Do Lizards Crawl At Night

Do Lizards Crawl At Night?

Do Lizards Crawl At NightLizards are almost everywhere, and some people are scared of them. We can see them in the day, but since we cannot see in the dark, we cannot follow their movement in the dark. This scares us, and we want to know.

Do lizards crawl at night? Nocturnal lizards will crawl at night. Nocturnal lizards are active at night. We don’t see them moving because they can hide well and we cannot see in the dark. Diurnal lizards are not active at night, so if nocturnal lizards are living in your house, then they will crawl at night. 

Lizards That Hunt At Night

Many lizards can hunt at night. They have a well-developed vision which allows them to do their necessary activities at night. Nocturnal lizards can move around to detect the environment and can hunt its prey at night. They can locate their prey, chase them and hunt them at night.

This task seems impossible to us, but they can do it. The size of the lizard determines what they eat. Some will eat small insects, and some will eat small animals.

Why Lizards Crawl At Night?

Nocturnal lizards can see well at night, so if these nocturnal lizards are living inside your house, then they will move around in the dark. They will try to hunt and try to do their activities at night. Apart from biological reason, there is another reason why they move around in the dark, i.e. fear of human. 

In the morning, we are active, and we move around a lot, so if the lizard wants to move around in the morning, they have to take a significant risk. You are a predator from lizard’s perspective.

So, the lizard will still avoid you even if you don’t want to harm the lizard. Because of this fear and their biological need, their activities significantly increase at night. Don’t get scared if something falls in the middle of the night if these nocturnal lizards are in your house.

Desert Geckos Are Active At Night

Leopard gecko

Leopard gecko

Desert geckos are more active at night because of the extreme temperature during daytime. At night the temperature drops significantly giving these geckos a chance to come out and hunt.

Lizard like Leopard geckos, Monkey tailed geckos, Twilight goanna etc. are active at night. These are just the name of a few lizards, but there are a lot more. Unfortunately, all of them cannot be included over here. Most geckos are nocturnal. Let’s learn a little bit about these nocturnal lizards.

Leopard Geckos

Leopard gecko is a medium-sized gecko, and they can be found in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Western India. They have leopards like spots in their whole body which gives them the name leopard gecko. During the day, they hide from predators and during the night, they come out and resumes their activity. They hunt and does all of the activity at night.

Monkey Tailed Gecko

Monkey tailed geckos are herbivore, and they are active at night. They spend their day hiding in the trees, and at night they come out and eat leaves or other plants. They have long ancestry and have been here for millions of years. They avoid predators at night and also avoids the heat by hiding among trees.

Twilight Goanna

Twilight goanna, which is a monitor lizard, is active at night. Other monitor lizards are active at day, i.e. they do most of their activity during the day, but twilight goanna is different. They are big, and they are carnivores.

They eat whatever they can at night. They can eat small animals, snakes, scorpions etc. They are big and powerful and one the most successful nocturnal predator. There are more, and all of them cannot be included over here. These are some of the most of well known nocturnal lizards.

Some Nocturnal Lizards Can Be Dangerous

Well, most lizards avoid humans; some lizards can attack humans if they feel threatened. If you accidentally step on a lizard, then the lizard can use its claw to scratch and get away from that place. This is, of course, not intentional, but these can be dangerous. They can be moderate to deep scratches. Some people like to keep Twilight Goanna as pets, and they are very active at night. 

If for some reason the person keeps these lizards free and at night the owner accidentally falls over or step on the lizard then it can get troublesome. Twilight Goanna is carnivore although they may not attack humans intentionally if they are kept as pets for a long time.

However, unknowingly and for defending itself, they can bite and scratch. Their bite can be painful, and the scratch can be deep. If there are lots of lizards inside your house, then make sure to turn on the lights while moving inside your home in the dark. This will ensure that nobody is harmed and can remain peacefully.

Are Lizards Attracted To Light Or Darkness?

Lizards are not attracted to light or darkness. There are two types of lizard, one is diurnal, and another is nocturnal. The nocturnal lizard’s biology makes them much more effective at night, and the diurnal lizard’s body makes them more effective in the day. So these lizards are bound to follow their biology if they don’t do it they will not be able to hunt or function properly. 

Both diurnal and nocturnal lizard can remain together at the same place. You can sometimes find diurnal lizards at night because they might move a little at night, but they are not fully functional at night, and they don’t hunt at night.

Same goes for the nocturnal lizards you can even sometimes see them in the day, but they are not functional at daytime. If predators chase them, then they can come out at any given time. This mainly because they have to survive. If they stay at the place thinking that they will not be as functional, then they will be eaten by the predator.

How To Identify Nocturnal Lizards Inside Your House?

nocturnal geckoWell, most geckos are nocturnal, so if you have geckos in your house, then chances are those geckos are nocturnal. If you hear something falls, or when you feel something is moving while you enter a particular room, then chances are those are lizards.

Apart from that if there are a lot of lizards inside your house, then they will occasionally make a sound to inform their partner or to keep other lizards away. This will confirm that they are active at night. This is the most common way to identify if you have nocturnal lizards inside your house.


Nocturnal lizards are active at night, and most species of geckos are nocturnal. So if you have geckos in your house, then they can move around in the dark. If you are scared of lizards or if you don’t want to step on them accidentally then keep a torch look around while moving in the dark or turn on lights if you are getting up at the middle of the night.

Most geckos avoid human, but if you accidentally step on them, then the gecko may use its claws to get out of the situation. If something falls in the middle of the night and you have nocturnal lizards in your house then don’t be scared, but it will be their doing.


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