15 Fast And Effective Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders In Garage

Many people simply are scared of these creepy crawlies. They are poisonous and the way they move creeps out many people. Nobody wants to see spiders in their garage where they are working.

So, what are the fast and most effective ways to get rid of spiders from my garage? The 15 ways mentioned in this article will give you the fastest and the most effective ways to get rid of spiders from your garage some of them are done using chemicals and some of them are done naturally

So, here goes 15 ways..

1. Keep Your Garage Clean

This is rule number one you need to keep your garage clean. As spiders like dirty places because it makes easier for them to make their web. You should clean dust, papers and whatever is left over and throw it away. Cleaning requires specific and effective tools and the floor mopping and cleaning kit found on Amazon is very effective.

2. Keep It Covered

Let’s say you can’t throw everything away. You might have something important but keeping them piled up will definitely attract spiders. So keep it covered and inside a box. Don’t just cover it using any covering material put it inside a box and seal it. Then it will become almost impossible for the spiders to get inside it and make their web.

3. Allow Natural Lights

Spiders like dark places so if you allow sunlight to come in then, you’ll see spiders decreasing. Spiders are not attracted to light. They just go to light to catch their prey. Often time you’ll see that their web is around the corners of the walls as those places receive light but not the full light. Barely you’ll see spiders making their nests directly below bulb or fluorescent light. They also do it to avoid other predators like lizards because they can destroy their web and can attack on the spiders to take away their prey.

4. Keep Away Other Insects

If you have too many insects in your house then first you need to reduce it. Those insects are the major cause for spiders infestation. Spray any insecticides or Ortho home defense insect killer from Amazon to keep those bugs away. You can also use some natural remedies like garlic spray to keep them away. This step alone will reduce spiders.

5. Use Spider Killer Spray

These spray can be both natural and chemicals. You can use according to your need. The Miss Muffet’s Revenge Spider Killer found on Amazon is very effective for both indoor and outdoor spider control. Chemicals are more effective but if you are not comfortable with chemical sprays then you can use natural ways to get rid of spiders like garlic spray cinnamon and lemon spray.

Chemicals spray are strong sprays that will get rid of the spiders almost instantly but its is advised to wear a mask or cover your nose while spraying as it can create nose irritation, headaches, nervousness. These are normal symptoms that can happen if you inhale too much of the gas.

After spraying the chemical killers leave it to work and only enter the room when the smell decreases. It will kill the spiders upon which it is has been sprayed and other spiders will escape and go out of your garage. Spiders are natural predators of bugs if you have too many bugs in your house then killing all the spiders may not be a good option as you also don’t want bugs to be in you garage, just kill some of them and let other spiders live.

Here Is How To Make These Sprays

Garlic Spray

  1. Cut 1 garlic in pieces and mix it with 200 ml of water
  2. Use a mixer and mix the solution
  3. Pour the mixture in a sprayer
  4. Spray it on your hand and check it whether it’s concentrated or not and check whether the smell of garlic is coming properly and then spray it on all those places were you see spiders and also on wall crevices and cracks.

Lemon Spray

  1. Cut four pieces of lemon and mix it with 500 ml of water
  2. Put it in a sprayer
  3. Spray the mixture where you see spiders and on the cracks and crevices of your wall.

Peppermint Oil

  1. Peppermint oil is very strong and can be very effective against spiders. It works against spiders and almost all other insects. Here is how to make the mixture
  2. Put 5-6 drops of peppermint oil with 200 ml of water
  3. Mix it well and spray it to all the places where you see spiders and in the crack and crevices of your wall. This will get rid of the spiders
  4. You can also put peppermint oil directly in cotton ball and then place it in those places where you see spiders. This is also keep them away. If you don’t want to make peppermint oil by yourself then you can buy Mighty Mint insect and pest control peppermint oil from Amazon. It is very effective against spiders and it’s easy to use.

All of these sprays are effective you can choose anyone to get rid of spiders.

For cinnamon buy a cinnamon candle in your house and that will keep spiders away. The smell from cinnamon coming out form the burning candles will force the spiders to leave your home.

