How To Get Rid Of Stink Bugs Smell From Your Hand?

Sting bugs smell really bad. They secrete a certain hormone when they are disturbed and when they feel threatened and that’s what causes that awful smell

How can you get rid of stink bugs smell from hand? Baking Soda, toothpaste is the best ways to get rid of the smell completely. Simply washing your hand with a soap will get rid of most of the smell but not completely

So, I am going to explain these best ways in details that will get rid of the smell completely

What’s The Fastest Way To Get Rid of Stink Bugs Smell from Hand?

There are actually two ways by which you can get rid of the smell completely one way is to use baking soda and another is to use toothpaste

How To use baking soda to remove the smell

  • Just put 1 scoop of baking soda in your hand and gently rub it in the area where the smell is coming from
  • Keep it for 2 minutes
  • Wash it. You will immediately see the effect

How to use toothpaste for removing the smell

  • Squeeze pea size toothpaste and the rub it in the smelly area of your hand
  • Keep rubbing for 1 minute
  • Then wash your hands. The smell will be gone

What Causes The Smell In The First Place And How You Can Avoid That Totally?

The ugly smell from these stink bug is actually their defense mechanisms so if they sit on your hand and then you try to get rid of them forcefully, they will release the smell in your hand. So what you can do is you can simply use a hard object whatever you can get in front of your hand and use that to throw it away. Don’t smash it in your hand othe wise your hand will definitely smell ugly. Don’t use tissue paper or cloth to capture the bug as the smell can travel through cloth, paper, plastic and through soft objects. If you use a hard object then that object may start smelling but your hand will not be smelling. It is much easy to get rid of the smell from a hard object compared to that of your hand. So, using a hard object is a wise choice.

What Are The Things That Attracts Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs are attracted towards foods like apples, grapes, tomatoes, peaches, cherries, apricot, pears and Lima beans. If you have these in your house and if it is not refrigerated and if they are present in your garden then it will attract stink bugs in your house. During breeding season they try to find place that will be suitable for them and during that time you’ll see them in your house. Normally you won’t see stink bugs throughout the year they come in numbers for breeding season which is when temperature starts climbing up again. They prefer warm weather and the female stink bug secrete aggregation pheromone that attracts make stinks bugs. They are also attracted to light. So, if you have a powerful light in your house then chances are that is where you’ll see most of the stink bugs. They become totally inactive during winter and don’t reproduce and you won’t see them during winter.

What Can I Do To Keeps Stink Bugs Away?

Use Garlic To Keep Sting Bugs Away.

  • Mix 500 ml of water with 20 ml (4 table spoon of garlic)
  • Paste the garlic and mix it with the water and out it in a sprayers and spray it on cracks on your wall, near lights where they usually like to come and around your place where you keep fruits.
  • This will stop them from coming as you’re spraying the garlic around their favorite places.

Use Mint To Keep Stinks Bugs Away

  • Mix 500 ml of water with 10 ml of mint oil or mint leaves (just crush the mint leaves and mix it with water).
  • Put it in a spraying bottle and spray it everywhere where you feel that stink bugs can come from.

Mint works as a repellent so it keeps stinks bugs away.

Use Soap Water

  • Mix 500 ml of hot water with 100 ml of mild dish soap.
  • And spray it directly over sting bugs or spray it on the cracks and around the corner of your house where you usually see stink bugs.
  • Soap water kills stink bugs by dehydrating them and it reacts with their protective hard exterior.

These are some widely used and easy to do ways to keep stink bugs away.

What Can I Do If I Am In Party Or I Am Outside And Stink Bug Stings Me?

It happen pretty often and it happened to me also. It can create such an annoying circumstance that’s hard to explain and it becomes very difficult to get rid of the smell at that moment. You can be with your friends so you don’t want to stink obviously. So, I am going to provide you with an easy solution Since you don’t have any access to homemade remedies or rather don’t have access to anything to remove the smell so, you can simply do one thing just go to washroom wash your hand or wherever the stink is coming from and then rub the place with handkerchief a couple of times until the smell is minimized. In,case if you can’t go to a washroom then just use your handkerchief to remove the smell. The handkerchief will start smelling bad but the stink from your body will be minimized. Refrain using the handkerchief and keep it in a place where other people can’t see and so they won’t smell. Turnover the handkerchief and fold it in way where the stinking part is under the folds. In that way the handkerchief also won’t smell too much and won’t be noticeable. Do, remember that smell just doesn’t go away completely no matter how much you wash it with water or soap or use handkerchief to rub it off however the smell minimizes and makes it not so noticeable. The smell goes away automatically after a few hours. In just 1 hour the smell reduces to a great extent and in 2-3 hours the smell almost vanishes and in 4 hours it just vanishes, you won’t get any foul smell. This is a very applicable solution coming from my own personal experience and it will stop you from getting embarrassed infront of everyone. It can also happen sometimes that multiple number of stink bugs can release their gross foul smell upon you when you are in a party or somewhere outside. This situation can happen in those places which already has bad reputations regarding stink bugs and if they don’t do anything about it and obviously you won’t be aware of these reputations and that can lead to problems. If that happens, immediately go the washroom and clean of the area where it’s stinking and rub those areas with handkerchief that will reduce the smell. Don’t panic just use the solution and you won’t be embarrassed.I have experienced these circumstances and I know how embarrassing it can get. Let me share a little bit about my experience.

My Experience

I went to a party and I was talking to my friends and then suddenly a stink bug sat on my hairs and I started stinking my friends started laughing, I felt extremely embarrassed so, I went to the washroom immediately to get rid of the smell but the smell was not going away I got a little nervous but I got out of the washroom and started talking to my friends and then yet again another stink bug sat on head and again my hairs started stinking bad but this time I didn’t went to washroom instead I used my handkerchief and rubbed the area couple of times and it reduced the smell. Then me along with my friend moved away from that area and after 30 minutes the smell started reducing and in 1.5 hours the smell reduced to an extent when my friends couldn’t smell it anymore however when I was rubbing my hand over my hairs my hands started to smell bad. Which means the smell wasn’t completely gone but it was not noticeable by other people. So, I relaxed a bit and then went to house after the party was over. This can happen with you also but you just need to relax. Follow thes steps and then eventually the smell will fade away. The smell starts reducing after 30 minutes automatically and in 1 hour nobody will be able to smell it.

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