21 Most Effective Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Snakes

Snakes are venomous and non venomous but they can very dangerous. Some people are so scared of snakes that a mere sight can leave them unconsciousness. Venomous snakes are deadly so it’s important to know very precise solution that can get rid of snakes and also stop them from entering your house or garden in the first place.

So what are the best home remedies to get rid of snakes? Remedies like ceiling cracks and crevices, cleaning your drain, phenyl, sulphur, moth balls are some of the best ways to get rid of snakes. These solutions are doable, cheap and can be done by anyone

Read this full article to know these homemade doable ways in details and use them when it’s needed.

1. Get Rid Of Their Food Supply

This is obviously the number one thing that you need to take care of to get rid of snakes. This is the number one reason that attracts snakes the most. Their food chain include mouse, frogs, small birds, insects. If you have infestation of mouse in your house or if there is too many frogs near your house then chances are there can be more than one snake near your house.

So, first and foremost step is to get rid of mouse, frogs and insects to automatically stop snakes from coming in your house or near your house. No food equals no snakes. For repelling mouse I recommended using Natural Armor peppermint repellent for mice/mouse from Amazon. It’s natural. effective, easy to use, safe for pets and it can be used indoors and outdoors. You can check this article to know how to get rid of mouse 

2. Seal All Cracks And Crevices

This step will prevent them from entering your house. You may not be even be aware of this cracks and crevices but even small cracks or crevices are good enough to allow them to enter your house so you need to make sure there is no crackers and provinces from where they can enter. You can seal it using caulking and other methods. For caulking I recommend using Flex Shot caulking from Amazon. It can seal big cracks without any mess and dripping (no caulking gun required).

3. Clean Your Drainage

Snakes can also travel through drains so if your drains are not clean and is filled with stagnant drain water then snakes may travel through that and can reach your house. For opening up the drains I recommend using Green Gobbler ultimate drain cleaner.

It will open up the drains and the stagnant water will get removed. Snakes can move faster and more easily through water and if those drains are not covered and they are close to your house then chances of snakes entering your house increases many folds. So, the first step is to cover your drains especially if that is close to your house. This step alone will reduce the chances of snakes from entering your house.

4. Keep Toilets Covered

Your toilets can get traumatic as snakes can also enter your house from your toilets. You may not even be aware that snakes have entered your house from your toilet before it’s too late. So, the most important things is to cover your toilets properly. If your toilets seat is damaged then it’s absolutely necessary to get a new one.

Don’t neglect that. You can buy a new toilet seat from Amazon or you can buy a toilet from Amazon, if your toilet is damaged. Snakes are powerful reptiles they can remove toilet seat and force their way in. In order to stop that you may need to put weight over your toilet covers so that they can get out if they enter your toilet. You can use a brick as weight or other heavy items. This step is highly recommended if you stay in snake prone areas or if you see snakes roaming around you house.

5. Get Rid Of Bushes

If you stay in a place where there is lot of bushes and trees and the area is overall covered with tress and bushes then chances snakes are already being living there and whenever time comes like in rainy season they can come out and roam around for food and at the time they may get inside your house.

So, you need to make sure that your environment and your space is properly cleaned. For cleaning those bushes I recommend Fiskars 28 Inch Bypass Lopper from Amazon. It’s ideal for cleaning bushes and small branches from trees.

6. Use Phenyl

Snakes simply can’t tolerate phenyl. They can’t tolerate the smell of phenyl and whenever phenyl is used near them they just do whatever they can to get away from that place. So, using a phenyl is very effective against snakes

Here is how to use it to stop them from entering your house in the first place.

Buy a bottle of phenyl and apply it near your windows, doors and in your bathroom this will stop them from coming inside you house in the first place.

But by any chance if snake enters your house then also you can use phenyl to get rid of them very quickly

It won’t kill them but they will get away from your house by all means. Once phenyl is applied just open your window, your door whatever is the closest to allow the snake to get out of your house.

7. Remove Clusters

Snakes love to hide in clusters so if you have a lot amount of cluster in your house then it can be a perfect place for snake to live. if your area is full of snakes then you should definitely get rid of cluster if you don’t want to get bitten by a snake. Just clean all the boxes all the papers and all the thing that makes the space of you house look messy and dark. Before removing the boxes or anything make sure to check whether there is any snake or not. They can see infrared and can sense heat and smell so, even if you don’t see them they can see you and bite you.

8. Use Sulphur

Sulphur is a very powerful deterrent that will stop snakes from getting inside your house. It basically irritates snakes skin stopping them from crawling thus stopping them from entering your house. If snakes feel this discomfort they will most likely try to get out of your house as soon as possible as it can become troublesome for them just put sulphur around your doors, windows, under your bed and where you suspect snakes can come in and that will stop them from coming to that places. Make sure water doesn’t reaches sulphur as it will make it dilute and less effective.

