Why Do Cockroach Chase You?

girlscaredofcockroachCockroach lives with us for millions of years. They have developed some strategies that help them to survive. Many people are scared of cockroaches. People jump off from their seats when they see a cockroach. Also, when you see a cockroach, you probably saw this peculiar situation that instead of running away, a cockroach chases you.

But why do cockroach chase you? This is a defense mechanism. They chase you to startle you and escape from that situation. They protect themselves in this way since they don’t have claws or fangs to defend themselves. They are aware that we are scared of them, and they use that to their advantage.

Little Bit About Cockroach

Cockroach are survivalist. They evolve through reproduction. They adapt, and their behaviour keeps on changing after each generation with that they came to the element of surprise.

They are fast and can change their behaviour depending upon the environment. It is studied, and cockroach possesses the ability to learn and transfer that learning to the next generation. Chasing you when we encounter them is one of this behaviour. Cockroach found out over time that if they use the element of surprise, they can get an opening to escape.

They are well aware that we are scared of them, and they use that to their advantage and scare us. A cockroach can feel the change in air current and change in the surroundings, and when they encounter us, they look in their surroundings, looks for a place from where they can escape, and then chase you, scare you, and make a run toward the escape.

They use this strategy against many other predators. They startle them and then run towards the escape. It may not be successful all the time, but it’s worth a try.

Unsettling a potential predator is the only thing they can do to protect themselves. They don’t have any poison, nor do they have any deadly fangs to defend themselves.

Cockroach May Also Start Flying Towards You

A cockroach can also fly towards you for the same reason to startle a potential predator. Flying is one of the options that they have to escape that allows them to dodge quite a lot number of predators. Although completely harmless, they can fly towards you at full speed and take a sharp turn right when they see you that you moved out of their way, and then they immediately fly toward the escape.

Evolution has given them this advantage that allows them to fly. Without it, predators will kill them easily. They also have durable armour that protects them from minor damages.

Cockroach Can Also Land On You

As a matter of self, defense cockroaches can also land on you. This is also for the same reason to startle you. They don’t do any harm even after landing on you, but it can become dangerous as people can get a panic attack, and that can lead to an accident.

A cockroach has spiky legs, although harmless, but people are scared of that. It feels like those legs can scratch you or harms you in some way, but it doesn’t.

Cockroach Are Fast

If you have noticed a cockroach, then you’ll know how fast they are. Try to catch them, and you’ll know. They are quite quick and challenging to catch, and with that speed, they will chase you. Many people are unable to react because of that, and that creates a problem. If someone is scared of cockroach and if a cockroach lands on them, then it can be problematic.

Lizard Eat Cockroach

lizard eating cockroachIf you have too many cockroaches in your house, then you can consider keeping some lizards inside your home instead of getting rid of them. Lizards can make a surprise attack and can catch and eat a cockroach. Although they are not always successful because a cockroach will flap, it’s wings very fast to get out of lizard’s mouth, but lizards are still reasonably successful.

What Attracts Cockroaches In Your Home?

Cockroaches are attracted to many things. Leftover food, rotten food, dead insects, leftover sweets, and anything rotten also attracts cockroaches. They are omnivorous scavengers and can eat almost anything. This is an evolutionary benefit that has helped them survive for so many years.

In the moment of scarcity, they can eat almost anything, which is a unique quality for survival. Unfortunately, this omnivorous nature of cockroaches is problematic for us. They get attracted to so many wide varieties of things, and they are hard to kill. They grow very fast and can infest someone’s house reasonably quickly. One of the common reasons is a dirty drainage system.

Cockroach loves that place. They breed and grow over there, and from that place, they enter your house. They are resilient and smart. If they find that they are getting killed in the morning, then they will come out in the evening when you are not noticing, and if you kill them in the evening, then they will come out at night when you are sleeping.

Nymph (Baby Cockroach) Are Very Dangerous

nymph baby cockroachNymph is even more problematic. A nymph is tiny and hard to spot. Nymph usually come out at night in numbers and tries to get to the food that is uncovered and easily reachable. They are fast, and even if you feel that there are nymph that is trying to get to your food, you may not be able to see them, and if you see them and try to chase them, they will immediately flee away, and it is tough to catch them.

I have experienced it so many times. It keeps on happening over and over again. They are fast, careful, and smart. They spread diseases and should be taken care of immediately. If the infestation is high, then appropriate measures should be taken to get rid of them.

Even these nymphs inherits the behaviour of chasing us. If cornered, cockroach may try to chase you and then try to flee away from that place, although they are much smaller in size, so that’s why they may not be as scary as a cockroach, but they can get on your body, and that can freak out many people.

Nymph Can Get On You While You Are Sleeping

Nymph is less experienced, and they are not aware that getting onto a human can be dangerous for them. So, it’s very much possible that a nymph can get on to you while you are asleep.  If you see too many of them inside your house, then it means the infestation is high, and in that case, this scenario may happen.

Although they are entirely harmless when they climb on you, it only tickles, but if you see them on you, there are high chances that you may freak out. As from my own experience, I will freak out. That’s the only problem. They usually come out for food and basic curiosity.

Like every baby, they also don’t a lot of experience, but they have a lot amount of curiosity. Adult cockroaches don’t make that mistake, or at least they try not to. They try to keep their distance from humans as we can kill them. So, the chances of an adult sitting on you in the middle of the night are relatively low unless you have a heavy infestation. In that case, cockroaches will be everywhere, and you should immediately talk to professionals to get rid of them.

Keeping Them In Your House Is Dangerous

Having too many cockroaches in your house can be dangerous as they can spread many diseases, and nobody wants that to happen. Usually, the diseases spread from the food that they try to consume, and if the dishes are not clean and you serve food in that dish, then it can be hazardous. They are attracted to both fresh food and rotten food. So, if the infestation is high, then every meal you consume is at risk. Immediately ask for professional help to get rid of them.

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