How To Get Rid Of Wasps Home Remedies?

waspWasps can be problematic, and getting rid of them is very important. There are many species of wasps. Some wasps are dangerous and can give a powerful sting.

Some people get allergic reactions to their bite, and that can become serious. If you don’t want to get rid of wasps using the chemical method, then this guide is for you.

So, how to get rid of wasps home remedies? Here is the list of all six home remedies to get rid of wasps

  1. Soap Spray
  2. Red Pepper Spray
  3. Garlic Oil Spray
  4. Baking Soda Spray
  5. Neem Oil
  6. Ripe Fruit Trap

Continue reading to know about wasps in details.

What Are Wasps?

A wasp is an insect that belongs to the order of bees, ants and sawflies. Wasps are very important for our environment because they help in getting rid of unwanted pests and helps in pollination.

People are scared of them because of various reasons. One of the reason is their painful sting. A wasp sting can be very painful. The degree of toxicity varies from specific species to species. Many people have allergic reactions to wasps bite, and that can be very problematic. 

Wasps were first discovered during the Jurassic era. There are about 

10,0000 species of wasps. Their length varies from species to species. 

Some wasps have a terrible temper, and they can attack anyone if they feel threatened.

The Largest wasp is an Asian giant hornet. They can grow up to 5 centimetres. They are powerful fighters capable of taking down bigger opponents. Asian giant hornets are aggressive creatures, and they don’t hesitate to attack, that gives them an advantage during a fight, but that very nature is dangerous for human.

They can sting multiple times without losing its stinger, which means they can inject poison numerous times. The poison can paralyze the attacker. Since they attack in numbers, it can become fatal for most animals and humans that try to attack or provoke them. They attack in groups, and this behaviour is visible in many species of wasps. 

Wasps Behaviour

A wasp can attack a person or an animal if the wasp feels threatened. They can feel threatened because of various reasons. One of these reason is loud noise. If loud noise is played in front of them, then they can get agitated and attack someone who is nearby their nests. 

Secondly, they can also get agitated if loud vibrations happen near them. These loud vibrations can be caused by local speakers or by any heavy vehicle. Thirdly they can also get agitated if someone throws a heavy object in their nests.

Almost all wasps will come out and swarm the area, and if they find someone, then they will attack. It can become deadly if they attack in a group. So, if there are any dangerous wasps nests nearby, then it is advised to keep your distance or wear protective clothing if you are going to remove their nest. 

Wasps Are Good Fliers

Wasps are excellent fliers, and they can travel up to 1 km from their nest. This ability gives them an upper hand when they are fighting someone. Usually, they fight bees and other wasps. 

Asian giant hornet is seen to capture honey bees in midair and carries them to their nest after catching. A honey bee is 1/4 of their size. Without excellent flying skills, it would be impossible for the Asian Giant Hornet to capture and take them away.

Wasps Nests

Wasp nestWasps nests look different than a beehive. They are mainly made of paper-like substance. The internal structure is also different. Many people confuse anything that looks like bees as bees, but there are significant differences. 

The Most Common Wasps 

The most common wasps are yellow jacket and hornet. They are both dangerous, and you should avoid them. They have a lot of similarities, but these two wasps are different. Hornet is usually small in size compared to a yellow jacket. So, here is how to identify them.


HornetHornet is 1.25 inch in size. They have a black body with light yellow or white stripes. Their nests are made of paper-like material build on top of big trees.

Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket realYellow jacket is 1.3 inch to 2.2 inches in size. Yellow jacket has a mixture of black and yellow colour with black stripes at the backside and has yellow legs. 

They made their nests around buildings and on the ground. 

Paper Wasps 

paper waspThis is a very common wasp, and you probably have seen them. They can grow to 1.5 inches but are usually smaller. 

They can have brownish-black colour throughout their body with yellow and red stripes in abdomen and head. Their nests are made of paper-like material. 

If you want to get rid of their nests, then make sure to wear a protective dress. The dress should contain gloves, goggles, boots. These are the basic, it won’t give you 100% protection but will be helpful.

Professionals wear unique uniforms while they are removing wasps nests.

Wasps Vs Bees

Wasps also attack beehives. Bees are aggressive creatures themselves, but they cannot defend themselves against big wasps like giant hornets or yellow jackets. Wasps decapitate bees and kill a large amount of them. Some wasps also die in the process, but a single wasp can take down many bees. 

Here Are The List Of Home Remedies That Will You To Get Rid Of Wasps:

These remedies are effective, but these solutions must come in contact with the wasp to get rid of them.

Soap Spray

Soap spray is effective against wasps. Spray the soap spray directly over the wasps to get rid of the wasps. The soap needs to touch the wasp for this to start working. Here is how to make the solution

  • Add one tablespoon of dishwashing soap to one gallon of water 
  • Mix it well
  • Then start spraying

If you have 10 gallons of water, then you’ll need one packet of liquid soap.

Red Pepper Spray

Red Pepper spray is effective in getting rid of wasps. The strong flavour of pepper repels wasps.

Here is how to make the solution

  • Add 1 tablespoon of dishwashing soap in 1 gallon of water
  • Add red pepper in it 
  • Mix it well
  • Spray it directly over the wasps to get rid of them.

Garlic Oil Spray

Garlic is easily available, and it is an active ingredient for cooking. Garlic oil is an effective pest repellent, and you can buy it online. If you don’t want to buy garlic oil, then you can crush some garlic, and that will also be equally effective.

  • Mix the garlic oil with dish soap 
  • Add 500 ml of water
  • Spray it directly over the wasps.