9. Use Onion And Garlic

You can use any one of this or a mixture of both of these to repel snakes from your house, backyard, garden anywhere. It is a very powerful and cheap homemade solution that can be used very easily but is very effective.

Here is how to use it

  • Take five onion or garlic
  • Paste it well and then mix it with some rock salt
  • Sprinkle it in those areas where you suspect snakes can come from

and that will do the job snakes will be repelled by the strong smell of garlic and onion and then they will go away from your area without creating any disturbance or entering your house. If you want to make your house little bit more protected then you can also use this mixture and put it in near your doors, windows and other places where you think snakes can hide.

10. Keep Pets

Pets like cats, dogs can help you to repel snakes from your house. Snakes are scared of these animal as they can attack them and can also kill them. If these animals sees or senses snakes nearby they immediately gets alert and they can immediately attack to protect their owners and to protect themselves.

Both of them can die or get injured during this battle so snakes tries to avoid this unless absolutely necessary. Dogs and cats has powerful jaws and claws that can do serious harm to snakes. Even big snakes would always try to avoid this confrontation. So, having a pet like this is really helpful in keeping snakes away.

11. Snakes Natural Predators

Mongoose and raccoons are known as natural predators of snakes. If you have them as pets or if they reside in your nearby area, you will notice a decrease in the number of snakes in your area. This is because snakes are aware of the fact that these animals are capable of killing them. Even big snakes such as pythons and cobras are scared of these predators. Mongoose and raccoons are able to kill both non-venomous and venomous snakes.

These animals are equipped with very sharp claws and teeth that can instantly kill a snake. Even if you have mongoose and raccoons in your area, for example in your garden or backyard, they can prevent snakes from entering your house altogether. Whenever they come across a snake, they will attack.

They attack snakes for both fun and food. These animals are incredibly agile, flexible, fast, and powerful, which makes it difficult for snakes to keep up with them. Mongoose, in particular, are immune to snake venom and have developed a remedy to combat their poison, making it even more difficult for snakes to get rid of them.

The mongoose has been known for its ability to kill snakes for centuries. They are native to Africa, Asia, and Europe and have been introduced to other parts of the world as well. Their diet mainly consists of small mammals, insects, birds, and reptiles such as snakes. The mongoose has a unique immunity to snake venom and has been known to kill venomous snakes such as cobras, vipers, and even pythons.

The mongoose has a powerful jaw and sharp teeth that can quickly bite through the snake’s spine and kill it. They also have a thick coat of fur that protects them from the snake’s venom. The mongoose also has a unique adaptation that allows them to resist snake venom. They have a special enzyme in their blood that neutralizes the venom and prevents it from causing harm. This makes the mongoose one of the most effective predators of snakes.

Raccoons, on the other hand, are found primarily in North and South America. They are known to be opportunistic feeders and will eat almost anything they can find. They have been known to eat snakes as well. Raccoons have sharp claws and teeth that can quickly kill a snake. They also have a good sense of smell and hearing which helps them locate their prey. Raccoons are also known to be very agile and fast, which makes it difficult for snakes to escape them.

12. Use Tiles In Your House

Tiles are slippery and so it makes it difficult for snakes to move around in tiles. It can become very difficult for snakes to slither on slippery surface and that can become life threatening as they won’t be able to run away if they feel threatened. Once, they feel this discomfort then they eon’t enter your house twice. The slippery surface of tiles can also make them ineffective against catching their prey and if they can’t catch their prey then they will leave your house.

13. Use Sharp Objects

You can also use sharp objects to stop snakes movement. Sharp objects can be like broken glass, eggshells can stop their movement. They object can slow down their movement or can cause harm to their scale as a result snakes will try to move away from your house because it can become too risky for them. But you need to be careful yourself that you don’t step on those sharp objects as it can cause harm to your legs. Just be careful when you are putting them in front of your doors and windows.

14. Use Traps

You can use homemade traps to catch snakes. They can be very effective from stopping snakes from entering your house to catch them if they enter your house. This kind of traps should not have big holes in them as snakes can shrink their body to get out of small holes. You can use sack as trap to capture snakes or you can use any other traps made of metal that doesn’t have big holes in them. Just put those food that snakes loves to eat like rodents inside that trap and that will attract the snake.

You can then manually seal the sack using a rope or you can use automatic trap that will close automatically once the snake enters the trap to get it’s food. You can use multiple traps put it in different areas of your house mainly in the doors, windows from where snakes mostly enter your house.

Once the snake is caught inside the trap then relocate it to another place and then released the snake there. That will stop them from coming back to the same location as they won’t know the route to come back thus protecting your house and surroundings.

15. Plant Snake Repellent Plants

Plants like Marigold, garlic, lemongrass are natural snake repellent. Planting this plants in your garden will stop snakes from entering your garden. The strong smell and bitter taste of this plants act as a catalyst to repel snakes.

When snakes move through these areas they feel discomfort and tries to avoid that area as a result your home and your garden are protected. This plants also repel many insects and bugs which are also the food sources for small snakes so if those insects and bugs doesn’t comes to your garden and snake doesn’t get their food sources then automatically their count will decrease.

