Do Ceiling Fans Deter Mosquitoes?

Mosquito can be very annoying and their buzzing sound around your ear can be very annoying especially when you’re trying to sleep or work. And definitely you want to get rid of these annoying bugs in simple and cost effective way which is a fan but the question is

Do ceiling fan deter mosquitoes? Yes, ceiling fan deter mosquitoes, because wind is found to be an effective method to deter mosquitoes because of mosquitoes poor flying skills not only that fans also disperse the carbon dioxide in the air thus confusing mosquitoes.

Let me explain more on why it’s so effective

 How Does Ceiling Fans Deter Mosquitoes?

Ceiling fans rotate at a  speed that make mosquitoes difficult to fly and since the cant fly they can’t find the food source which means they cant find you. They take shelter and they don’t fly. But if you turn off the fan they can again start flying and will try to reach you.

Fan also reduces your sweat, lactic acid which also attracts mosquitoes. Everyone has ceiling fans so this is one the best way to get rid of the mosquitoes. However if the wind from fan doesn’t reaches certain area of your body or certain area in your room then the mosquitoes can fly to that area and can attack a person only from that area.

So, make sure you’re sleeping right below the fan in that way the wind will flow all around your body and keep mosquitoes away from attacking you.

What’s The Appropriate Fan Speed To Stop Mosquitoes From Flying?

Mosquitoes avoid places where the wind speed matches or is more than their own flying speed which is 0.9 to 3.6 miles/hour which means if you set the fan speed setting to 3 it will keep the mosquitoes from flying. Although the speed depends upon the fan but setting it to 3 should do the job.

However in case if it’s not working you can try increasing it to 5. That will do the job. There are high speed fans and normal fans. High speed fans will obviously work better than normal fans but normal fans will do the job so you don’t need to worry if you have a normal fan which rotates at a moderate speed.

Some fan have different speed system in that case you can do some experiments on what works the best and then you can determine the speed and set it as needed. Just keep the fan on at the desired speed for 10-15 minutes and if that speed keeps the mosquitoes away then keep the speed or else increase the speed.

If you stay in a humid country where temperature is always high and humid then you can keep the fan at full speed all the time because reducing the speed won’t make any sense. If you stay in a moderately warm country then you can check which fan speed works the best and then use it to keep mosquitoes away.

Can A Fan Kill Mosquitoes?

Not all fans kill mosquitoes but they help to keep mosquitoes away and they can’t fly towards you if they can’t fly at that fan speed if you’re. But if the mosquitoes get hit by the fans blades then they will die. There are high speed fans and normal fans if they get hit by any one of them then the mosquitoes will die instantly. However there are some precise ways to kill mosquitoes using fan. There are some DIY way by which you can use a fan to kill many mosquitoes.

Here are the ways to make it

• Bring a powerful fan and cover it’s back with screen material.
• Use magnets to stick the screen material or you can use glue to stick it.
• Keep a soda bottle partially open behind the fan. This will attract the mosquitoes.
• Keep it like that until you see mosquitoes are gone.

This is a direct method to kill mosquitoes using a fan. This technique will kill enormous amount of mosquitoes and will help you to stay mosquitoes free. This won’t throw any harmful chemicals also and is also a very fast, effective way. You can use it in your house, in your garden or wherever you like.

This technique works really well to kill mosquitoes. Mosquitoes gets attracted by the carbon dioxide and then get stuck in the screen material. You can keep the fans on unless the mosquitoes are all killed or unless you feel okay to turn it off. Once you have turned the fan off then you can remove the screen material and clean the mosquitoes.

You can also use cooler as they have very strong fans that can easily keep mosquitoes away. In summer it will not only help you and your room be cool but will also keep mosquitoes and other bugs away. Keep the cooler quite close to your body and the wind from the fan will do the job. The wind from the cooler gets distributed all around the body evenly because it has got big space for the wind to come out.

What’s The Best Place To Keep The Fan To Keep Mosquitoes Away?

Keeping a fan overhead is one of the best ways to keep mosquitoes away. You can also buy table fan and other fans to keep mosquitoes away. You can buy 2 table fans and place them side by side and then turn it on, that will keep the mosquitoes away. Hand fans also works really great in keeping mosquitoes away but since the wind doesn’t reach everywhere so those parts can get attacked.

If the ceiling fans is exactly over you then will keep mosquitoes away but if the fan is away from your body and the wind is not reaching you then the mosquitoes can attack you. Not all fans can keep mosquitoes away there are some fans which are really really heavy and even if you set it to full speed they will not be able to keep mosquitoes away as it cant generate enough wind to keep the mosquitoes away.

You can also keep two fans side by side and sit in the middle that will also keep the mosquitoes away since mosquitoes attacks from multiple direction this techniques can be used to stop them from attacking you. 

What Are The Best Fans To Kill Mosquitoes?

The Hoont Mosquito Killer

The Hoont Mosquito Killer is one of the best fan traps taps that you can find in the market today. It is weather proof and waterproof. This device is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

It has like a miniature tower like design which fits into your so home, garden, pool perfectly. It is extremely high quality and works very
quietly. It also has a safety features that will keep your kids safe.

Rokoo electric mosquitoes killer

It’s has smart sensor so once you turn it on, it keeps turned on in the night and automatically switches off in the morning. This has 360 degree suction fan so whenever mosquitoes come in close proximity with this it automatically gets sucked in and gets killed. It also looks very beautiful so you can just fits in anywhere you keep.

It has USB connectivity so it can be charged using laptop, mobile charger, power bank and any other devices with USB portal. Please provides ease of carrying because you can always carry a mobile charger because you have a mobile also this is a lightweight products you can carry it anywhere and place it in the place where there is most number of mosquitoes. It will automatically kill all of the mosquitoes that are coming close to it.

These are two of the most effective mosquito killers. There are many other but we choose to bring on these because these are the best in the market. You can rely on this product and they have a very high quality and works really well. These fans are safe to use as these are kids friendly. You can keep it anywhere in your house without a bit of worry. Choose only the most effective and the most beautiful fans that gets your job done and looks beautiful.

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