Do Fly Traps Attract More Flies?

Flies are annoying and the buzzing sound from flies is very annoying plus they carry enormous amount of germs which can get into your body through food and can cause disease so that’s why everyone wonders how can I get rid of flies by using fly traps but the question is

Do fly traps really attract more flies? Yes, fly trap really attract more flies in fact that is the reason flytrap are so successful. There are multiple ways that fly traps uses to attract more flies and kill them which is really effective.

Let me explain why it works in that way so it will be more helpful

Why Are Fly Traps So Effective?

The fundamental reasons why fly traps are so effective is because this traps are made from studying flies behaviour and those are used to kill them, for example flies are attracted to a vertical surfaces there are some fly traps that uses this principle and make traps. These techniques are really very effective and it works not in your home and but also in your garden.

There are also poisonous ways to kill Flies but it that has harmful effect and are not advised to use because they kill other helpful pests along with the flies. There are many different kind of fly traps but I am going to explain you one of the most commonly used fly traps that is sticky tape as an example on why fly traps are so effective.

Sticky tapes works really well with home flies because home flies like to hang on vertical services and sticky tapes has glue in it. Once, the flies gets inside, it gets stuck to the glue. Once stuck they can’t get out of the trap and dies. Once they are killed and when you feel there is no more space for more flies inside the trap you can easily remove the trap and use a new trap and throw the old trap away. It’s that simple.

There are so many different kind of fly traps out there but there are some recent traps that uses bait to lure the flies inside the trap and then kill them. This is a non-toxic way to kill flies and works really well. Checkout our recommended fly traps.

Where To Hang Fly Traps To Make It More Effective?

There are different kind of fly traps so depending upon the fly traps so, I am going to explain some of the most popular kind of fly traps and their best position to make it more effective and to kill more flies. For sticky trap it is better to keep the trap at a height since flies like to fly higher so instead of keeping the sticky trap at the ground you should keep the sticky trap at higher corners of your house or garden then they will get attracted toward the sticky trap and get caught in it and then there are also traps that has vertical pillar in it.

It is better to keep these in the ground as they have a stand. It can automatically attract flies towards it as flies like to stick to vertical items. In case of bait traps you can keep the trap at higher corners. The principal works in the same way as the sticky traps but here the flies gets attracted towards the bait and then enters the trap and dies. The more traps you have the more flies it will kill.

If you keep the bait fly traps in the ground it won’t be as effective because there are only few flies that comes to the ground. They do so only when they are attracted towards foods and other items which I suppose you are not keeping it in open. So, keeping a fly Trap in the ground is not an  effective way to kill many flies.

You can also try to find out where are the maximum number of flies and then can find the put it over there in that way it will ensure that all of those flies can get trapped in it and then get killed. You should use multiple flytraps there as there can be too many flies. One or two fly traps won’t be able to kill such number of flies.

Another factor why one fly trap may not be able to kill all flies is because it will get congested because of capturing flies. Also keep the trap around shadows or dark places since flies likes to fly around the shadows and dark places but don’t keep in completely dark places because it be as effective. There should be some light sources that can cast shadows or keep it places which has moderately low light but not pitch black.

Does Fly Traps Smell Bad If So How Can I Get Rid Of It?

Yes, fly traps can smell bad. If you are going to buy a fly trap do remember it can smell bad but now companies are trying to make fly trap that doesn’t smell however if in case if you have those fly traps that smells bad then this is what you can do

There are different kind of fly traps and nowadays some of them actually smells good but once the Flies start dying in it, it starts to smell very bad so, once that fly trap are set and working and once you feel that there has been enough amount of flies that has been killed you can just throw the Trap and spray the room with a room freshener to defuse this smell.

But if you don’t want to throw away the fly trap then you should make sure that the smell doesn’t reaches you easily in that way the flytrap will continue to kill flies and you won’t smell anything by keeping it at higher corners and keep it near the ventilation. But after certain time you should throw it away as it won’t be as effective.

It won’t attract as many flies as it was attracting before. Doesn’t matter what kind of fly trap you are using you have to change it as it won’t work after killing too many flies. All of these traps has certain limit. You’ll know the limit when you feel that it is not killing that much of flies as it’s supposed to. Please change it when this occurs. Click here to checkout our recommended fly traps.

What Can I Do To Keep Flytraps Away From My Pets?

Pets often get attracted to fly traps and can bring it down.  Fly traps should be kept at a higher corners so that your pet cannot jump and reach it. You shouldn’t keep anything near the fly traps that pet can use to climb to the fly traps it should be kept in a place where your pets cannot reach it. You can use ladder to reach that place and install it there and it will work perfectly.

Here are some suggestions on where to keep the fly traps so that it is effective. So, the best way to do that is to follow from where the Flies are coming and then remove all of the things that pets can use to climb to the fly traps and then install the fly traps over there because if your pets happened to get to the fly traps it will damage the fly traps and also create a lot of mess.

This is a very high priority work for safety of your pets as well, as some of them can contain poisons that can be really harmful to your pets. If you have birds in your home as a pet and if they are not caged they might attack the fly traps and bring in down. It doesn’t matter where you keep it at height as birds can reach it easily and bring it down easily.

So, the best way to stop them from bringing it down is to build a small cage around it where flies can go in but the birds cannot this will not only protect your bird from getting harmed but also keep your fly traps functioning.

If there are too many lizards in your home then also it is better to make a cage around it otherwise the lizards will try to get and could end up sticking to the fly traps as some of the fly traps has sticky features and if lizards gets stuck to the fly traps then it can totally destroy your fly traps which is obviously not your intention. Fly traps can also attract other bugs that’s why lizards may get attracted towards it.

Keeping these steps in mind will allow you to safely remove flies from your home and your garden so buy your fly traps and start using it and it will help you to get rid of flies safely and easily.

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  1. Does having a fly trap attract flies to your yard as opposed to not having one? I have a reusable bottle w the trap. I will not buy a reusable again as I am not going to empty it and put a new solution in it. Hundreds of flies and smells really bad!!

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