How To Easily Get Rid Of Bugs On Kitchen Counter?

If you go to the kitchen and see, some bugs flying, cockroaches or other bugs around your leftovers on your kitchen counter,  that makes you feel awful. Then this is what you should do. I know it’s very annoying when you see these bugs coming over and over again that’s when you have this question 

How To Easily Get Rid Of Bugs On Kitchen Counter? The answer is simple just Kill It! Just Kill those annoying bugs and you’re good to go. These bugs not only spoil your house your mood but they also causes diseases.

I’ll explain more on how to kill those bugs.

What Is The Best Technique To Kill Those Kitchen Counter Bugs Fast?


When you see those bugs flying over your leftovers and make your kitchen counter looks like a mess. This is what you should do.

Start spraying bug killer spray all over the cluster of the flies, and other bugs and you’ll see their demise.

Spray it from a distance to and attack it suddenly, if you bring the spray too close they’ll probably fly away. You can buy these bug killer spray from your local store, Amazon or other websites at a reasonable price..

After spraying wait for 15 to 20 minutes wash your dishes.

For killing cockroaches just might need to buy cockroach killer separately and then spray it over the cockroaches and you’ll see them die. You’ll see visible result just by spraying once but to make it permanent and make sure those bugs don’t come again just follow through the steps written in this article.

Spray the cockroach killing spray deep down the your basin pipe because chances are the cockroaches are coming from there. Also, please throw away any rotten food as it can be a major attraction for most bugs, Not, only it’s smell dirty but attracts all sorts of bugs that you’ve probably never seen before and don’t want to see either.

What If You Don’t Have A Bug Killing Spray?

The answer is simple, don’t panic simply wash your dishes and try to guess how are those bugs reaching your kitchen counter and the next day go and buy it or order it online and spray it over them. Also spray it all over the places that you noticed yesterday and also to the places where you think the bugs can hide.

Then watch for few days and notice whether the bugs comes back or not. If it comes back spray more on that area or spray it all over the kitchen counter. Continue to do this for few days you’ll notice the difference.

Every 3 days spray the bug  killer spray and you’ll see them gone. You can avoid most of these bugs by cleaning your dishes and leftovers daily so that there are no chances of these bugs to come to your kitchen. But sometimes you can find these bugs in corner of your kitchen or just sticking to your wall use the spray immediately over there to eliminate.

These bugs carry bacteria and viruses that can cause illness in humans and also in animals so get rid of them as soon as you see them, it is very important. So, don’t feel lazy buy it from anywhere and start spraying.

Will This Bug Killing Spray Work On All Bugs?

The bugs killer spray works on many bugs but for cockroaches and other some other bugs you have to buy a different spray. Usually it is written on the pack on what bug it will be effective so you don’t have to worry whether you’re getting the right one or the wrong one.

The bottles come in different sizes, designs and smell. If you’re allergic to certain smell you can definitely try some other smell or you can buy the natural sprays that are now available on Amazon or in your local stores. Before trying a new brand also check the review to know whether they are effective or not or it will be a waste of money.  Keeping these bugs killer spray may come handy in emergencies.

Sometimes out of nowhere the bugs attack and it is these spray that can get rid of them. Without these it’s almost impossible to get rid of the bugs. Since, kitchen is a place where you cook it’s necessary to keep it clean. You’ll never know when these bugs will attack your food and if you don’t clean your utensils properly the bacteria will remain in those utensils and can diseases so, its very important to wash your utensil with proper dish cleaners.  I know it’s a hectic work but it will keep you healthy.

Some healthy practice would be to throw away those foods where you see those bugs. For example if you see some cockroaches around your  food, or some other bugs sitting on your food its highly recommended to throw that food away immediately. You can definitely become ill if you consume that food so better safe than sorry.

How Can I Prevent It From Coming Back?

This is also rather very simple. Spray 3 times a week on the kitchen counter for about a month and then then see the result and if you see positive results then spray 1 times a week for 2 weeks and then you can stop and if they return you spray it once, over those bugs and you’ll be okay.

Often times these bugs reproduce too fast and grow in numbers one day you may see 10 bugs and then suddenly you’ll see 20 or more bugs in that case it’s best to eliminate these bugs as quick as possible. Their numbers also increase if they find regular food by that I mean if you don’t keep your kitchen counter clean they will come and the numbers will grow which is a matter of concern since these bugs carry many diseases.

Also, check whether or not your drainage system is clean as cockroaches or other bugs can come from that space, check corner s of your kitchen where these bugs can potentially hide and breed. These methods are not very expensive so just use them and stay healthy.

Throw away rotten food or rotten items because it attracts different kinds of harmful bugs that will also help a lot in prevention. You can also clean your kitchen with bleach water that will prevent them from coming back. Keep your trash can closed as it is one of the favourite places of these bugs.

For mosquitoes you can simply use mosquito repellent or mosquito killer that you can find in your local stores or online.  They work really well to keep away those annoying mosquitoes.  Do remember to check cracks in your walls or in ceiling or somewhere, bugs can really come out of that place easily or that maybe the home of majority of the bugs.

They love to hide behind those cracks. You can seal those crack using any sealant that will do the work or you can spray the bug killer to kill the bugs. But if the cracks goes deep within the walls and then it would be better option to reconstruct  those particular areas and you’ll soon find a lot of other reasons hiding beneath that crack that is the cause behind most  of those bugs. If you’re staying in an apartment then it’s probably best to use sealant to seal the crack as it will be very difficult to reconstruct.

You can find high quality waterproof sealant in your local store that you can use to fix the cracks in your walls in your kitchen. Bugs can sense the scent of rotten and leftover food so you need to take special arrangement to throw the rotten foods away and to wash your leftovers on a frequent or daily basis, this will reduce the chances of bugs coming to your kitchen and might not need to take any extra step to kill the bugs.

Sometimes the bugs also increase due to season change so in that case you might need to use those sprays more often to kill those annoying bugs. In that season you can find that the bugs keeps coming so the best solution would be keep everything clean as well as to keep spraying the bugs killers 2 times a week even if you don’t see the bugs, keep spraying the bug killer spray throughout the season so that they won’t bother you.

You can also see different kinds of bugs coming in those season in those case you can try using the same sprays and check if it works or you can just simple search it by the name or colour of the bugs and write a small description on Google that will help you identify the bugs and then buy a spray that can kill it.

You can also spray pesticides once a week to reduce the bugs but it’s recommend to use once a week as they can be harmful to human health also. On other days continue to use your bug killer which are much safer alternatives and works really well to keep those bugs away as well as kill them. So, follow these steps and keep your kitchen and your kitchen counter bugs free and keep yourself healthy.


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