural oils such as peppermint, eucalyptus, clove mint. Others might opt for commercial products like Snake-A-Way, or Hot Pepper Wax made with capsaicin which comes from chilli peppers. These types work well if snakes like hot environments! 

Some Other Remedies That Are Effective Against Snakes

lavender oil as snake repellentMolasses: Snakes can’t stand the smell of molasses. It is a good idea to pour some into an open container in your garden or near the house; this will not only keep snakes out but also other pests that the sweetness would attract.

Lavender oil: Another scent that makes it difficult for snakes and rodents to stick around is lavender plants. They emit oils with strong smells that have natural repellent properties against these types of creatures. So planting them and using their essential oil may help you get rid of unwanted snakes!

Fences: If all else fails, try erecting some fences to keep the snakes out. The wire mesh fences can also be electrified to maximize their effectiveness against these types of creatures.

Soap: As for soap, it will work if you’re dealing with a snake that is not venomous or at least has no intention of harming humans. Just sprinkle some liquid detergent along your garden’s pathway, and they’ll leave because they cannot stand its smell!

[* Note: Some people say using mothballs may help too, but there is no scientific evidence confirming its efficiency in keeping snakes away.]


Sulfur is another snake repellent that can be sprinkled along your garden’s pathway. You will have to reapply it more often than when using soap or detergent because this substance dissipates quickly.

Mothballs: Mothballs are a different type of reptile repellent, and they work by emitting an odor that snakes find unpleasant. However, you must remember not to use them in any area where people stay, such as inside houses or near other animals. They can cause health issues like headaches and lung irritation!

Peppermint oil: The good thing about peppermint is that it has a pleasant smell and can be used near garbage cans or cooking because it’s non-toxic to humans. However, some snakes may not find this scent unpleasant, so you will have to experiment before knowing if it works well enough for you.

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