Baking Soda Spray

You can use baking soda to get rid of wasps. Here is how to make it

  • Combine one teaspoon of baking soda with one teaspoon of vinegar.
  • Put it in 500 ml of water 
  • Shake it well
  • Put it in a sprayer and spray it over the wasps.

Neem Oil

Neem OilNeem oil is very effective against various kinds of pests. It doesn’t kill the pests but repels them.

  • You can buy neem oil online, or you can crush a few leaves 
  • Mix the neem juice with water and spray it directly over the places where wasps visit frequently and also over wasps.

Neem oil is excellent at repelling and getting rid of various kind of pests and its safe to use since it’s a natural remedy. 

Ripe Fruit Trap

Wasps are attracted to ripe fruits so you can use this to your advantage. You’ll need a plastic bottle to capture them

Here Is How To Make The Trap

  • Simply cut the top portion of the plastic bottle, cut it in half.
  • Place ripe fruit inside the bottle.
  • Flip the top half so that the nozzle is facing down and put it inside the plastic bottle.
  • Seal every opening with tape.
  • Keep it in a place where the infestation is high

Wasps will get attracted towards the ripe fruit, and they will enter the trap, and once they enter the trap, they won’t be able to come out. Some of them may be able to, but most of them won’t be able to come out. 

Once the trap is full, get rid of the trap. Wear gloves when you are removing the trap

You can put the trap in the freezer, dump it underground or burn it. It will get rid of the wasps.

Important Suggestions To Keep In Mind

Wasps can be dangerous so you should follow a few guidelines

1. Wear Protective Clothes

Wearing protective clothing is necessary because their sting can be very painful. If you are not familiar with wasps and yet you want to get rid of wasps then make sure to wear protective clothing before approaching them.

2. Keep Kids Away

If there is a wasps nest inside your house or nearby, then keep your kids away from that place. A child can have more dangerous side effects. First of all, the sting can be very painful. Secondly, the child can have allergic reactions. If too many of them bite at the same time, then it can become problematic.

3. Don’t Tease Them

Teasing a wasp can be dangerous. By teasing, we mean that poking their nest or poking them. Some species of wasp are very aggressive, and poking them means invoking danger. So, don’t commit this mistake by any means. Some people do it for fun which is a dangerous thing. They don’t have any idea about what can happen.

Can Wasps Kill Animals And Humans?

Well, it depends. A single bite from a single wasp may not kill a human unless there is a severe allergic reaction, but if multiple of them bites at the same time, then it can be fatal. 

Some wasps nest can have up to 100k members. If only 20% of them attack an animal, then it can be fatal. The pain and poison can kill animals and humans. 

When disturbed, a wasp doesn’t distinguish who or what is standing in front of them. It can be an elephant, or human wasps will attack them in huge numbers, and that can be fatal. 

If there is a Yellow Jacket or Asain Giant hornet nest nearby, then it’s better to avoid that route because it’s hard to say what will provoke them. 

Once they get provoked, they will start attacking in groups. 

Usually, a wasp scout always stays around the nests. 

These scouts judge the situation around them, and by any means, if they feel threatened, then the scout will sting you, and then the rest of the members will follow after that.

A yellow jacket can bite as well as sting multiple times, and they are very aggressive, and that is the reason people are so scared of them. Some wasps like yellow jacket also make their nests inside cars, abandoned rooms and building, which is a big problem. 

This is how they come in contact with people, and people are stung by them. If one of your room is not used for a while, then a yellow jacket can get make their nest there. 

These nests are big, and they can be made on the ground or ceiling. People fail to identify whose nests are those, and then they get in trouble. If you see these kinds of nest around your house, then don’t try to inspect it without taking any protection. 

Why Wasps Are Important

Wasps perform a very crucial role in our environment. This is something we often overlook. They help in maintaining the balance in our environment. 

Wasps are responsible for getting rids of various kinds of insects, caterpillars from your garden. Without them, those insects would have infested your garden and made a mess. 

Wasps also help in pollination. These wasps visit various flowers to drink the nectar. When they visit a flower, the pollen gets stuck to their body and when they land on another flower that pollen gets released—thus completing the most important step for pollination.

Killing them in large numbers can stop this pollination from occurring and can be destructive for our environment. During late August, wasps need protein and sugar, so they roam around. They hunt and sits in different kind of flowers to drink their sweet nectar. It is the time when they come in contact with people. 

The worker wasps need to go out during this time, and those workers are responsible for the encounter.

What Do Wasps Eat

Wasp eatingWasps hunt various kinds of insects, but adult wasps don’t eat them. They take the prey and feeds them to their larvae. Adult wasps don’t live for too long, so they don’t need protein, but they need carbohydrate. 

These carbohydrate comes from sugary things like nectar from flowers and also from the food that we eat. This is how they come in contact with humans. If you are eating a sugary product, then wasps can get attracted towards that and can sting you. 

This usually occurs during a picnic. When groups of wasps come out of nowhere and start annoying people. They got a bad reputation because of these behaviours. During late August they are desperate to consume sugary products because they need it and their desperation is clearly visible. 

If there is a big wasp nest nearby a picnic spot, then it can become problematic. A massive amount of wasps can attack the place in search of a sugary item.

So, make sure to ask someone nearby about whether there is any wasp nest nearby the picnic spot or not and then choose the picnic spot accordingly. 

Like mentioned before these incidents usually occur during August, and this is the time when you should be aware. 

The larvae of wasps also emit droplets of sugars from their mouth which these adult wasps consume. Adult wasps don’t consume food; they only consume sugar. 

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