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Can Snakes Climb Walls?

snake climbing wallSnakes have exceptional climbing abilities. You can see them climbing tall trees and sometimes you can see snakes trying to climb walls, and with that, the question arises.

Can snakes climb walls? The answer is it depends on the wall. If the wall is smooth, then a snake won’t be able to climb the wall, but if the wall is not smooth and the snake gets something to grab on the wall, then the snake will be able to climb the wall.

Snakes Ability To Climb

Snakes cannot climb a straight wall. The wall must have some grip on it. 

There must be a tree attached to the wall by which the snake might be able to climb the wall and get inside, or there must be some nuts on it which the snake can grab.

Some snakes are long, and they can try to peek by raising their upper body, and if the wall is small, the snake might be able to cross over the wall without actually climbing it.

Usually, snakes avoid this kind of situations because they can smell what is on the other side of the wall. They do not want to come in contact with humans. 

Unless they are desperate, starving for days or they have to relocate because of other big snakes, they will avoid this situation. 

Trees Can Be Problematic 

snake climbing treeHowever, if a tree is just beside the wall, that can become dangerous. 

Snake can climb trees for capturing their prey; it can be a bird; it can be the bird’s egg etc. As a process of capturing its prey, the snake can cross the wall.

Out of curiosity, the snake can get inside the house and can also get trapped over there. 

Once inside the house, the snake won’t be able to come out easily. This can become problematic for the snake and for the people living in that house. 

To avoid the situation contruct your house away from the trees (if it’s an option) or keep trees away from windows. 

Secondly, you can close all the windows, especially during the monsoon season.

Some Snakes Are More Dangerous

King Cobra, Python is not scared of anything and can get inside a house without worrying about anything. These types of snakes can kill your pets and can be dangerous to your kids.

Small snakes can be problematic because they can get inside your house through the cracks and crevices of your home or the window. Once inside the house, the snake will look for a proper place to hide. 

This place will be untouched and dark. So look around your home for these dark and damp places if you hear anything moving then inspect that place. But be careful.

Pregnant Snakes Are Dangerous

Snakes can also look for a place when they are going to give babies. A pregnant snake can become desperate and can get inside anywhere, which provides the proper environment to give birth.

Your house basement or your lawn can be the potential home for the snake, especially if it’s not cleaned regularly. 

If someone gets close to the snake during this time, it can become fatal for that person. So avoiding the situation is very important.

Can Snake Climb High Walls?

Snakes cannot climb like lizards. They don’t have any special features within their body that will allow them to climb flat surfaces. 

A snake can climb surfaces that have uneven texture to it for example if bricks are sticking out from the surface of the wall, then a snake can climb. 

If the boundary of the wall is made of marble, then there is no way a snake can climb and cross that. Snakes cannot stick to any surface like a lizard.

A lizard might be able to climb on smooth surfaces, but a snake cannot. 

If a wall is 5 foot tall or 6 foot tall made of concrete or smooth materials, then the snake may not be able to climb through that unless the snake itself is huge. 

For example, a python can peek out from a 6 feet tall wall because its overall length is almost around 17 feet, but other small snakes won’t be able to peek out from that 6 feet tall wall.

What Kind Of Snakes Can Climb Walls?

Almost none of the snake can climb on smooth surfaces. Snakes can only climb uneven surfaces. 

When a snake comes across a wall, it tries to find it’s weakness, tries to find an opening, and if they get one they enter from that place.

Can A Snake Squeeze Through A Door?

snake on drain Snakes can squeeze through doors, but it depends upon the snake’s size. 

A snake that is few metres in length might be able to squeeze through a door if there is enough space below the door. A python cannot squeeze through a 1cm gap.

To avoid the situation, use phenyl around the door, and that will completely repel the snake. Snake doesn’t like the smell of phenyl. 

Secondly, you can close the tiny gap below the door to stop the snake from getting inside your house.

Thirdly you can remove any drains close to the door because the snake can travel through the drainage system and that can enter your house. 

Snakes usually avoid humans; however, if they are chasing prey, they can come from the drains.

Can Snake Climb Cement Walls?

If the cement wall is constructed correctly, then the snake won’t be able to climb the wall. If plaster coating is used, then the snake will not be able to climb that. 

But if a cement wall has big cracks, then the snake can climb through that cement walls. If a cement wall has nail sticking out it, then the snake can grab that and can climb the wall. 

Can Flying Snake Cross Walls?

flying snakeFlying snake is seen in the wild. Flying snakes jumps from tree to tree chasing their prey. Flying snakes don’t fly they jump from tree to tree. The tree should have a proper height. 

Flying snake doesn’t have wings. They use their body and navigates using the air current. There are very fewer chances that a flying snake will try to cross your wall because this snake doesn’t live near humans. They can be seen in Big jungles where the trees are high. 

Along with that, human poses a significant danger to this flying snakes so this snake will try to avoid human interaction at all cost.

Erosion Is Problematic

Sometimes due to erosion or digging holes are created below these walls. These holes are created because of the weakness in that particular area of the land. 

It is dangerous because a snake can easily enter from those holes. Big snakes can also come from such big holes. 

To avoid this situation do a regular inspection of your walls, especially during monsoon season. Due to rain, the weak soil might get washed away, and the hole will form. 

An inspection will allow you to identify this weakness beforehand and can prevent these holes from forming. If you see any holes immediately repair that. 

If you have a big wall, ask a few people to look around the whole wall and do a proper inspection to make sure no holes are forming. 

Weak soil can also make the wall fall. This is more dangerous because a snake can pass through that place while you are building those walls. 

So, identify the weakness beforehand and stop all of this from happening.

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