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Will Lizards Eat Bird Eggs?

lizard eats egg realLizards eat various kinds of food. Mostly all lizards are a carnivore. They eat mammals, insects, reptiles etc. and you can often see them eating various kinds of eggs but

Will lizards eat bird eggs? Yes, lizards can eat birds eggs. Wild Lizards, pet lizards eat bird eggs. Some birds eggs have a hard outer shell, so they break the eggs and eats the inner part. Usually moderate to big lizards are capable in eating bird eggs, small lizards cannot eat birds eggs. They survive mostly on insects.

Eggs are one of the lizards favorite food because they can easily get access to them, and they don’t have to waste a lot of energy to get them. It contains protein, fat and everything they need for growth and survival. One egg may not be enough for a lizard, so they consume multiple of them.

Some species actively look for birds eggs. Others eat them when they encounter them on the way. A lizard sucks the inner material of the egg. Some bird eggs have hard shells, and that can be harmful to the lizard, so they like to break the bird eggs and consumes the soft inner parts.

What Is Lizard’s Favorite Bird Egg?

Lizards eat all different kinds of bird eggs. It’s hard to say which is their favorite, but it’s evident that lizards like soft and big eggs so if they get that kind of eggs, then that could be their favorite eggs.

The favoritism will depend upon where they live and what bird eggs are available over there, and also the size of the lizard will determine their favorite bird egg. The bigger lizard will be able to eat big eggs, whereas small lizard has to satisfy their hunger with small eggs.

Are Bird Eggs Dangerous For Lizards?

liard eggs poisonousNo, bird eggs are not dangerous for lizard. They can consume the egg without any side effects. All lizards have a strong digestive system, so it doesn’t hurt if they consume bird eggs. 

Lizards sometimes break the eggs and eat the inner material of the eggs because the outer shell of some bird eggs is tough. They don’t want to consume it whole, so they prefer to eat the soft inside part.

The protein, fat and all of the nutrients inside the eggs are valuable for the lizard, but it may not be adequate for the lizard. Big lizard needs a lot of food to sustain such small eggs are not enough. They need meat along with eggs.

How Many Bird Eggs Can A Lizard Eat In A Single Day?

It depends upon a lot of factors; one of the factors is the size of the lizard. If the lizard is small, for example, if it is a baby monitor lizard, then the lizard can satisfy their hunger with 2-3 eggs.

Big lizards will require much more eggs. Big lizards will probably eat all the eggs that they can find in the nest. Some bird eggs are bigger, and some bird eggs are smaller, so it also depends upon the size of the egg. The bigger it is, the more time consuming it will be.

For example, suppose a lizard attempts to eat an ostrich egg. In that case, it will take a lot of time to eat each egg, and while the lizard is eating those eggs, the adult ostrich can arrive and can even injure the lizard. 

So realistically there are a lot of factors which determines how many eggs a lizard can consume egg in a single day. Lizards are opportunistic creatures so they will enter the nest when the adult bird is not there to avoid conflict with the adult bird. The female bird becomes very aggressive after giving birth and can attack the lizard inflicting significant damage. 

Also, if the adult mother bird sees that a lizard attacks their nest, then the adult bird will not leave the nest for the entire day. So in this situation, the lizard will not get more than one egg. 

In short, the amount depends upon the size of the egg, size of the lizard and the opportunity it gets to eat the eggs.

Can Lizard Attack My Pet Birds Eggs?

chickencoopYes, if there are big lizards nearby, then they can attack pet birds and eat their eggs. If you are not careful, then it can be very problematic. 

Big lizards like a komodo dragon can attack chicken coop and can eat the chickens as well as their eggs. These big lizards are fearless, and they enter a human territory in search of food. You must keep the door of your chicken coop closed at all times. That will ensure safety. 

If you see any big lizard don’t approach it by yourself as big lizards like komodo dragon are unpredictable and aggressive. You should immediately call an expert to deal with them.

Do Pet Lizard Like Bird Eggs?

Yes, pet lizards like bird eggs but, that doesn’t mean you have to feed them eggs all the time. You can also feed them meat because they primarily live on meat. Eggs are like bonus food to them. Make sure to check the nutritional needs of each species before giving them eggs.

Living only on eggs can get problematic if you don’t know the nutritional needs of your pet lizard. A single egg is not enough for most egg-eating lizards. Lizards consume bird eggs depending upon their daily requirement, so if you are planning to give them bird eggs only then at least know how many eggs do you need to feed them each day.  

Protein and egg yolks are generally not harmful to lizards, but the shells can be problematic because they are sharp. Lizard only eats eggs that are suitable for them. If they come across a bird egg and have the opportunity to eat the bird egg, they will do so.

They can avoid the eggs if they feel that they can get harm. So, check the shell. If they are hard, then it’s better to feed them the inner part of the eggs.

Do Lizards Eat Birds?

Yes, lizards eat birds, reptiles, amphibians. They are carnivores, and they can consume various kinds of food. It isn’t easy to catch a bird, but lizard uses stealth followed by a swift attack to capture birds. Lizards usually don’t attack birds that often but instead they attack the bird’s nest.

They eat baby birds, and it’s eggs and also the adult birds. That said they cannot attack all kinds of birds because there are big birds that can kill or injure lizards, for example, Eagle. They usually attack those birds nests that are close to their habitat. 

For most lizards, birds are not their primary food. A small lizard cannot eat bird because they are small and so they have to rely on insects. Big lizards like monitor lizards can eat birds, but they prefer other food instead of birds. For a monitor lizard, it’s much more comfortable and much less energy-consuming to eat something that is on the ground.

They will climb a tree if they don’t get enough food on the ground, but that is not something that they prefer most of the time. Birds have great reflexes, so the lizard has to be very careful if they want to get close to the bird. This is not an easy task. 

Do Lizards Eat Other Eggs?

Yes, lizards can eat other eggs. They like all sort of eggs and they are not limited to bird eggs only. In the wild lizards eats whatever eggs they can get. They eat turtle eggs, alligator, snake eggs etc. If you have pet lizard, then you can give them reptile eggs if you can get those. But don’t entirely depend upon the egg. Feed them other food along with whatever eggs you can get.

Lizards can eat a wide variety of food. They can eat birds, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects and mammals. They usually eat their primary food which gives them maximum nutrition but occasionally they consume eggs.

Some lizards cannot climb trees to eat bird eggs, so they feed the eggs that have fallen on the ground. Usually, these eggs are broken and rotten, but they don’t mind consuming that. Some bird also nests on the ground and lizards attack those nests and eat the eggs, and if the bird is small, then the lizard will eat the bird along with the eggs.

Can Lizard Eat Lizard’s Eggs?

Yes, lizards can eat lizard eggs. Some lizards have cannibalistic tendencies, and they eat the weak and small lizard in their group. If they can eat their own species, then they can definitely eat their own or other lizard’s eggs. 

Not all lizard consumes their eggs, but they can consume the eggs of another lizard. When they are hungry, they can eat almost anything. 

Usually, a lizard doesn’t rely on the lizard eggs for survival. They rely on meat from reptiles, amphibians, insects etc. But if there is scarcity and the lizard doesn’t get to eat anything, then they can definitely eat their own eggs along with other lizard eggs. 

The mother lizard usually doesn’t eat their own eggs after giving birth, but other male lizards can eat those eggs. Some female lizard can eat the eggs shells after the babies are born to get the extra protein and nutrients. Giving birth can be exhausting, so eating the eggs shells can give some immediate energy. 

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