Will Coyotes Attack Chickens During The Day?

coyote eating chickenCoyotes loves chickens because they are easy prey. And they can snoop around in your garden to get to the chickens and additionally they are extremely clever. They usually works alone but sometimes you can also see them in numbers. But the question is

Will Coyotes Attack Chickens During The Day?Yes, Coyotes can attack your chickens during the day. Coyotes are clever predator and before they attack or preys on anything they observe their movement.

They’ll observe every movement to know exactly when you’re unaware and when those chickens are unprotected. That’s when coyotes strikes. But here are some ways by which you can protect your chickens from coyotes attack even in morning so,

What Can You Do To Stop Coyotes From Attacking Your Chicken During The Day?

  • The number one way would be to know whether there have been any attack in your neighbourhood and during what time in the morning that would give you an idea when Coyotes are attacking. If you found that there has been recent attacks in the neighbourhood then you should keep your chickens in safety during that time.
  • Now if there hasn’t been any attack in the neighbourhood but you’re worried that the Coyotes might attack your home and take away your chickens in morning then this is what you should do.
  1. You can build a tall fence around the chicken coop so that Coyotes can’t cross the fence matter what time of the day they are coming.
  2. You can keep a dog and train them so that they won’t attack the chicken but instead keep the Coyotes away.
  3. Make sure that there is no bush near your house as that can be hiding point for coyotes.
  4. You can also use live trapping. Two types of trapping are very effective against Coyotes.
  • Large Cage Trap : Just keep a bait inside the trap (meat). When the Coyotes tries to eat the meat they will get trapped inside the trap

  • Paw Hold Trap : You can buy a rubber paw hold trap or buy a paw hold trap that has smooth teeth. Keep the bait in the way so that the Coyotes goes through the trap and get caught.

You can then call the animal control unit to get rid of the Coyote.

Are Coyotes Dangerous And Will They Attack Me?

Yes, they can be dangerous especially if they are caught inside the live traps as they will be scared and will fiercely defend themselves. Even if they are not caught inside the traps they can still attack you as they are wild animals and they can attack if they are scared and cornered. They can do fatal damage with their sharp claws and teeth and some of them may also carries rabies which is a mortal disease. So, you should never approach them without any defensive measure.

If the Coyote is hungry it can do anything to get their food and chicken is a easy meal for them and if they see humans unguarded they can attack so that they can get their food. If you have a child then its highly advised to keep him guarded as the Coyote can attack your child and can take your child away.

Normally they don’t seek near human homes but if they are starving they will try to grasp anything that they can so to fulfill their hunger. As more and more space are getting occupied by humans the attack of Coyotes are increasing and they are visiting human territory more and more and this causes problems for both humans and Coyotes. Coyotes looks for food and chicken are easy food for them once they get the easy prey they will always looks for the easy prey causing repeated problem.

How Can I Protect Myself from Coyote attack?

  • First and foremost don’t run away from the coyote. The moment you start running the coyote will attack you so don’t run.
  • Start to back away slowly.
  • Be loud and bold as it will scare the coyote and the coyote won’t attack you. Don’t show any sign of fear and don’t turn your back towards the coyote or they will attack instantly.
  • Protect your throat and arteries if the coyote attacks. Coyotes and all other wild animals are trained to attack the throats keeping them covered will make it difficult for the coyote to grab them and they may run away.

These are some of the ways by which you can protect yourself against coyote attack. But it’s best to not approach if you have suspicion that there could be a Coyote near your house without any defensive measure.

Coyotes can run very fast so, if you think you can outrun a Coyote then you’re wrong you can’t. Coyotes are powerful creatures and if you have dogs with you and if it involves both small and big then, you should take the small dogs and flee that area slowly as the coyote may try to attack the small dogs take it away as they it can be much easy prey for them.

What Kind Of Dog Can Protect My Chickens From Coyotes ?

2-3 Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGD) can kill a Coyote or at least keep them away from attacking your chickens. These dogs are bigger than Coyotes and heavier than Coyotes and have special traits like loose skin around their neck, big fur etc that makes them hard to kill.

They are very protective and can defend aggressively. These dogs can easily defend you, your chickens from Coyote attack. They are also very powerful and if 3 of the dogs attacks a single Coyote then they can kill the coyote. You can just train them to protect the chickens and they will defend them. Since, they have a very strong sense of smell they can even detect the coyote very easily, even before you could see the coyote.

This gives a very good advantage as the dogs will smell the coyote even if they are hiding miles away and will help you to take necessary steps to keep your chickens safe. Example of those dogs are Great Pyrenees, Anatolian Shepherds, Maremma, or Akbash.

They will also warn you by barking if they smell Coyote. So, it doesn’t really matter whether the coyote attacks in the morning or in the night these dogs can protect you. You can fully rely on them as these dogs specially are very powerful and can defend themselves, your chickens and you.

Great PyreneesAnatolian ShepherdsMaremmaMaremma

Can Coyotes Dig Under Chicken Coop?

Yes, they can dig but not directly under a chicken coop but rather at the outside portion of the housing and can access the coop in minutes. To avoid this situation just use 2 foot wide apron of hardware cloth. But make sure they are of high quality and the hardware cloth is set properly. As Coyotes will try their best to go through the Hardware cloth and if it’s not set properly it can come off.

Coyotes are also very intelligent animals so they will try to find a flaw in the setup and if they get some flaws then they will utilize it to get to their prey. So, do make sure that everything is perfectly set to keep these predators away from your chicken coop.

Will Chickens Attract Coyotes To My House?

Yes, chickens can attract Coyotes to your house however Coyotes are attracted to any available food sources if they are kept unattended. Chickens are easy prey so if a coyote get a hold of a chickens then that Coyote along with more Coyotes may come and try to prey on the chickens as they are much easy to prey. It can become a serious problem if not taken care of.

So keep it protected using a 2 foot wide apron of hardware cloths which will stop them for reaching your chickens and will also keep them away. Since, they will be coming to human territory (which they don’t like actually) with that if they can’t get the chickens or its too difficult for them to get to the chickens then they won’t take the risk to attack even if they attacked once or twice before.

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