7. Fix Walls Cracks And Crevices

Use caulk to fix the cracks and crevices in your walls. Spiders gets in to your house through this cracks and crevices so sealing them using a caulk will certainly stop them from entering your house. In order to caulk you will need a caulking gun and Newborn 930-GTD Drip-Free Caulking Gun found on Amazon does the job very well. Also don’t forget to close your windows when you’re not using it since spiders can come through there. Spiders that comes in are not always fully mature so sometimes it becomes difficult to spot them as they are so small.

But once they are inside your house they start growing because they feed on proper food and that’s when you notice them. Fixing the cracks and crevices will help you in reducing their number because they won’t be able to enter even if they are small and not so easy to spot.

8. Use Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners works really well go get rid of all sort of spiders, big, small doesn’t matter. You just take the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner near the spiders and they will be sucked in. BISSELL bagless vacuum cleaner from Amazon is the best and most effective vacuum cleaner to get rid of spiders and other insects. The suction is so strong that they simply can’t escape it. Once, sucked in they can’t get out and will die. But be careful not to take it near to lizards and they will also get sucked in but your vacuum cleaner may get damaged because of it.

Carefully take it near the spider web and the spiders along with the spiders webs will be sucked in. You need to handle the vacuum cleaner carefully when you’re doing this kind of job. Also, don’t forget to clean the vacuum cleaner storage when you feel it has stored enough dirt and spiders and other bugs. Don’t use it near water even if you see spiders near water as water can damage the vacuum cleaner.

9. Use Brooms And Sticks

This is a age old methods but it really works great. Buy a broom big enough to reach your house ceiling and then clean spiders webs using it. It will kill the spiders along with cleaning spiders webs. All of the spiders may not die but you’ll see them run away. You can then kill them by crushing or can let them go away. This technique is obviously very effective and will always be effective. Only drawback is it  requires good deal of manual effort that’s why many people try to avoid this. But if you don’t have any other things mentioned in this article then this is the best way to get rid of spiders. It’s 100% effective.

10. Use Bleach

Bleach are very effective. The proper way to use it also very simple just put some bleach in the infested areas and you’ll see spiders running away. The strong smell from bleach is enough to keep spiders away. If it’s a small room then the effects gets amplified by many folds. Keep all the windows closed except one and then put the Bleach on the floor and you’ll see the effects . Spiders will start running away and they will go out of that window. Also you can mix bleach with water and spray it where you see spiders and that will get rid of the spiders too.

11. Keep Cats

If you have cats as pet then your pet will help you to get did of spiders. Just bring the cat to your garage and you’ll see spiders decreasing. Cat can jump and catch the spiders and kill them they don’t always eat them but definitely kills them and the moment spiders notices there is a Predator that can kill them they will start to flee. This is a natural instinct for survival present in ever living beings.

Just the presence of cat is more than enough to get rid of spiders. Cat can climb up through walls and windows and can catch spiders. But be aware if you see any unknown spiders and if you think that can be poisonous and harmful just by looking at it then don’t bring your cat as that spider can be life threatening to your cat.

Use other methods mentioned above to get rid of those kind of spiders or call an expert to look into it. Spiders like Tarantula, Black widow which although rare but can come to your house depending upon where you stay. You should approach them with precautions and never catch them with bare hands. Call a professional to get rid of these kind of spiders.

12. Use Eucalyptus Repellent

Eucalyptus works really well as spiders repellent. This is a natural method that will effectively keep spiders away and keep you safe

Here is how to use it

  1. Buy a spray bottle
  2. Mix 200 ml of water with 6 drops of Eucalyptus oil
  3. Put 15 ml of vodka if you have it
  4. Mix it well and put it in the spray bottle
  5. And spray it on all those places where you see spiders that will keep spiders away.

