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Do Cockroaches Bleed?

cockroach bleedCockroaches are fascinating creatures and seeing them bleed is rare. Only lizards and other big predators consume them, and they consume them whole so, you probably won’t see them bleeding at that time.

But, do cockroaches bleed? Yes, cockroaches bleed, but their blood is not red because it doesn’t use hemoglobin to carry the oxygen throughout their body. Their blood is colourless because of the lack of iron in it. Iron plays a very vital role in giving the red colour to the blood.

They Emit Sticky Substance When Cut

Cockroach blood is colourless and sticky. It’s a very sticky liquid. Whether you cut their leg or head, you’ll see this colourless substance. 

This fluid is their blood along with some other fluids. You’ll see this blood only when you smash them or cut them.

Why Don’t They Have Red Blood?

We have red blood because of haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a protein which combines itself with iron and carries oxygen throughout our body. 

The red colour is because of the iron in our blood. Cockroach lack all these characteristics, and that’s why they don’t have a red colour.

Cockroach Has Low Pressure

A cockroach has an open circulatory system, and they lack tiny capillaries along with that they have less blood pressure. 

A human needs to maintain proper blood pressure for adequate blood flow, and because of that if we are injured, our blood comes rushing out. 

A cockroach doesn’t have this system, and because of low blood pressure cockroach blood doesn’t come rushing out even when decapitated. 

Does Cockroaches Blood Clot?

Yes, cockroach blood clots much faster than us. They are tough creatures. If they lose a leg, they won’t die. Sure, they can have some problem while walking, but it won’t kill them. 

As long as they can get food and water, they won’t die. This blood-clotting will stop the blood flow when they lose a leg. 

Generally, if a human loses its leg, he or she can die because of blood loss, but that is not the case for a cockroach. 

Cockroach won’t die because of blood loss, but that doesn’t mean that if all of their legs get cut down, they will survive for a long time. 

They can survive even without legs, but losing legs means losing the ability to have food and water and becoming prey for predators. 

So, a cockroach can die because of that. Their wound would clot even after missing all of their legs. They are tough creatures.

Cockroach Blood Can Be Slippery

After a cockroach dies, remove it as these blood can be slippering, and people can fall. 

If you kill a cockroach using your feet, then it may stick on your feet or whatever you are wearing to kill it. 

To avoid this situation, remove the cockroach immediately after you smash it, then wash the object with water and get rid of them. 

This dead parts or blood can also attract ants or other insects so getting rid of the carcass is crucial.

Cockroach Blood Doesn’t Drip

If a cockroach loses, it’s a limb or loses its wings. It will start bleeding; however, you’ll not see their blood dripping from their body unless it touches an object. 

It will be there in their body and will start clotting after that.

Dead Cockroaches Can Attract More Cockroaches

dead cockroach attract more cockroach realCockroach has cannibalism tendencies, so if you kill a cockroach, then other cockroaches may come and consume it. 

This can be a problem or can be an opportunity to kill those extra unwanted cockroaches. 

You can kill a cockroach and when other cockroaches come to consume it spray a cockroach killer to get rid of them. You can deal with significant infestation with this strategy.

Can Live Without Head

A cockroach can survive up to 7 days without their head; this is not a myth. The reason behind this is because they have low blood pressure, and they breathe through their skin. 

The only thing that their brain does is give them sensory input and allows them to consume food and water. 

If a cockroach loses its head, and if a cockroach gets food and water in some ways, then a cockroach will be able to survive for much longer. This is a fascinating ability. 

How To Avoid Cockroach Infestation

Cockroach infestationNow you don’t want cockroach to start bleeding and start spreading their sticky blood all-around your house so to avoid this situation you can do a few things.

If you have a heavy infestation, you need to take extra measures to get rid of them.

1. Use Cockroach Repellent/Killing Spray

This kind of spray either repels or kills cockroaches. If you spray this around all the corners where you see cockroaches, then it will repel them, and if you spray it directly over them, then it will kill them.

In case of severe infestation spraying it directly in all those places where cockroaches are hiding will get rid of them. 

Now, you are probably thinking about where do they hide. Simple, cockroaches like to hide within crack and crevices of your house, in dark places and moist places. 

So, look around your home and if you see these places spray it directly over there. 

Few cockroaches may even come out when you spray this cockroach repellant spray but don’t get worried it’s a common thing. Continue to spray more, and they will die in a few minutes.

2. Use Caulking

Caulking the crack and crevices will stop them from coming out. The first and foremost step in here is to find from where these cockroaches are coming out once you find that caulk those places and they will stop bothering you. 

3. Use Boric Powder 

Boric powder is also effective against cockroaches. This chemical is cheap and can be used all around your house to get rid of cockroaches along with other unwanted pests. 

Just find those places where cockroaches are living and put the powder in those places. Wear a glove while doing so. You’ll see an immediate effect.

Use it often to get rid of the cockroaches. Now, these cockroaches won’t be able to come out from their hiding place, and if they come out somehow, they will die.

4. Call An Exterminator

Now if you don’t want to do anything by yourself, then you can call an exterminator or pest control company to get rid of cockroaches. 

Although they will charge money depending upon the required work but, they will surely do the job. Unless your infestation is severe, I will recommend you to do it yourself.


Cockroach blood is colourless, and they clot fast. They can live without a head for seven days. They are tough and annoying creatures.

They love to hide in dark and moist places, so it becomes difficult to get rid of them. They can multiply rapidly, so getting rid of them at the early sign of an infestation is essential. 

Otherwise, they will come across you, and you’ll step on to them, and it can be a total mess. Use the solutions mentioned here to get rid of them. 

Cockroaches are fast, so don’t try to chase after them. Instead, use something to lure them out and then kill them using a chemical. In case of severe infestation, call a pest control company near your area. 

You can handle low to moderate level infestation by yourself. Don’t freak out if you see a cockroach. They don’t harm humans directly by biting, but they can spread diseases, so get rid them.

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