lizard die inside car

Will A Lizard Die In My Car?

lizard die inside carSome lizards are small, and they can enter through small cracks, openings. A lizard is opportunistic creatures, and a car can provide a lot of opportunities. A car attracts lots of insects, and a lizard will have much less competition so a lizard will enter your car. But what happens after it gets in? will it be able to get out? Or

Will a lizard die in my car? If all the openings are closed, then the lizard will not be able to get out and will die in the car. Otherwise, the lizard may get out and survive. A lizard enters a car after seeing a lot of insects, but unfortunately, a lizard is not aware of the car. It doesn’t know it’s a vehicle and humans drive it.

Why Lizard Can Enter Your Car

A lizard can enter your car in search of food. Some lizard is small, and they can get inside through small holes, crack and crevices. This is a major problem. Most of the time, the lizard is not aware of where it is going.

The lizard is not aware of the danger when it gets inside the car. It’s more like a risky unexplored place. For example, they can get inside your car’s engine in search of food and then can die there. They don’t know what an engine is and what it does and so they can die over there.

Baby lizard is even more problematic because they can go through even tiny places, and we often overlook them. Their body-color allows them to camouflage, and since they are small, we overlook them.

How Lizard Can Enter Your Car

If there are a lot of lizards near your house and if you keep your cars doors open or bonnet open, then lizards can get inside your car very easily. This is the most common way for the lizard to get in. You may do it unconsciously, and lizard can get in during that time.

Other than that there is a lot of opening inside a car. The lizard can get below the car and get near the wheels or engines. If the lizard is small, then it will probably die when you turn on the engine, and you may not even notice that unless your car starts malfunctioning or bad stink comes in.

Why Lizards Die Inside A Car (The Most Common Reasons)

There are a few reasons how a lizard can die once it gets inside the car. Here are the most common reasons:

Reason 1. Starvation

Once a lizard gets inside a car and is unable to get out of the car, then the lizard can die due to starvation. If the lizard is unable to get out of the car, then eventually the lizard will not get any food and will probably die.

This happens if you don’t use your car for quite some time. Every section of the car is closed during this time, and the lizard will not be able to come out during that time, and the lizard will die. Lizard enters a car in search of food. For example, during monsoon, they can follow it’s prey and can enter your car.

During the monsoon season, insect infestation increases and during this time the lizard will go all those places where they can see food. After the monsoon season, the infestation decreases and the lizard is left with no food eventually dying out of starvation.

Reason 2. Fight

lizard fightingMany lizards can get inside your car during monsoon season in search of food, and these lizards also fight with each other. A car is a place where a lot of insects can enter, so there is a high probability that lizard will enter your car.

A lizard gets inside the car, thinking that there is no competition and a lot of food. This is a win-win situation, or so they think. But once the insect infestation increases other lizards also gets inside the car, and they can have a fierce fight. Often the weak lizard dies.

Reason 3. Gets Smashed

Lizards are small, and they hide in the dark corners. But when we are in a hurry, we don’t usually look inside the car and start keeping various things. If those things fall over the lizard, then the lizard will die. Those are heavy enough for the lizard, and the lizard will not be able to survive. This is one of the common reason for lizard’s death. 

Big Lizard Can Get Inside Car

We know that small lizard can get inside the car but what most people don’t realize is that big lizard can also get inside a car. A big lizard has an excellent sense of smell, so if big lizards are nearby and it smells food inside your car; then the big lizard can try to get inside your car.

Big lizard-like monitor lizard is opportunistic creatures, so they will try their best to get inside the car. However, this is only possible if you are careless. If you keep your car doors, windows open and drive around in the places where there are big lizards. Then these lizards can get inside your car. The lizard will keep itself hidden so that you don’t see them, and once it finds the opportunity, it will get inside your car.

Lizards Can Be Scary

If someone is scared of lizard, then it can become problematic. Imagine what will happen when someone sees a lizard crawling on your car’s windows. The person will freak out. The lizard may be harmless, but the sight of it can be scary for some people.

Also, nobody wants to see lizards inside their car. It is not something that someone is expecting when they get inside the car. It can also create a bad impression. A medium-sized lizard can also make your engines malfunction. If a lizard dies inside the bonnet of your car that can create a lot of problems.

It can get inside the engine, and your car can stop functioning. It can be challenging to spot to what is causing it. So make sure that there is no lizard inside your car. You can follow the steps below to stop lizard from getting or staying inside your car.

Thorough Checking

Thorough checkingIf you live in a place where lots of lizards stay, then you need to check your car every time before you get inside your car. There is a high chance that lizards can get inside your car. A car is a comfortable place for a lizard because it’s cold and can be an excellent hiding spot.

Take a flashlight and check inside your car, below the seats, inside your engine, the trunk, the bonnet and if you don’t see anything, then it’s fine. But know this even if you check it can still be difficult to spot so the next step will help you even more.

Use Lizard Repellent Spray

Lizard repellent sprays are very useful, and they can repel lizards very well. A car is a small place, and this lizard repellent will be much more effective. Just spray the lizard repellent all over your car and then close all the windows and doors, engine cover and trunk cover.

If lizards are hiding inside your vehicle, then you’ll hear them moving, or you’ll see them. They will try to get out of that place, and then you can spot them. Keep the repellent gas inside the car for 15 minutes and then open the doors, windows, trunk door and engine door and let the gas out. 

Listen For Movement Sound

When the car is moving the lizard can also move around., If you hear something is moving around or if you see a lizard, then immediately stop the car and get rid of the lizards. Animals react to movement, and they are scared. So yes, they can try to get away from your car if your car starts moving.

If the lizard is there for a long time, then the lizard can be habituated with movement, but that doesn’t always happen because lizards enter your car for eating food and then when they are done they try to get out. A moving object is usually not found in nature, so lizards are not accustomed to the moving car.

Final Words

It’s not difficult to spot a lizard when they are inside the car. You can see them most of the time. Usually, more than one lizard can enter your car. So if you see a single lizard, then there will be more lizards, that’s why check your car thoroughly. Small home gecko doesn’t do any harm.

They are there in search of food, and if they are scared, they will get out. Some lizards can hide inside the small spaces inside your car, and those places can be challenging to guess. Some lizards are small, that’s why they can get inside those small places. If you are searching for lizards, then think outside the box. Don’t let them die inside the car as it will stink.

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