Why Lizards Are Afraid Of Peacock?

peacockIf you live in a place where there are a lot of peacocks, then you can often see peacock eating lizards. On the contrast, you will also see that lizards are leaving the place when they see a group of peacocks. So what causes this change in the behavior of lizards?

More specifically, why lizards are afraid of peacock? Lizards won’t come out if they see peacock because peacock are big and they can easily eat a small lizard. Small lizards are scared because peacocks are big compared to their size. Apart from that, peacocks are lizard’s natural enemies. So their hiding behavior is instinctual.

The Benefits of Peacock’s Tail

Peacock uses its tail to appear bigger. For this reason, even big lizards have a hard time taking them out. Not because they are strong but because they appear bigger than their size. For small lizards, they don’t even have to use their tail to scare them because there is no competition.

So whenever the lizard sees peacock. They runs away from that place without making much of the noise. Noise will attract the peacock, and the peacock can chase after them.

Peacocks Can Be Aggressive

Peacocks can be aggressive and can even attack its predator. Their appearance is another big thing which scares most predators. Skilled predators like tigers catch them off guard, but not everyone can do that. It isn’t easy to take down a peacock head-on. They can show aggression to whosoever they think as a threat. 

Why Peacock Are Dangerous?

Like any other animals, everybody has a survival instinct, and if somebody attacks them, they will either run away or return attack the predator. This makes the peacock quite dangerous even for people. During mating season they become even more aggressive and can attack anyone they see as a threat.

Can Lizard Fight Against A Peacock?

Yes, a lizard can certainly fight against peacock, but it can be a little bit challenging because peacock can use their tail to appear bigger. It can be challenging to grab the vital spots when the peacock flaunts its tail. Only big lizards can fight against peacock.

If the lizard can capture a vital spot, then the fight will be over in a minute. Usually, a peacock is also aware that big lizards can hunt them, so they avoid confronting big lizards.

Can Lizard Escape When Chased By Peacock?

If small lizard faces the peacock head-on, then it can difficult for the lizard to survive the fight. The only way for the lizard to survive the fight is when the lizard runs away from that place immediately when they see the peacock. 

Peacock can run quite fast, so if the lizard is not able to hide under something immediately, then the lizard will not be able to escape from the peacock.

Peacock can also attack big lizards, although it may not be able to kill them. If there are many peacocks in a place, then the big lizard will run away from that place because all of the peacocks can start attacking at the same time. That can be too much even for the big lizard.

What Happens When A Lizard Climbs On Tree When Chased By Peacock?

lizard on treeA peacock cannot capture a lizard if they manage to climb on a tree. Peacock cannot fly well so if the lizard climbs a tree, then the peacock won’t be able to capture the lizard. Lizards are exceptional climbers, and almost all lizards can climb trees so if a peacock chases them, a lizard will climb a tree. 

But there is a problem. Lizards are fast, but peacocks are even faster, so if the trees are not near them, then it can be difficult for the lizard to escape the peacock.

What Happens If A lizard Leaves Its Tail When Chased By Peacock?

Losing their tail is one the best strategy that they can use to distract the peacock. Because the tail is a moving thing, it gives the appearance that it is the lizard. That said it’s hard to fool a peacock because peacock will be able to spot the lizard when lizard tries to run away after leaving its tail.

Peacock also eats really fast so the peacock will try to chase the lizard immediately after eating it’s tail. If multiple peacocks are chasing the lizard, then one of the peacocks will eat the tail, and another peacock will chase the lizard. In this case, it will be tough for the lizard to escape. If the lizard is lucky, then it will be able to escape. 

Why Peacock Uses Their Toe To Catch Prey?

Peacock toe allows them to move fast and they can stomp using their leg. The structure of their legs allows them to grab small preys, and once the prey gets inside their toe, they start eating them. They can also use their toe to defend themselves from big predators. They also use their leg to dig things and find a meal.

If a lizard gets caught in between the toes, then they won’t be able to get out of it unless they are lucky. They can also attack with their leg and can scare away any creature. 

Why Lizard Are Scared Of Peacock?

komodo dragon realSmall lizards are mostly scared of peacocks. Big lizards are not scared of peacock and can attack a peacock if necessary. If a big lizard catches a peacock off guard, then it can be difficult for the peacock to run away from that place. 

Peacock can put up a fight against big lizards, but it may not be able to survive if the lizard grabs it’s the neck. To catch a peacock, a lizard has to hide and wait for one of the peacocks to get alone and that’s when it can strike.

Peacock can attack the lizard if the lizard tries to attack a peacock when they are in a group. The group of the peacock will start attacking the lizard simultaneously, and it can be dangerous for the lizard.

Small lizards are scared of peacocks because peacocks can attack them the moment they see the lizard. Small lizards become very cautious when they see peacocks. Suppose the lizard senses any danger while the peacocks are nearby. In that case, the lizards will run away and hide somewhere immediately.

Is Lizard Peacock Primary Food?

No peacock are omnivorous, and they eat various kinds of foods, and lizards are a small part of their diet. Small lizards are small and can be easy prey for peacocks. Peacock also eats worms and various kinds of insects.

Insects are small lizards primary food, so they stay around those places where there are a lot of insects, so when peacock reaches those places they feed on insects as well as lizards. However, lizards are very careful when peacocks are nearby, but they can still get caught.


Lizards are scared of peacock because they are lizard’s natural predator. Peacocks are aggressive and can attack a lizard on sight. Small lizards are scared of peacocks, and they avoid getting close to peacock. There are big lizards that are not scared of lizards because they can eat peacocks. Peacocks use their toes to catch their prey. 

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