How To Get Rid Of Termites In An Interior Wall Cabinet?


One day you open your interior wall cabinet and suddenly you see termites infestation. These are those kind of pests that can totally damage your cabinet. This is a problem faced by many people. I faced it couple of times too so I did some research it helped me and will also help you out.

What can you do to get rid of termites in your interior wall cabinet? You can just kill the termite and their entire colony by simply using some special pesticides which I call the termite killer.

Let me explain more..

How To Use The Termite Killer To Get Rid Of Termites In Your  Interior Wall Cabinet?

Here is the special recipe that can wipe out the entire termite colony. Thermidor Termiticide Suspended Concentrate. This is a magic termite killer this is something that is used by professionals. If you hire them. The termites cant escape that they can’t see or smell because it is completely undetectable. It also spreads through contact so if one termite is poisoned then it can spread to the colony of termites thus killing the entire colony. Here is how you can use it

  • Depending upon the size of your cabinet make a mixture with water.
  • Mix one cap of Thermidor termite killer with one mug of water. Mix it properly
  • Pour it in a sprayer and spray it all over the cabinet

This is the best and the fastest technique to kill termites in your interior wall cabinet but just in case if you don’t want to use insecticide then you an use boric acid or poisoned bait. This is how you can use boric acid

  • Firstly You’ll need a power duster
  • Then simply just use the power duster to spray the boric acid in the crack and crevices.
  • You can also spray the boric acid directly in the termite colony if you know where it is

After getting exposed to boric acid it takes 3-7 days for the poisoned termite to die.

Here is how to apply poisoned bait to kill termites

  • Use ½ stake place it in your cabinet. Place it in the place where you think the termites are
  • Then frequently check whether it has been eaten then change it if it has been eaten

Once eaten by the termites, the poison will spread and kill their colony.

Will The Termites Come Out And Die Or Will They Die In The Place?

The termites will die in its place but you might need to clean it by opening up the most damaged area. You’ll find an enormous amount of dead termites in that area. You’ll find the entire dead colony. You only need to clean your cabinet if it is highly infested otherwise you can just let it be. The only way to remove the termites properly would be to find the area where you think the majority of termites are, it wouldn’t completely break the cabinet. Open the area and clean as much termites as you can. You can also find these areas by finding the spot which is a little swollen. If you break that area you’ll see massive amount of dead termites starts falling out. Clean it from that area and you’ll see that most of the termites getting cleaned. Often times termites get collected in one place that’s what causes the swelling of certain areas in the cabinet. This is the easiest and the safest way to clear the termites as those areas will be damaged to the extent where you might consider repairing it anyway.

Can My Cabinet Get Damaged If I Use These Chemicals?

No, these chemicals won’t damage you’re cabinet but you might still want to do some maintenance of your cabinet as it can be damaged by the termites and you might want to recolour your cabinet as there might be chemical residue due to repeated use of these chemicals. However if there are cracks along the cabinet caused by the termites then you should rebuild the cabinet instead of repairing the cabinet instead of repairing it. Termites can cause serious damage to cabinet so judging by the situation you should make the decision on rebuilding or repairing. It is seen pretty often that people misjudge the damage caused by the termites and then end up losing their whole cabinet because these termites damages your furniture from the very root and if the infestation is there for a long period of time then furniture is already damaged even if you kill the termites it is better to reconstruct the cabinet instead of trying to repair it for safety purposes.

Can My Cabinet Break If It’s Damaged By Termites?

Yes, it’s a possibility but if it’s only minorly damaged by the termites then it won’t break of however if it’s seriously damaged by the termites then it can fall apart in this case it is recommended to build a new cabinet instead of trying to repair it as you may not know how severely your cabin has been effected. Since making a new cabinet is expensive people tend to repair it more often. However if you look at it in long run you’ll find that repairing can actually cost you more than making a new cabinet because repairing will only repair certain part of the cabinet without knowing the actual cause of the problem. So, after few days or months the problem will start to pop-up again then again you need to repair it and that will eventually cost you more. Also repairing the same cabinet over and over again can also damage the overall beauty of the cabinet so completely making a new one is the best option.

What To Do To Prevent The Termites From Coming In First Place?

The best way to prevent them from coming in the first place would be to build a BTB Basaltic Termite Barrier during the planning stage and continuing to the construction. It’s made of rock particles so termites won’t be able to come through it. It’s the best solution if you’re going to construct a new house however if you already have a house in that case this solution won’t work so, the best solution will be keep the woods away from soil so that the termites can’t reach the wood also keep the wood moisture free (that’s absolutely needed). Only the concrete should touch the ground, also keep plants few feet away from the wood, it is one of the most useful way to keep termites away. Also make sure that the soil is not moisture as it creates ideal conditions for termites attack. These steps will ensure that termites never reach your home. When there is extreme infestations of drywood termites then you should do fumigation. Fumigation is done with sulfuryl fluoride (Vikane) or methyl bromide (bromo-gas) gas. During fumigation, The entire building is covered tightly with a fumigation cover and the gas is sprayed. The gases then penetrate the structure and completely consume all the oxygen replacing it with the deadly gas. Whenever termites breaths they inhale the poisonous gas causing immediate death. Fumigation has a 100% success rate and can kill both insects and mammals so it should only be performed by licensed fumigators.

In case if you’re wondering about what happens to termites eggs? Then this is what happens. After the adult termites dies the immature termites and eggs also dies as they cannot survive without the care of the adults. Fumigation can be highly dangerous also for mammals as they can also die if they are locked within your house during Fumigation process. This the sure shot way to kill all the termites in your house. Normally when termites attack I.e. during the starting phase of infestation the termites creates 6-8 holes around the furniture and they enter from one hole and starts to breed. Then they cover the entry holes with hard materials making it very difficult to reach them. During the starting phase of the infestation a male and female termite enters the furniture and starts reproducing and increases their numbers. The time when you realize that this furniture is infested it already becomes too late as there numbers have grown to a great extent. But since they block their entrance path it becomes very difficult to identify where exactly are they and this is where fumigation becomes heavily useful as you won’t need to worry where the termites are, the licensed fumigators just sprays the whole building with the poison and they die no matter where they are. Also, fumigation doesn’t do any damage to your furniture nor its furnishing. So, if you have built a new house you can consider Fumigation as the best option to kill the termites that have infested your beautiful house.

Termites Life Cycle

Related Questions..

Can I use vinegar to get rid of termites? Yes, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water to kill small infestations of termites. Just mix it and spray it in the wood and in the cracks and holes to get rid of small infestations.

Does WD 40 kill termites? Yes, the common household WD 40 can kill termites. It essentially sticks to the termites and suffocates them.

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