13. Use Borax

Borax is usually used to keep ants away but you can use it too to keep spiders away. Just sprinkle some Borax in those areas where you see spiders and they will start leaving that area immediately. Spiders can’t tolerate borax. Borax can be purchased from your local hardware store or you can purchase it online. It will also get rid of other bugs that could possibly be the food source for spiders. Bugs usually fly away from that area where they smell Borax so it will become difficult for spiders to get their food. Their hunger will force them to leave your house and find food from other places.

14. Use Tobacco

Spiders don’t like the smell of tobacco. So, just go and buy some Tobacco leaves from smoke shops or local grocery stores and place it in those places where you see the spiders. The smell alone will keep spiders away. You can also paste the Tobacco and mix it with water and spray it on all those areas where you see spiders. You’ll see them go away.

Yes, definitely your garage will also have the smell of tobacco if you’re okay with then it’s fine otherwise you can flush out the smell when you feel enough spiders have went out of your garage that can happen within a day or two. You don’t need to use full leaves you can cut it in half and place it in different places as long as the smell comes it will effective. It will also keep another bugs away.

15. Use Stick Trap

You can use sticky trap to get rid of the spiders. Sticky traps are made of glue and once the spiders land in it it won’t be able to get out of it so, the best way to use it is to place it in a place where you see spiders. TERRO T3206SR spider & insect trap found on Amazon works extremely well in trapping spiders. Notice their movement when they are trying to catch a prey and keep the sticky trap on that place.

However, do remember sticky tape are made of extremely strong glue not strong enough for human but strong enough for insects and even lizards. So, chances are alongwith spiders your sticky trap will also capture other bugs and if there is lizards in you house then it can even catch lizards. You can then throw the sticky trap away once it has captured few spiders or if there is no more space to capture any more bugs.

16. Ask For Professional Help

So, if you’re not sure about any of these ways and you don’t want to do it yourself then you should contact a professional who will get rid of the spiders from your garage. They use special insecticides to get rid of spiders. It’s very effective and will get rid of spiders almost within few hours. However if you are not comfortable with the insecticides then you should use the above mentioned way to get rid of spiders. Since, the smell will last for almost a day even if you open your garage windows.

The spray will not only kill spiders but will also kill other pests. Lizards can also die from these insecticides and pesticides. However if you’re a busy person and can’t stay out of your garage then this is probably not a good option as spraying the insecticides and pesticides takes time and after that you can’t enter your garage atleast for a hour and since you have to keep windows and doors closed you won’t be able to do your work.

Inhaling those gases can also be harmful to you its not deadly but you can have coughing and irritation in your nose. So, enter your garage only after an hour or unless you feel comfortable. You can use the above mentioned ways as alternative to this. Those are also highly effective and consumes less time and there won’t be any harmful gas.

For poisonous spiders like Tarantula, Black widow you need to approach them carefully they can attack if they feel threatened. So, the best way to keep them away or kill them is to use broom. For tarantula which usually walks on the ground and preys on the ground you should use the broom to strike it and kill it or strike it and keep it away. For black widow carefully bring it down from the walls and kill it.

Remember to keep your kids away when you’re doing this as these spiders can attack and a bite from them can be lethal. If you’re too scared or unsure of what to do then immediately call a professional this is highly advised. Even if you manage to kill the Black widow or Tarantula you should still contact an expert to look into this matter they will be able to figure out from where and why these spiders came and can give you advice so that these spiders won’t come to your home.

If you ever see a spider and you feel like you’ve never seen it before then don’t try to inspect it by going near it. This is worst kind of a mistake. Instead just call a professional and they will figure it out what spider it is and what to do. Some spiders can jump and attack so if you approach them without being careful then they can attack you. Their poison can cause paralysis, trouble in breathing, severe allergies and in some cases death. So, if you feel someone is bitten then immediately take him or her to hospital.

These spiders are also deadly for your pets so make sure that these spiders doesn’t bite you pets. Keep your pets away when you see these spiders and when you’re going to kill these spiders. Pets can attack these spiders and the spiders will attack pets if they feel threatened. There are many other poisonous spiders that can enter your garage this was a just an example on what to do.

If you want to know 50 ways to get rid of spiders from house then click this link.

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