how snake have babies

How Do Snakes Have Babies?

how snake have babiesSnakes also have babies like all other living things. However, their process is different than mammals. Some snakes give birth to young ones, and some snakes lay eggs. It varies from species to species. Some snakes mate multiple times in a year, and some make mate few times in a year.

So, how do snakes have babies? After the completion of the mating process where the male snake inserts it’s two sex organs within the female cloaca and injects its sperm. Snakes give birth through three different methods, i.e. Oviparous (lays eggs), Viviparous (live birth to young snakes), Ovoviviparous (partial live birth). 

Continue reading to know how snakes have babies in details. 

Snakes Reproduction

When female snakes are ready to breed, they secrete pheromones. The male snake follows the scent. There can be many male snakes following this pheromone. 

When multiple make snakes come together, they start fighting among each other. 

Only the fittest snakes get the partner, and then the mating process starts. The fights can be gruesome, and the losing snake can die after this fight. 

The male snake inserts the two sex organs the hemipenis within in the female snake cloaca. It releases the sperm within the female snake cloaca.

Snakes give birth approximately after 57 days, but it depends from species to species. Some snake can give birth much earlier, and some snakes can take much longer.

Female snake can give birth to 150 young ones at once and can lay up to 100 eggs at once. Some snake takes care of their eggs and protects it aggressively. 

Unless the egg hatches, it’s the responsibility of the female snake to protect the snake.

Many predators try to attack the eggs during this period. If the mother snake is not capable, then they lose their babies. There are many predators, and one of them is the mongoose. 

Snakes Are Born Predators

If a snake is born from eggs, then it can take few days to get matured and start hunting, but if a snake gives birth to young ones, then those snakes are ready to go into the wild. 

Although most of the small snakes will die because of some predators, they can hunt after they shed their first skin. 

They don’t have to learn hunting skills. They know it from birth. Although young snakes lack experience, they know the basic hunting techniques. They gain experience as they continue to hunt.

Can Snake Die While Giving Birth?

Snakes generally don’t die while giving birth, but there can be rare cases when this can happen. Snakes get severely exhausted, and at this stage, they become vulnerable. 

If any predator attacks a snake right at this moment, then the mother snake can die. 

It’s also possible that the female snake can die before giving birth. If any predator attacks the snake while a snake is pregnant, then it can kill the snake. 

Female snakes go through a lot of hormonal changes and diet changes during this process.

Do Snake Feel Love?

snakes matingSnakes show some basic behaviour, i.e. fear, aggression, curiousness, but whether they are capable of experiencing romance or love is still debatable. 

Scientists are still researching what kind of emotions snakes are capable of experiencing. Scientists are still studying their behaviour, but they couldn’t reach any conclusion.

Snakes reproduce because of their inherent nature to reproduce. They get attracted to the pheromones of the female snake and follows her. It’s not sure whether snakes experience love during mating. 

This instinct is noticeable in every animal, including humans. Humans are much more complex and have a developed brain so we can express our feelings and perform complex tasks.

Snakes, on the other hands, don’t have such developed brains and it’s hard to tell what’s going on in their mind.

Can Snakes Have Multiple Partners?

Male Garter Snake Competing For Female

Male Garter Snake Competing For Female

Yes, snakes can have multiple partners. Male snakes can mate with numerous female snakes, and female snakes can have multiple male partners. 

This is a common practice among snakes. Snakes can also mate with multiple partners before giving birth.

Every time the female snake desires to mate it secretes pheromones which attract many male snakes. Among which there can be new snakes and old snakes. 

They compete against each other, and the fittest are allowed to mate with female snakes. 

If a male snake is big and strong, the chances of winning increases many folds as a result that male snake gets to mate with different female snakes. 

Can Male Snake Attack Female Snake Or Its Eggs?

Snakes from different species can attack a female snake while it is trying to give birth.

If the attacking snake is big and strong compared to the female snake, then the male snake can overpower the female snake and can consume its eggs. 

Some snakes can attack female snakes to eat their eggs—for example, King Cobra. King Cobra is a cannibal, and they eat other snakes. 

So, it’s no surprise that a King Cobra can attack a female snake. Not just to eat the snake but also to eat its eggs.

Can Female Snake Eats Its Own Eggs?

Yes, a female snake can eat its eggs after the egg hatches because these eggs give protein and other vital nutrients to the exhausted female snakes.

After giving birth to a young one, the female snake gets exhausted, and if the female snake cannot find food shortly, then the female snake can die. 

By eating its egg, it gets the necessary ingredients to survive. This is a natural evolutionary instinct developed over time. The eggshells contain protein, calcium and other vital elements. 

Different Types Of Birth For Snakes

Snakes give birth through three different processes.


In this process, the snakes lay eggs. After laying eggs, the snake incubates the eggs. After that, when the time comes, baby snakes come out of the eggs and then goes to the wild. Example: King Cobra.


Here the snakes give birth to young ones directly. They don’t lay eggs. The snakes nourish the babies as long as the baby snakes are within their bodies, and when the baby snakes are ready, the snake gives birth. Example: Green Anacondas


Here the snakes lay eggs, but it keeps it inside their body. When the times comes, the snake gives birth to young ones.

The remnants of the eggs stay within the mother body. This is a unique and rare phenomenon among snakes. Example: Acrochordus Granulatus.

Snakes usually lay eggs. It is the most common phenomenon. So people think that snakes give birth through egg only, which is not true.

The process of birth varies from species to species.

Can Snakes Give Birth In A House?

Yes, a snake can give birth inside a house. Due to depletion of their habitat, more and more snakes are coming into human territory.

If they can find a place that is usually untouched, they can give birth in that place. The snake will only give birth in that place after inspecting that place. 

But you don’t want this to happen. Once the snake gives birth, many snakes will come out from those eggs although none of the snakes will remain in the house because they need food so they will go out in nearby surroundings.

Even though they will go out to find food, there are high chances that you’ll encounter a baby snake. 

A baby snake is naive and curious, so they like to explore. Because of this nature, the baby snake can also come near humans.

This nature can also be dangerous for the snake because they can venture into predators territory.

Baby snakes cannot defend themselves too well, and due to lack of experience, they become easy prey to predators. 

The adult snake, however, will try to leave your house as quickly as possible. The adult female snake will need food, so it will venture out.

If the snake finds food near your house, then the snake can stay inside your home. An adult snake knows which place to avoid and where to get food.

After giving birth, the female snake becomes weak and exhausted, but they start recovering as soon as they get food. So, food is essential for them during this time. 

The snake can also be very aggressive after giving birth but will lack energy.

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