16. Use Moth Balls

Moth balls really effective in keeping snakes away. The strong smell from moth balls acts as a repellent. It is a very cheap solution that you can use to keep snakes away. You can put mothballs inside your bed in front of your doors, windows and other places.

Since the size is very small so, you can keep it anywhere without any problem but do remember that the smell from moth balls can remain for weeks, sometimes up to a month so place it in a place where you won’t feel any discomfort from that smell. I recommended using Enoz original moth balls from Amazon. It’s high quality and is very effective.

17. Use Chicken

Chicken can kill snakes. Often times snakes attack chicken coop to get eggs or small chicks. If there is hen and chicken in the nest they will try to do everything  to kill the snake and protect their eggs.

Even if a snake doesn’t attack the chicken coop then also chickens will try to who kill the snake because snakes are threat to their eggs as a result chicken will keep snakes away from your garden and if you have many chickens in your garden then they will attack big snakes to keep them away.

Chickens attack snakes at their weakest point i.e. their head. Severe hit on snake’s head can also kill them and chicken knows that very well so, they continuously tries to attack their head unless the snake goes away or dies.

18. Cover The Holes

Even a small hole can be dangerous. Snake can live on those holes so you need to make sure that those holes are sealed properly. You can use any kind of ceiling material to cover those holes using mud, sand, brick. Snakes can really fit in almost any holes and stay there. After a certain point of time they will leave that hole and get into another holes in search of food.

Those holes are not usually made by snakes these are made by other animals like mouse. Snakes prey on them and then go inside their holes and stay there. During monsoon season this holes get covered with water and snakes come out of those holes looking for food and looking for shelter.

During this time you’ll see snakes around your garden and this is the time you need to be careful. Due to the fact that most of the holes are covered with water these snakes cannot find proper shelter for themselves and as a result they enters human house. Even a tiny crack in your house is more than enough to give shelter to snakes.

19. Use Clove Oil And Cinnamon Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Clove oil and cinnamon oil are one of the easiest and the cheapest solution to keep snakes away. It is a strong repellent of snake so it will keep snakes away from your garden and your house. Just use cinnamon oil and clove oil on your doors and windows to stop them in the first place from entering your house. I recommended using Sun Essential Oils clove oil and cinnamon oil from Amazon.

If snakes enters your house or your garden then make sure to spray clove oil or cinnamon oil directly on the snake to get rid of the snakes. Snake will run away from that area after applying clove oil and cinnamon oil so, make sure to spray these oils from the back side of the snake as snakes tends to run on the opposite side from where these is sprayed. Also spray it under your bed in washroom and other places where snakes can hide. Use it during monsoon season to stop snake from entering your house and garden.

20. Use Predator Pee

Predator Pee is really well against snake. Predator pee like Fox pee, Mongoose pee are really effective snake repellent as these animals can kill snakes so snakes are actually scared of these animals. Use Predator Pee’s fox pee from Amazon for maximum benefit. Since, snakes have a very strong sense of smell they can easily detect the smell from miles away and don’t enter that area in the first place. You can buy these animal pee from websites like Amazon.

21. Call A Professional

If you are scared of snakes and you feel overwhelmed when you see a snake e then you should immediately call a professional without trying to do it yourself because snakes can be venomous and if you take a wrong step in handling them it can become a life threatening situation.

Calling a professional in this situation is always a better idea whether rather than handling it by yourself. Many people doesn’t have the convenience nor the right contacts to call a professional to get rid of snakes and in that case you can use the remedies that has been written in this article to get rid of the snake by yourself.

But you need to be very careful while using them as snakes can be venomous. These solution are very effective against any kind of snakes venomous and nonvenomous. But don’t hesitate to call a professional if you see extremely venomous snake or big snakes like python . It is better for a professional to handle them rather than handling by yourself.

What To Do If A Snake Or Snakes Enters Your House?

Phenyl is one of the most effective solution that you can get for cheap. It can be used very effectively against snake and it will get rid of them almost instantly but once phenyl is used snakes can behave abnormally and will try to get out of that area as fast as possible. Snakes, just simply can’t tolerate the smell and will do everything to get out of that area. In order for the snake to escape also keep nearby windows or doors open.

Here Is How To Apply Phenyl

Mix the solution with water in a tub and pour that mixture near the snake you see the snake starts to breathe heavily and will start moving very fast to get out of that area. If the snake or snakes doesn’t move after using the mixture then pour raw phenyl infront of the snake and then you’ll definitely start moving and try to escape. Snakes can even jump so you need to be careful just use a stick or anything that has a long handle to defend yourself.

After using phenyl get out of that area and let the snake escape. Never stand in the escape route or the snake can bite you. Once, the snake or snakes are gone it won’t to come back atleast for long period of time. If you feel like you can’t do it yourself then you should immediately call a professional to handle the situation.

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