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Can Scorpions Come Through Air Vents?

Can scorpion come out of air ventWe overlook air vents and air ducts because they are small compact places full of dirt and not something we want our hands in. But on the other hand, scorpions are small, sturdy creatures, and they will love to be in a place like air ducts. They can climb, swim, and jump. So with those traits, they become the ideal candidate to fit into an air duct, and it bothers us. So with that, the common question arises can they get through the air vents? Because if they get through air vents, they can get inside our house, right?

Scorpions can come through air vents if the air vents are not protected by mesh. The exhaust of the air vent provides easy access to them. If your air vent is not clean and there are insects inside it, the scorpion will enter the air duct to get food and may end out coming through air vents.

Getting through the air vent can be very bothersome as they can get inside our house, and when that happens, someone will get stung by that scorpion.

Why Do They Get Through Air Vent?

When scorpions are hungry, they will look for food; if your air vents provide that, that will motivate them to get into the air ducts. Scorpions have a hard exoskeleton and less competition from other insect predators. So getting into a place full of food means they access the entire food.

If one scorpion becomes successful, it will invite more scorpions. A female scorpion will attract a male scorpion and vice versa. A female scorpion gives birth to up to 100 eggs in a single brood. So you can imagine how fast the infestation can grow. That’s why taking precautionary measures is essential to stop them from getting into the air ducts.

How Scorpion Gets Into The Air duct And How It Can Affect You?

scorpion inside air ductTo give a clear idea about the seriousness of the situation, I will let you know how it can affect you. If the scorpion gets into the air duct, it’s getting direct access to your house. Scorpions are small and sturdy. They can move in small places without getting suffocated.

Getting inside your home means they can hide anywhere, and getting rid of them can be very troublesome. They can get into any of your rooms, get on your bed and other places you don’t want them to be. A single sting from them can paralyses you for a short period, and it’s painful.

Kids are in danger as they are unaware of the threat that scorpions possess, and they can go near them even if they see them. You should not take these creatures lightly, they can be aggressive, and their sting can be excruciating. You should visit the doctor if the pain doesn’t subside in 1/2 hour.

They like to hide under the bed as it’s dark and keeps them out of reach of predators. They will consider your toes as prey or predator. So, when you go near your bed, the scorpion will sting you. 

It’s hard to identify whether they have gotten inside the air ducts. So keeping vent covers with small mesh is essential as that will prevent them from getting inside your house even if they somehow get inside the air ducts.

Repairing Your Air Duct Is Crucial

It would be best if you keep your air vents repaired. If it is damaged, that will give easy access to your air vents and your house. Look for holes big enough for scorpions to fit and repair them. Air vents can get severely damaged if used for a prolonged period without repair, exposing them to various pests. 

The scorpion can start breeding inside the air duct, and if you don’t keep a check, scorpions will keep falling from air vents to your house in search of food, and there will be many. Repairing your air vents can be expensive; however, repairing them is crucial as it can be a life saver.

The air duct provide an ideal place to breed because of the lack of disturbance and competition, free availability of food and the right amount of moisture. Scorpions can live in various chambers of your air duct but may not come out immediately.

One day you will find many scorpions inside your house. As their population grows, they will start exploring, which is a bad sign for you. To ensure this never happens, you should often check air vents for signs of dangerous pests.

How To Stop Them From Getting Into Your Air Vents?

Add A Mesh

The first and the most cost-effective way would be to add mesh to every air vent. The mesh should be small enough to stop them from getting inside your house.

Check Your Exhaust

Exhausts are places where the air is thrown out. They come with basic protection, but you must ensure special safety if you discover a scorpion infestation nearby. This is because they can easily get through the air coming out of the exhaust. In addition, their body structure allows them to move through rough winds. So cutting through the strong air from the exhaust won’t be difficult for a scorpion.

Clean The Air duct Occasionally

cleaning air ductClearing the air duct may not always be possible, but you must plan to clean it out occasionally. This is to keep your air duct clean and possibly stop scorpion infestation. The cleaning process can be expensive depending on the amount of work that needs to be done.

Now you do it often; then the cost will reduce dramatically. Call a professional service who will clean it. Mention to them that there can be a scorpion inside and leave the rest of the job to them. Cleaning the air ducts will also keep out pests that are stuck there. Dead insects or animals inside the air duct can create foul smells that can come through the vents. If your air smells bad, something is rotting inside the air duct, so clean them.

Remove Unwanted Clutter

Remove the clutter of paper, boxes, or containers near your air ducts. The clutter attracts scorpions as it provides an easy place to hide. If it gets into the boxes, they will eventually find a way to get into the air ducts and then to your air vents. So clean all the clutter that is near the air ducts.

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