How To Get Rid Of Ants From Laptop?

ants inside laptopLaptop is one of our most important thing and having ants there can create serious problems for us. Ants can damage laptop components and will also bite us if we are using our laptop and not aware. Because of this everyone wants to get rid of ants from their laptop.

So, how to get rid of ants from laptop? We have created 8 ways that will prevent them and also get rid of them from laptop.

  • Vacuum Them
  • Make Sure There Are No Food Pieces On Laptop
  • Shake The Laptop
  • Take Your Laptop Away If You See Few Ants
  • Use Bait To Draw Them Out Of Laptop
  • Open The Laptop And Clean It
  • Take It To Service Centre
  • Relocate Your Laptop

Continue reading to read them in details.

Why Do Ants Get Inside Laptop?

Scientists are yet to pinpoint why some ants are addicted towards electronic devices. It is assumed that they are attracted towards the magnetic field or to the heat generated by electronic devices and these ants don’t have big colonies so rather than building their own colony they prefer to get inside laptop, PC etc and build colony inside them.

They can create short circuit or the device may not work properly. Many kind of problems can occur if there are big colony of ants living inside laptop. The can totally destroy the electronic circuit within the laptop so it’s very important to get rid of them

Signs Of Ants Infestation Inside Your Laptop

  • The first and the most obvious signs that you’ll see are ants going in and coming out of your laptop. If that happens that means the infestation has started. Depending upon how many ants comes out and goes in you can approximately understand the amount of infestation.
  • Laptop glitches can occur if there is too much infestation. These ants will move along the circuits, fans of your laptop and can make them malfunction. If you see that your laptop suddenly stopped working and starts working again and it keep on happening repeatedly then it’s possible that ants are creating the problem.
  • You’ll see ants in the places where you keep your laptop. If you keep your laptop inside your laptop bag, table, bed etc then you’ll see ants over there (at least few ants) and you won’t be able to figure out where the ants came from. In that case you should remember that it can come from inside the laptop.
  • You’ll also see ants along other electronic devices that are kept close to the laptop. Since, these ants like electronic devices they will also get inside other electronic devices although in small numbers but they will and then they may even try to come out from those electronic devices. If you see that then, do check your laptop because the ants inside it could be the culprit.

1. Vacuum Them

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaner can work really well against them because once these ants gets inside the vacuum they will die. It’s the cleanest way to get rid of ants that are infesting in the laptop. However this has it’s own drawback i.e. you cannot vacuum ants that are inside the laptop and they will keep coming out once you stop the vacuum. You can only vacuum those ants that are near the laptop or coming out of the laptop.

2. Clean Food Pieces That Fell On Laptop

Lets face the fact everyone consumes food while using laptop mainly while watching movies, playing games and even while working and if those food falls over the laptop and you forget to clean it then obviously ants may will try to eat them especially if that is a sugary product and that’s where the infestation will begin. Once the infestation begins it can become difficult to get rid of them so, make sure you keep your laptop clean.

3. Shake The Laptop

If the infestation is less then you can just shake the laptop and that will scare those ants and then they will start coming out of your laptop, You can then use any bug killing spray or simply vacuum them to get rid of them. Make sure you’re not doing it while sitting on bed or sofa instead do in your balcony or a place where you’ll be able to see all the ants and get rid of them.

4. Take Your Laptop Away If You See Few Ants

Before the infestation starts happening you’ll see few ants trying to get inside your laptop. If you see that immediately keep your laptop at other location because those will bring all of the other ants and then the infestation will begin.

Most of the time this thing gets unnoticed but if you’ve ants infestation in your house then you should be aware as some of the ants may try to get inside your laptop. Don’t keep it near the place where ants are usually seen because that will increase the risk many fold. So, be careful if you’ve ants infestation in your house as that is the number one factor for these kinds of problems.

5. Use Bait To Draw Them Out Of Laptop

Ants likes sugary products so if you use peanut butter or something that is sweet and keep that in a small bowl then you’ll see ants coming out of your laptop trying to consume it. All you have to do is keep the sugary product near the laptop and wait for 1-2 hours. Keep monitoring and you’ll see them coming out.

Many ants will come out if not all and then you can take that bowl and flush it, throw it away along with the ants or pour water in that bowl. Some ants will try to flea the moment you touch the bowl but they won’t enter your laptop and then you can simply vacuum them to get rid of them or kill them in your own way.

6. Open The Laptop And Clean It

disassembled laptopLets say you did everything correct yet these ants are still inside your laptop then the best thing that you can do is to open you laptop but be careful while you’re opening it because it has small parts and every parts are vital for the laptop to function properly.

If you’re opening laptop for the first time then it’s better to watch some YouTube videos then understand it properly and then only you should open it. Before opening it keep it on a unused table or some other place that is not frequently used but don’t keep it on your lap as the moment you open your laptop ants will start to coming out in big numbers and if you keep it on your lap then those ant may bite you.

After opening carefully get rid of those ants. Don’t use vacuum cleaner here as that can damage laptop components. Simply use a dry cloth and clean the laptop and after you’re finished cleaning reassemble the laptop and you’re done.

7. Take It To Service Center

If you don’t want to open the laptop then its better to take it to a service center as they will do all the job for you. They will open the laptop clean it perfectly and then fix any problem caused by ants inside the laptop. The only drawback is they will charge money and if you don’t want to pay then it’s better to do it yourself. Plenty of YouTube videos are available you can follow their step by step guide and do it yourself.

8. Relocate Your Laptop

Just relocating your laptop can get rid of the ants as no more ants will be able to enter your laptop. They will not be able to locate the laptop and that will help to reduce the infestation. However it’s better to relocate your laptop once you’ve cleaned your laptop because it’s quite possible that the ants may be able to find it’s way inside your laptop because each ants releases certain hormones that allows them to communicate with each other.

So, if there are ants living inside the laptop then those ants will send signal to the ants that are outside and they may be able to get inside the laptop but if you clean and relocate then and keep your laptop away from the path of those ants then they will not be able to find it.

You can simply relocate your laptop to different places within your house. Lets say you used to keep it in your table then you can relocate that to another’s room table and that will do the job for you. Before relocating your laptop to another room don’t forget to check whether there is any ant infestation in that room. If there is no ant infestation in that room then you’re safe to relocate your laptop to that room.

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